Friday, May 29, 2009

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Time to say Good NIght Guys! I need to sleep early..To my visitors tomorrow, please leave me a comment that youve been here so that i could visit you back..Mwah

Sick me

Had LBM today,huhuhu. Im afraid my body gets dehydrated as i am losing a lot of water. Im vomiting plus i have lose bowel movement. I already take medicines to prevent my body from getting dehydration. A few hours, i was planning to get admitted so as to get my body the right medicines however im afraid no one will take good care of me. poor me! Hope ill get better by tomorrow, still has lots of things to do. Please pray for my fast recovery.

On Business Analysis

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hmnmmm, 2 galoons of ice cream was brought to the office today, its so yummy, one of our business partners gave an ice cream, as thanksgiving for hes smooth business with us. Isnt it great? well have to eat now, common lets share.hmm

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real Property Management

Real State Business is one of the most in demand venture now, considering the commissions it gives and the exposure it brings to the agent, being exposed to different people from all walks of life. That is why a lot of company established business on real property management. This is of course to help their respective clients manage their assets securel. Ive known a service company for those owning a single house or investors with 100 places, its called RPM - Real Property Management. Its actually the best and tested service company in helping clients for assets management. RPM actually receives the "Franchise of the Year - Honorable Mention award, while the RPM Midwest was featured in the Bizjournal of Cincinati and Columbus. Also, it joins the National Association of Residential Property Managers to ensure the highest standards in property management services. And the good news about RPM is that, it has 20,000 units nationwide so you'll be guaranteed of easy access to its services anywhere. Ive been so grateful really since ive known a friend abroad who is looking for a service company to help her in her real property, for sure ill recommend RPM. But if she has not enough time to visit their office maybe i will just email this link to her Real Property Management for her easy access on the net. Well, heres another info, Freddie Mac has already signed an agreement with RPM to manag the new REO rental initiative. If youre interested, just click the link above to avail of their service.


Hmmm, feel like im sleepy already, need to wash first my undies,hehehe...what a life,,time to go now, Good night guys! see you tomorrow....

My first Balot

Just a few minutes ago, i asked my office mate to look for something to eat as my stomach is already complaining, we were not able to get one since almost all the carenderias here were already closed, while we were walking along the highway, a familiar voice caught our attention, its the balot vendor, for curiousity's sake, i asked my friend to buy one. At first, i was so astonished with the smell, bt somehow my tougue is craving for its unique taste. Anyway, its tsate is really fantastic, something you dont expect to be delicious,they say it has lots of nutrients in it. Proud to be pinoy products!

My song

The emotional roller coster i feel now is such so painful that anyone couldnt bear the pain. I wish i had never fallin, i wish i loved him, despite this regrets, im embracing the pain now. I wish to share this song to everyone who feels the same way with me, to those who are broken, hopefully this will inspire us to move forward.

Baby cried the day the circus came to town,
'Cause she didn't want parades just passing by her.
So she painted on a smile and took up with some clown,
While she danced without a net upon the wire.
I know a lot about her, 'cause you see,
Baby, is an awful lot like me.
Don't cry out loud,
Just keep it inside,
Learn how to hide your feelings.
Fly high and proud.
And if you should fall,
Remember you almost had it all.
Baby saw that when they pulled that big top down,
They left behind her dreams among the letter.
The different kind of love she thought she'd found,
There was nothing left but sawdust and some glitter.
But baby can't be broken, 'cause you see,
She had the finest teacher, that was me.
I told her:Don't cry out loud,
Just keep it inside,
Learn how to hide your feelings.
Fly high and proud.And if you should fall,
Remember you almost had it all.
Don't cry out loud,
Just keep it inside,
Learn how to hide your feelings.
Fly high and proud.And if you should fall,
Remember you almost made it.
Don't cry out loud,J
ust keep it inside,
And learn how to hide your feelings.
Fly high and proud.
And if you should fall,
Remember you almost had it all.

The cry of a mother

This morning i read one of the articles at Philippine Entertainment Portal, It was about the Hyden -Katrina contorversy once again, But this time the article features on Mrs. Kho, Hayden's mother, she was full of anger against Katrina, she was accusing the later to be responsible of what is happening now, She then stands that her son was a decent man and never in his life he would intrued into illegal drugs of anything associated with activities done immorally, In fact, she told the media that everything was scripted with the help of manager Lolit Solis, The tears and the outburst of anger of the actress was all fake. She then end her interview with her tears and convictions that all this expose will not be this worst if not of the insanity of the actress, and that they were a private person, and not a showbiz personality, they then not deserved to be the limelight.

Monday, May 25, 2009

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Quite True

The result is quite true, we are not just strong, we need time to nourish and nurture our relationship, we need extra effort so that we can survive on tests. This coming june, we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary, i doubt how we could manage more years together, if we could not resolve our personal issues. This is going to be a tough test to both of us, goodluck to us!

How Strong is my Present Relationship?

Your Relationship is Still Building Strength

You're relationship is fairly strong, but you're still working on making things solid.

Make sure you're both treating each other with kindness and respect, even when things aren't going well.

Your relationship isn't in danger, but it could be if a crisis hits. You need more strength to get through the bad times.

Remember what attracted you to each other, and try to bring some of that fire back. It's not too late!

Beauty Shortcuts

19 Great Beauty Shortcuts
Between all the waxing, straightening, and tousling, who has the time (or sheer energy) for some crazy-long beauty routine? Umm, not us. And not Hollywood pros, either, it seems. “I usually have 15 minutes, tops, to get Beyoncé out the door,” says Pinay makeup artist Mally Roncal. “That means I have to streamline my technique and do everything on the fly.” Here, the country’s top beauty experts and a few Tinseltown pros reveal their best new beauty shortcuts to make your eyes, lips, hair, and skin look fantastic in a flash.

1. Flip Your Part and Take Off
One of the fastest styles you can create without a pair of scissors? A low side part. “It’s so dramatic and instantly glamorous,” says hairstylist Kim Kimble, who works with Beyoncé. “Plus, it’s great for all hair types and textures.” She parts hair about four to six inches above the ear and sweeps strands back with the pointy tip of a comb.

2. Hike Up Lashes
Doing mascara on the fly requires a surgeon’s steady hands—or a makeup artist’s speedy strategy. “Always do your mascara first,” says Carol Shaw, who works on Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford. “If you mess up, which happens a lot, you can remove the smudge without wiping off everything else you’ve already applied.” Her warp-speed wand move: Wiggle the brush into the roots of lashes before pulling it through, then hit the tips of lashes a second time to make them seem a mile long. Try Fasio 3D Curl & Airy Lashes, P350.

3. Flawless Face Fix
If you can’t head out the door without foundation or concealer, save some time by combining these steps together: “Choose a product that can function as both foundation and concealer,” advises Xeng Zulueta of Shu Uemura. “Cream types are easy to apply while you’re on the move, as it’s best to apply them with fingers and they won’t spill in the process. Work your way out from underneath the eyes and blend out to the cheeks. Go easy on the cheeks and spot-conceal problem areas.” Try Becca Stick Foundation with SPF30, P2,000, or SanSan Matte Finish Liquid Foundation, P91.75.

4. Freeze Out a Zit
It’s Murphy’s Law in action: If anything can go wrong, it will. This is often manifested by the appearance of a monstrous zit just before a hot date. For an emergency fix, Hollywood aesthetician Sonya Dakar tells her star flock (which includes Drew Barrymore and Brittany Murphy) to dab toner over the zit to dry up excess oil, then cool and flatten the bump with an ice cube (wrapped in tissue) for a minute. “Don’t leave the cube on for too long or you’ll wind up with redness,” she warns. Finish by drying the skin with a tissue and dotting a creamy concealer like Estée Lauder Ideal Light Brush-On Illuminator, P1,850.

5. Score Instant Waves
If the humidity puts your strands on permanent frizzmode, Maybelline New York’s Barbi Chan suggested tying slightly damp hair in a bun, then setting it with hair spray before blasting it with a hair dryer. “This creates instant wavy hair without using a curling iron,” Chan says. For soft, bouncy curls, try Tigi Curls Rock Hairspray, P1,195. Bonus: Your man will love the sweet candy smell of your hair!

6. Flush in a Flash
They say that the best blush is the color that you get in the throes of an orgasm—capture this look with cheek tint and some light shimmer. “Liquid blush layered with pink-gold shimmer imparts a soft glow,” says local makeup pro Tatin Yang. “Match it with tinted lip balm and curled lashes, and you’re good to go.” We’re betting Nichido Tickled Pink Cheek Tint, P128, to give you that perfect post-coital glow. Finish off by dusting The Balm Hot Mama Shadow Blush, P1,250, for its peachy-pink shimmer.

7. Whip Out a Posh Ponytail
If you must pull your hair back in a ponytail, at least do it with style. First, tease the roots around the crown to add volume, then pull everything up and back with your fingers. “But don’t tug hair too tightly or you’ll kill the volume,” says Kimble. Secure with an elastic, then dress it up by wrapping a few strands of your own hair around the band or covering it up with a bejeweled clip or scrunchie.

8. Dramatize Your Pucker
Ever wonder how film stars manage to look glamorous sans the smoky eyes and tons of shimmer? The trick is in a tube of classic red lipstick. “Whether you’re in a hurry or simply need an instant boost, red gives you the energy needed to [instantly project] that you’re strong, sexy, or ambitious,” says Jen Delica of Avon. Her hue-finding guide: If you have a darker complexion, go for a warm, brownish red like Avon Moisture Rich Wear in Spicy, P375. If your skin is fair, pick a blue-based red to make your mouth pop like Chanel Luminous Satin Lip Color in Lover, P1,650.

9. Fake Perfect Brows
Warning: If you’re about to walk out the door, avoid tweezing at all costs (you’ll waste time trying to cover up that puffy, red unibrow). “Groom brows by combing upwards and filling in sparse areas with light, feathery strokes with a brow pencil,” suggests Jigs Mayuga of L’Oréal. “[Fix strays with] brow gel or spray an eyebrow brush with hairspray before combing them out.” Check out Bloom Retractable Brow Definer in Medium Brown, P495.

10. Bedazzle Your Tresses
If it’s the mother of all bad hair days and you can’t spare another minute, slip on a metallic headband (or one with a posh print) or tie a casual ribbon around your head. The flashy hairpiece will help draw attention away from your less-than-perfect coif and create a glamorous (or funky, depending on what you’re wearing), put-together look with no effort at all.

11. Revive Your Roots in No Time
When party-hard celebs need to oomph up their hair on the double, New York stylist Tippi Shorter (who works with Ashanti and Rihanna) relies on this tip: “Rub a bit of sculpting wax between your palms until you see a bit of sheen on your hands, then scrunch up your roots,” she says. Try Dep Sport Sculpting Clay, P329.

12. De-Fuzz in a Hurry
Can’t make it to the salon for a wax session? Disguise a bigotilyo by dipping a fluffy powder brush into mineral powder foundation, then swipe it downward over any downy spots. This smoothens the hair so it lies flat and blends into your skin. Youngblood Loose Foundation, P1,850, will do just the trick.

13. Line Your Peepers
Eyeshadow can be the most time-consuming step in makeup. Cut down on blending time by skipping it altogether, and line your eyes instead. “Just use colored liner to give the illusion of wearing eyeshadow,” says Chan. Zulueta agrees. “Go bold with colored pencils, and make sure the tip is sharp and soft for easy application.” For smudge- and waterproof orbs, check out Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, P850 each.

14. Try the 10-Second Towel Trick
Instead of heading straight for the fan or dryer, cut drying time in half by blotting excess water from your strands with a thick towel. Don’t rub it vigorously, though—it’ll only create frizz and be harder to style later on. Just press the towel firmly over large sections, then air dry.

15. Do a Super Fast Manicure
Cut the drying time of your nail polish in half by applying two very thin coats. “Most people throw on one thick coat to get it done fast, but that takes forever to harden and looks clumpy,” says manicurist Deborah Lippmann, who polishes up Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Swank. To ensure the lightest application of lacquer, wipe the brush against the neck of the bottle before painting a nail. We like Bobbie Nail Crème in Touch Me Hot, P35.10, or Caronia Nail Polish in Love, P25.

16. Speed Up Your Blowdry
No one wants to spend the better part of the day with a hairdryer in hand, so cut blowdrying time in half by using an extrawide round brush. “Not only can you cover more area quickly, but a larger barrel creates a smoother finish,” explains hairstylist Jimmy Paul, who works with Keira Knightley. Laminate your pin-straight locks with a few drops of serum like Citré Shine Anti-Frizz Serum, P229.50, for super shine.

17. Amp Up Your Pout
You might never have Angelina Jolie’s enviable lips, but here’s an old-fashioned recipe for full lips: olive oil and salt. “The oil is super moisturizing, and the sodium makes your skin bloat up fast,” says Dakar. Mix a spoonful of regular olive oil with a pinch of salt and spread lightly on your kisser.

18. Boost Volume in a Blink
There’s just no denying the appeal of soft, sexy curls. If you want to give life to stick-straight hair, you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t take five hours to get fat curls. To do this, gather large sections of dry hair (about three inches wide), and roll them around the barrel of a skinny curling iron. In 10 minutes, you’ll be a vampy vixen. Our favorite: Philips 8-in-1 curling iron, P1,500.

19. Make Your Eyes Pop—Pronto
“The easiest way to achieve super dramatic eyes is to rim your eyes with black liner and load up on the mascara,” says Zulueta. It also helps if you do your mascara first so you can wipe off the smudges without having to start everything all over again. Just keep cotton buds handy to erase smears.

Cosmopolitan Philippines


As for my weight loss goal, i decided to take oat meal instead of heavy dinner, after which i will just bring a glass of water beside my bed, in that way i will be assured of taking plenty of water as i was just hospitalized of urinary tract infection. Hopefully this will work, i wanna be sexier, be slim, i want to wear fabulous outfit..hmmm, when can that be?

I support KATRINA

KATRINA----, the victim here, its very clear that theres a violation of rights commited by the aggrieved party. gabriela and other non-government organization supported Katrina on her trial, Other senators were very vocal in expressing their sympathy to Ms. Hallili. Personally, though i dont know anyone of them, by being a woman, i feel my rights had been violated.Whatever private matters that youre doing in any private room should be held private and no one has the right to publicized the matter without the consent of any of each party. Thats very clear. Every one of us has the so called, intimate moments, and that moments should never be turned into nightmares because that part of the wonderful memories in the name of love. Lets be reminded always to follow the order in the society and the order means - our respect for one another, coz if that doenst exist or if one violates, then thats the start of chaos.

Katrina - Hayden Sex Scandal

The title itself is very eye catching, everybody in the cybespace is looking for that thing, where is that? wheres the original one, my curiosity drives me crazy too, but i cant find it anymore at you tube, The latest, they say there are actually 40 taped scandals, my God, cant believe it. There were names that were identified, theres vicky belo, katrina hallili, theres marianna del rio, ruffa mae and a lot more..ill post for updates soon.


before i make an update, let me first thank my visitors for the past few days,,thank u so much for the visits, thanks to those who commented and to those who would like to have link exchange just leave me a comment, im open to that. Anyway, how was youre weekened? well for me my family celebrated a simple santa cruzan celebration horoing the holy cross, the entire family was present and relatives and friends were also present. I invited too my friend named junjun, he was my close friend since college days, we had a drinking session and he was able to go home past 4 in the morning, While last saturday we went out to have family bonding, it was so fun, i managed to buy shoes and other school supplies for our adopted baby, and im so excited for her to go to school. Anyway, hope you had a great day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moods of Romance

How was ur day guys? Hope it was so fine,,well about me, i had a tiring day, just as usual only that ive accomplished a lot things. We actually had a date with my friend, ate joy who happened to be my boardmate before, we just hang around and ate together. It was such a wonderful day for me.

Cozy Rooms

Try their unique rooms, fully air conditioned and relaxing suites:

Getting There

How to get there:
Simply ride a pamboat, fare is at 35 pesos per head
Dutchpickle site

Haven of Fun Beach Resort (Contacts and Rates)


Cottage with Aircon & Cable Tv
Php 1000 per day

Non-aircon with electric fan & cable tv
Php 800 per day

Nipa Hut with electric Fan
Php 600 per day

Attic with electric fan
300 per day

Rates are good for 2 adults only. Maximum of 4 persons in one cottage room.

For more info you may call them at

Or you may visit their site at:

Been To Heaven

Yes because of the paradise ambiance, they call it Haven of Fun, its located at Brgy. Victoria Norethen Samar, Philippines. Its actually an island and you can access the place right thru a pamboat only. The beach Resort was somehow unique in nature, it was actually developed like a mini boracay, the only difference is that it is peaceful, you can actually feel the fresh air, heart warming ambiance, and a lot more. The place is not the typical beach resort, coz their buildings are not actually made up of concrete materials, it is made up of nipa and its designs offer a different feeling of rural escapade. The water is so clean and very clear. Truelly it was one of the unforgettable escapade i had.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time to Park

Time for me to rest now, i will wake up early tomorrow, have lots of task lined up, i will jog early morning and we are planning to eat puto at sikwati, so yummmy. Hope i could a have a good sleep. Bye for now and Sweet Dreams!!!!!

Fiesta Galor

The month of May is the among the most awaited season of the year, in our culture May is the month for various activities, thi is usually the month for sportsfeast, santacruzan, fiestas and more. In fact in my place everyday there is an scheduled fiesta celebration especially in rural barangays, people are very happy because they always have schedule on where to take their lunch, since they all have friends in all barangays, then thyre sure enough that someone willl invite them for lunch. Thats one of the values of pinoys that truelly our overseas workers missed especially if they cant go home. Now that i am wroking far from my hometown, i missed the fiesta celebration there, i missed the joy of visiting your friends, i missed the lechon, the drinking session and the rest of the celebration. Indeed, its only here in the Phillipines.

Skin Care101

When i was still on my high school years, i always insist on buying cream for my face, i hate oily face, i hate it when i have lots of pimples. To solve my dilemma, i try a certain cream and and make it a habit to wash my face every night, From that time, i was used to that routine and luckily it turned out great. I am not prone to pimples anymore, thanks to ponds.

Well as i was searching at the net the best way for skin care, might this one helps:

The Basic Beauty Regimen:
1. Cleansing = be careful not to cleanse very often,.it is advisable to use luke warm water when cleansing at night. Cold nor Hot water may clogged pores.
2. Exfoliate = Its a process of removing dead cells of your face, mine i use toner to wipe away the dirt and excess oil.
3. Moisturize = no matter what your skin type is, it is very important that your face be moisturize, i always put moisturizer every night...that became a habit already.
The bottom line here is just proper care of our face, basically its about hygienne, even with no toner or creame or any product for as long as you always cleanse your face everyday, i guess that is one way for great face.

Pouring Opps

A view of my ppp opps, theyre pouring but i cant catch neither one,goodluck to me...heheh
I really wanna catch even just one,pls ppp.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Losing Weight

I am considering an option of enrolling to a gym so as to maintain a physically fit body, i am so envy to sexy body wearing nice dresses, i am making a goal that one day i could wear that thing.
maybe tomorrow i might visit the nearest gym in my place and see what shedule would fit mine.
I hope to do that soon and make a 30 day countdown and be sexier in 30 days, what about that?

Good Morning

Its 5 minutes more to go before 8 am on my time, greeting you a very good morning to all my visitors, its going to be a busy day for me guys, to all visits on my blog,welcome and just leave me a comment for me to visit you back, hope you enjoy reading to all my posts.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

To my nanay who is always there for me, a very happy mothers day to you, may you have more blessings and good health for all year round.

i love u so much!

Had Flu

because of the unpredictable weather this past few days, i had flu now....hmmmm but of course not the swine flu...hehehhe, just kidding, my head is aching really, i guess because of the travel and the summer outing last saturday, i actually got home late evening of sunday. i came back to office just today. But i am really exhausted now, because my head was truing upside down on my way here, i forgot to take my lunch and the consequence my head really is aching, i guess after this i will take a nap,,

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Best and Worst Paying Jobs

Hi guys, im signing in once again, i have enough time now to blog today, well i have a lot of things to share now...

America's Best-Paying Jobs (Top 5)
1. Surgeons ($206,770)
2. Anesthesiologists ($197,570)
3. Orthodontists ($194,930)
4. Obstetrician and gynecologists ($192,780)
5. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons ($190,420)

America's Worst-Paying Jobs (Bottom 5)
1. Combined food-preparation and service workers, ($17,400)
2. Cooks, fast food ($17,620)
3. Dishwashers ($17,750)
4. Dining room/cafeteria attendants, bartender helpers ($18,140)
5. Shampooers ($18,300)

Swine Flu: Q & A portion

Questions & Answers
Swine Influenza and You

What is swine flu?

Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza viruses that causes regular outbreaks in pigs. People do not normally get swine flu, but human infections can and do happen. Swine flu viruses have been reported to spread from person-to-person, but in the past, this transmission was limited and not sustained beyond three people.

Is this swine flu virus contagious?

CDC has determined that this swine influenza A (H1N1) virus is contagious and is spreading from human to human. However, at this time, it not known how easily the virus spreads between people.

What are the signs and symptoms of swine flu in people?

The symptoms of swine flu in people are similar to the symptoms of regular human flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people have reported diarrhea and vomiting associated with swine flu. In the past, severe illness (pneumonia and respiratory failure) and deaths have been reported with swine flu infection in people. Like seasonal flu, swine flu may cause a worsening of underlying chronic medical conditions.

How does swine flu spread?

Spread of this swine influenza A (H1N1) virus is thought to be happening in the same way that seasonal flu spreads. Flu viruses are spread mainly from person to person through coughing or sneezing of people with influenza. Sometimes people may become infected by touching something with flu viruses on it and then touching their mouth or nose.

How can someone with the flu infect someone else?

Infected people may be able to infect others beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 7 or more days after becoming sick. That means that you may be able to pass on the flu to someone else before you know you are sick, as well as while you are sick.

What should I do to keep from getting the flu?

First and most important: wash your hands. Try to stay in good general health. Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food. Try not touch surfaces that may be contaminated with the flu virus. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Are there medicines to treat swine flu?

Yes. CDC recommends the use of oseltamivir or zanamivir for the treatment and/or prevention of infection with these swine influenza viruses. Antiviral drugs are prescription medicines (pills, liquid or an inhaler) that fight against the flu by keeping flu viruses from reproducing in your body. If you get sick, antiviral drugs can make your illness milder and make you feel better faster. They may also prevent serious flu complications. For treatment, antiviral drugs work best if started soon after getting sick (within 2 days of symptoms).

How long can an infected person spread swine flu to others?

People with swine influenza virus infection should be considered potentially contagious as long as they are symptomatic and possible for up to 7 days following illness onset. Children, especially younger children, might potentially be contagious for longer periods.

What surfaces are most likely to be sources of contamination?

Germs can be spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth. Droplets from a cough or sneeze of an infected person move through the air. Germs can be spread when a person touches respiratory droplets from another person on a surface like a desk and then touches their own eyes, mouth or nose before washing their hands.

How long can viruses live outside the body?

We know that some viruses and bacteria can live 2 hours or longer on surfaces like cafeteria tables, doorknobs, and desks. Frequent handwashing will help you reduce the chance of getting contamination from these common surfaces.

What can I do to protect myself from getting sick?

There is no vaccine available right now to protect against swine flu. There are everyday actions that can help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses like influenza. Take these everyday steps to protect your health:
Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.
Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
If you get sick with influenza, CDC recommends that you stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.

What is the best way to keep from spreading the virus through coughing or sneezing?
If you are sick, limit your contact with other people as much as possible. Do not go to work or school if ill. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you from getting sick. Put your used tissue in the waste basket. Cover your cough or sneeze if you do not have a tissue. Then, clean your hands, and do so every time you cough or sneeze.

What is the best way to keep from spreading the virus through coughing or sneezing?

If you are sick, limit your contact with other people as much as possible. Do not go to work or school if ill. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you from getting sick. Put your used tissue in the waste basket. Cover your cough or sneeze if you do not have a tissue. Then, clean your hands, and do so every time you cough or sneeze.

What is the best technique for washing my hands to avoid getting the flu?

Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs. Wash with soap and water. or clean with alcohol-based hand cleaner. we recommend that when you wash your hands -- with soap and warm water -- that you wash for 15 to 20 seconds. When soap and water are not available, alcohol-based disposable hand wipes or gel sanitizers may be used. You can find them in most supermarkets and drugstores. If using gel, rub your hands until the gel is dry. The gel doesn't need water to work; the alcohol in it kills the germs on your hands.

What should I do if I get sick?

If you live in areas where swine influenza cases have been identified and become ill with influenza-like symptoms, including fever, body aches, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, or vomiting or diarrhea, you may want to contact their health care provider, particularly if you are worried about your symptoms. Your health care provider will determine whether influenza testing or treatment is needed.
If you are sick, you should stay home and avoid contact with other people as much as possible to keep from spreading your illness to others.
If you become ill and experience any of the following warning signs, seek emergency medical care.
In children emergency warning signs that need urgent medical attention include:
Fast breathing or trouble breathing
Bluish skin color
Not drinking enough fluids
Not waking up or not interacting
Being so irritable that the child does not want to be held
Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough
Fever with a rash
In adults, emergency warning signs that need urgent medical attention include:
Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
Sudden dizziness
Severe or persistent vomiting

How serious is swine flu infection?

Like seasonal flu, swine flu in humans can vary in severity from mild to severe. Between 2005 until January 2009, 12 human cases of swine flu were detected in the U.S. with no deaths occurring. However, swine flu infection can be serious. In September 1988, a previously healthy 32-year-old pregnant woman in Wisconsin was hospitalized for pneumonia after being infected with swine flu and died 8 days later. A swine flu outbreak in Fort Dix, New Jersey occurred in 1976 that caused more than 200 cases with serious illness in several people and one death.

Can I get swine influenza from eating or preparing pork?

No. Swine influenza viruses are not spread by food. You cannot get swine influenza from eating pork or pork products. Eating properly handled and cooked pork products is safe.

Summer Pics

Taken outside the beach resort,hmmmm nice experience really...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer Outing

I will be off tomorrow until sunda because its our annual summer outing to be held at naval biliran. We are actually busy today preparing for the things we will bring and packing everything. The beach resort will actually be exclusive for us and we will have island hopping right after. We prepared 3 lechons and fruits too, since Ormoc is very popular for pineapple, we bring along with us the queen pineapple, which the sweet one.,we also bring liquors, take note we have 3 boxes of liquors, 4 bottles of wine, a water dispenser, chips, chocos, dressed chicke - almost 2 crates, slice bread, cassave cake, crabs, big fish, paper plates and cups, and a lot more.
haaaaay, seems its like a fiesta their, ill upload our pics,promise.

Manny Pacquio Arrives

The pound to pound best boxer of the world arrives at his homplace this 6:30 am, despite the advice of DOH not to follow his original sched due to swine flu, however he pursue his flight back to the Philippines. After his arrival, A thankgiving mass was held at Quiapo church which was mobbed by supporters and fans. Indeed Manny is the greatest boxer that ever exist, but the pride that he has given to the Philippines is much more that what we have expected.
Proud to be a Filipino once more!

Been touched

I am so touched by the comment of fanzy princess, despite the loneliness and the pain that i have right now, i feel relieved by reading her message, indeed it helps when you air out all your burdens because the advices from friends will surely be a big help, thanks girl for the nice comment...
heres her comment:

"I've definitely been in your shoes. It was so hard to let go when I loved so much and never understood why the love couldn't be returned. But eventually I let go. Now it was a excruciating process especially when you still have so much love left to give but I had to do it. Now I am in the best relationship I have ever been in and my partner and I love each other very much. I am sure if you give you self that chance, In God's best time, you will find that someone for you too.Don't know if you like R&B but it usually helps me through my tough time. "Never Ever" by Ciara is a good one about this situation.Hope you feel better lady :)"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

In deep Pain

I always have the reason to stay, but after the last few tears have dried, i have finally found my place out of his life. When you feel that youre no longer part of someones life and theres no reason to hold on, then youve decide to put a space first and eventually move forward from the painful break-up. In deep pain, i asked myself why i want to hold on, despite the pain he gave to me, from the start, i always make it sure that he would be happy with me, for having me but i realized its not enough, its not about giving your all to the person you love rather its about loving him unconditionally without expecting in return, but if one day youve found out that youre no longer the person you were before then its time to put first your self before him, Find time to give the best for yourself coz one day God will evetually introduce the one person youre longing for, and if that time comes youll realize that you deserve someone far better than him. In God's best time........

Out of Town

I will have an out of town trip tomorrow, hmmm i am really so excited, ill be back to Agta Beach by tomorrow...i will post more pics...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My New Phone

Last saturday i bought my new phone, since it was a samsung sale i was able to get an affordale yet fashionable phone. I got M120 and E600.hmmm, i have already 3 phone now...


Invitation for dinner tonight from my office mate, hmmmm, i am bit excited because its an out of town invitation,hmmm i have to go now..ciao

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Blahhh

Back to work now peeepz,,hmmm, im a bit tired of travel because its actually 2 hours from my homeplace to my workplace,,but i can manage,how was your monday guys?