Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whats My Word?

Your Word is Imagination

You are a colorful person who only sees potential. You love to create and explore.

You could never feel bored; there are entire fantasy worlds that live in your head.

You are very open to the world. You try to say yes to as many opportunities as possible.

Your mind knows no limits. You always allow yourself to dream big.

A Great Day

How are you doing guys? I hope all is fine with everybody. As for me, i am taking my lunch break after a stressful work. I still have pending tasks in queue and I'm happy to work on that the soonest. Let me tell you some quick updates. I'm just in the mood to write and gladly i had a great day. I cant help but smile because of some stuff. Well, there are just people not worth of our attention, right guys? Sometimes when you hear few stuff from people that simply don't matters or maybe a product of an innate insecurity then what can you do, but to give them a raised eyebrows. These people are instrumental to make you strive and struggle and I'm thankful that they're there to remind me of my goals in life. But to give them their pleasure? Not with me, sorry guys but you simply have to look for someone with the same breeding as you do. Of course we have our own struggle and I'm never ashamed of that because we do it with sweat and labor not for mere sitting and monkeying. We are all college degree holder and look what you've got? That alone says something else. Yes, we are not a perfect family but we always strive as hard as we could coz we knew at the end of the day we have fruits to harvest, now tell me what do you harvest in the future? I guess i have said it all and its simply a reminder that you are craving for my attention. This makes my day and simply motivates me.

I remember a good friend told me once that when a person imitates you, its either they want to be you or you have a great tastes for them to crave what you have. Well it explains why there are people who copycats someone because simply your taste gives glows to their eyes. Its enough reason for me to smile. Now i realized i need to be glad that they follow my pick. wink*.I knew no one deserves a strange treat but its simply an awakening call for the person to realize where she really belongs. Dreaming is so different from illusions. Sometimes you have to be knocked off for you to wake up to the real world. Your illusions simply gives you an extreme self confidence that destroys you. Also, there's no harm in being humble and down to earth because most of time people who have such attitudes are those whose wish are granted but for people whose attitude is simply disturbing then i don't think your dreams will lead to somewhere. Have you ever wondered why your dreams haven't came true? Try to ask yourself and assess how your ego and pride has gone so far. God has perfect reasons for allowing things to happen and i certainly believe that God has really marvelous plans.

Well, you do have a great day guys and sorry for some disturbing thoughts. I'm just protecting my territory. I don't think i will let a beast destroy my family that easy and for all the trials that we've went through i don't think we will fall easily.