Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Petition Site For Noynoy

Personally i like Sen Noynoy Aquino, not because of what his parents did for the country rather he is equipped with morals and values which is necessary and significant if you are a public servant. During my college years, i remember our professor reiterating this simple reminder to us, "Public Servants should be accountable to the people" as they quoted this should be the main commandment of the poloticians, but is this really shown by our politicians? I guess a big No will come out from our mouth, which is unlikely to happen, and i guess will not happen. The realty which made the youth came out of the open because of the corruption of the taxes we faithfully pay to government arm. Going back, I guess the country is in thirst for true public servants, those who are true to their words and lives with it. Noynoy is known to have come from a prominent family, yes he is wealthy., But how come we couldnt hear news that he got new condo or house and lot abroad or has a lot of investment when in fact he is a senator or during his term as congressman, the prok barrel might be very big for that matter. BUT, he remains to live a modest life. That is why to the visitors of this blog, who wants Sen. Noynoy Aquino to become a president and to those who would like to feel the difference, please help me on this walk. Sign in in the petition letter for a start, kindly click the link below, to start a brighter tomorrow.

Appreciate It

In my three years in the corporate world, somehow i was able to meet a lot of superiors, In my first job, my boss was like a terror that even just to utter a word in front of him, youll surelly feel nervous, afterwhich i was hired as admin by a poultry integrator company, my boss was great because hes more of a support staff than of a high level superior. Rather than give directions alone, he would initiate doing our projects and activities. But to top it all, my boss is like a friend or a father to me. Yesterday we were just hanging around and he happened to ask about my lovelife. We were sharing thoughts and finally i became too emotional that i couldnt help it pouring out my emotions, instead of making me calm, my boss adviced me like a caring father. I guess this page is not enough to enumerate how good he is to me. I knew i could never repay his goodness, but in God's best time, i knew he will be blessed for such kindness.


Its actually the 2nd day of the month, wanna know why this month seems significant to me? well, its not only because it signifies the BER month, nor this tells us that christmas is fast approaching, however one significant thing for the author in the month, is that its the birthday month of yours truelly, yes dear, i will be turnung 24 this september 16. I am a virgo lady, and currently i still dont have plan as to how im going to celebrate my natal day, But i just have one wish in mind, if possible, i want to be with my honey on my special day but i knew its so impossible cause he is into serious business planning nowadays. Hopefully i could receive flowers, cause i really want to have one, and this is the most special day for me that i want to receive one. My lalabs promised me of that, hopefully its in my doorstep on the day of my birthday.hehhe