Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy Day

Im done with my 5th product reviews and still i have to finish two more at least this day and 7 still pending tomorrow. I dont knw if i can finish all these things but INEED to because i have so many things to buy next month not to mention my bloated expenses. I'm planning to take some leave tomorrow because i am really not felling well, the start of the week gave me so much stress. I havent recovered from the stressed of my Cebu travel and until this very day i am poured with clients reviews that needs to to be done. Of course im working and i dont know where i get my energy to finish these things in just a day. Im not complaining because they are all blessings and when i checked my account of course it puts a smile in my face but then its about being so tired and stressed everyday. My brain is so drained that i wish to shout. Did i also tells you guys that we will be celebrating my grandmom's death anniversary this sunday? and it means additional errands for me. I have schedules buying the stuff and groceries by saturday because i still have work until tomorrow and i dont know if i still have the power to attend to all the things that needs my attention.

Life is a matter of hardwork, i wish i could really finish all my tasks tomorrow because this means that i will not have backlog next week. Its truly an over productive week for me. What can i say but Thank God.

Just a Thought

Looking back, i saw my old self with tons of burden emotionally and physically. I saw a glimpse of yesterday with full of painful memories. Once, i thought that i can never find someone who would value me as a woman and who would love me beyond conditions. But God was so good, he didn't just give me a man who was extra sensitive with my needs rather he gave me a perfect package. Honestly, I'm in my happy state now. Far from what ive been praying. God gave me a perfect means to earn a living and God provides a man that is incomparable.

I thought that i can't forget my past and lives with its shadow. I've thought that i can no longer find a man who can love even with those little love my ex has given to me. But now as i faced a new dawn, i realized that i made a wise move. The lessons and experiences were all worth it. It was never a lost having a painful experience because it made me a better woman that i am now. I can never thank God for everything that he has done for me but always i am grateful that HE is always on my side. I promise the return the favor in the best way i can.