Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally, Got the Domain

Happy saturday guys, i knew its kinda late greeting but at least im trying to reach out, better late than never. Anyway, i have so many stories to tell. First off, my aplogy for not updating this blog, i knew u also does, right guys? I was having difficulty trying to update this blog because blogger was inaccessible last friday. I dont know why. Second, i was pretty buys this week and also today and i have also to rest because i felt my eyes is too heavy already.

But here's my good news, I just had a self hosted blog and i hope you guys will help me out there to gain a pr. Its my first self hosted blog so i am kinda excited about is. My other blog specializes in internet related "money Talks". Check it here MONEY TALKS. When you browse my site, you can take a glimpse of some money making sites that i am using, my earnings, some tips and of course all the stuff about earning online. I hope you check it out guys and please add me up and just leave me some comments. See you there.