Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Saying goodbye to the one so dear to us is the most painful thing to do in this world, how could we ever do that without hurting the other party, nevertheless there are lots of forms of goodbyes, some would just turn their back on you without a word, some would tell you straight in person and sadly some would show you that they still love u or will show that you are important but deep inisde their heart you are nothing but an ordinary woman for them. One time i received a text message from a good friend, it states "sometimes goodbyes are unsaid, cause though his mouth didnt say that but youre heart can tell",You knew i have been in a lot of painful experience, they have left me broken and shattered, yes every time it came, i feel its still the first time, i still cry so hard, i still feel the warmth of my bed whenever im in my blue days. But no matter how i promised to myslef not to be fool when loving someone, but still until now, i cant help it. Until again a time came when you cant no longer live your life without him, until the day came that he will go, he needs to go, he wanted to leave, and you are left with just two choices, to fight for your love or to let him go.Always and almost, i choose the former, i always beg them to stay, beg for a love, for his love. BUt this very hour, ive learned to embrace goodbye, and that letting go doesnt always mean a sad ending, cause sometimes goodbye is the kindest thing to do to show how much we love him. And that, learn to move forward and never look back, again.

Been on Hiatus

My apology guys for being so idle for quite some time, i just had a very busy schedule, ive been to cebu for the last few days and do some travel, I was also busy preparing gifts for my nieces and other relatives, so far we had a great christmas celebrations with my family. We are complete there, my brother who came all the way from cebu is in the house right now until the third of January, her girlfriend is also there. And whats good is the fact that every night we always bond together, eat together and watch movie together, in fact last Christmas we went out and watch movie at the MOvie world. You knew one satisfying and fulfilling moment in our life is to be able to feel the love of our family members, cause through thick and thin, they are there for u, no matter what.