Friday, February 15, 2013

Domain Deal: Register Domain at $1.99 or Less

Okey, it's the second month of the year and i felt like i have already done more than i expect myself to accomplish. I already establish my new sites. Two of them are already accepted in my favorite site while my new niche site recently had a new domain. I decided to buy a new domain for it as it will attract advertisers and it didn't stop me from buying more.

In fact, i just avail of a domain deal the other day at and gladly i availed of a nice price off from it's regular price. For website owners, domain deals is indeed a nice chance to avail or buy bulk domains considering how much each domain cost. For the record, i just bought a cheap domain on my first try for blog customization and when i realized how much this domain blog attract advertisers then i didnt had any second thought of buying more and my new sites are all prime domains while my niche sites have also its own domain name. So far, i am happy with all my accomplishments and hopefully in time i can avail of domain deals on the net as it's a great way for me to realized my dream of owning more and more sites.

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