Monday, March 30, 2009


Today is my most irritating day, i did had a bad day. My meeting with our branch head just finished and it was indeed a not so good day for me. All through out the meeting, it had always been my department that was been highlighted. He emphasize how crucial and sensitive my position is espacially that my product is perishable. Didnt he know how hard it is to live a live like this? you cant sleep if theyre not yet through dressing, by tomorrow i have to attend a lot of paper works, invoicing and other etcheteras. I hate my life once more, before i was never bothered by the pressure, it the words that came from their mouth that i hate most. They always belittle me, they always wants to show that theyre the best, thyre the boss and we are just subordinates. I hate the feelin of having self pity cause despite your dedication, your loyalty, this is what ive got, unappreciation. Well, what do i expect? im just a mere employee, i am just nobody, just an ordinary woman working so hard for their gain, heck im being so bad, but i cant help it. Its as if i hate all people..sorry im being so rude..ill sleep now, hoping that this disappointments will be gone..tomorrow will be another day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Monday

Hows your monday doing guys? i hope its a wonderful day to each and everyone of us, thank u really to those who never failed to visit me, promise ill return the favor...yesterday i bought a lot of magazines at the city and i was so happy reading all those stuff, it relaxes my mind really, anyways in the next post i will write a variety of cool summer dresses, i love reasearching about it, coold undergarments and other interesting stuff this summer, see you guys.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cant believe its Friday

hmmmm, its already friday, sounds so exciting, weekends comes again, after a lazy butt for quite a few days, i am finally back to the blogosphere..hehehhe.How are u doin guys? i did missed u really...mwahhhh

Im back

Well i am finally back after a few days lost, or should i say a few weeks of hectic schedules. I knew a lot of my friends visited me often but then i havent return the favor yet,huhuhu, my sincere apology. Well it was kinda so hard for me this week. Actually we had a branch audit that is why i was so busy, well as you all knew, theyre kinda so strict so i have to prevent myself from opening other sites during office hours, i did had a limited time indeed. Yesterday was our exit meeting that is why i am kinda happy now that everything is back to normal. Well time to blog hp now, see yah guys!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Credit Card Comparison Site

When i had my first credit card i was indeed so happy because anytime without no cash at all, i could possibly buy anything i want. At first it was so pleasurable, i enjoyed using it, shopping left and right however the pleasure became a headache for me slowly, after a month i received a bill from my credit card company of my billing for the said month which has reached already to ten thousand. Well, its such so good to have credit cards but a user should discipline himself in using it significantly and only for important use.
To those who would like to have a credit card you have to consider a lot of things, first what card do u want to have?, what suits your needs? and other important things that are vital in applying for credit cards. visa credit card application is a good site to search for the best credit cards im town. In this site, you can inquire credit card offers,calculate balance, transfer savings and other terms and conditions concerning your choice of card. Its indeed very important to research first before applying for a card.
In the wide array of choices for the credit cards, why dont you consider choosing for the low interest card and the numerous benefits available hence asking for online quaries might be so helpful to apply for the best card. Visit the link above for details.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Been Busy

Been busy for quite a few days, i had a lots of meetings in line and i need to do certain things necessary for my career, i havent updated this blog for quite a few days, my apology. Anyways, Thanks for those who care to visit this blog of mine, promise i will do the visit once im done with this all things. Thanks to violet for always droppin by...