Thursday, May 8, 2008

malamawi island

Theres are the places that indeed made our country a tourist destination in the world, because we are endowed with beautiful beaches and a must- see tourist destination, above is the aerial view of malamawi island in zamboanga city, part of basilan province in mindanao. Thu its not really so popular because some are hesitant to visit places in mindanao, but they are indeed so great, and i can assure you that youll surely be amazed of the place, because the hidden paradise of the philippines are mostly kept in far away provinces.

What awaits the visitors there, is the fresh air, virgin islands and a really refreshing environment, its not yet exploited and among of the virgin forest in the country. If you want to experience a diferrent summer escapade, check out malamawi island.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy

It was on the late 80's when philippines became known worldwide because of our beautiful filipinas who had made it in the prestigeous title, but after a decade, it became so seldom for pinoy to be known in the world arena, or maybe if there had been, it was because of the devastating economical situation and other political dilemma that the country had underwent.
But recently, it truelly made me proud of being filipino because of our fellow filipinos who really excel in their field of expertise, among to mention is Manny Pacquio, whom from the start really had a good fight over his opponents, and from that he had proved to whole world that Filipinos has something to be proud of, Its really amazing that in every fight that he had, its also like a fight of every filipinok, and for every winning moments, i always says "im proud to be pinoy".
Second in the list, is the very contoversial Ms. Charice Pampengco, who was just a runner up in a singing contest but eventually made it in the top arena because of youtube, now she is the favorite guest of the international host like Ellen, Oprah and even in Paul O'Grady show in UK. She is that popular, and ive heared she will join a tv shows with Celine Dion and other big names in the international stars. Sometimes its really hard to believe that these simple and ordinary people before who once had dream of gaining names in their own field have finally made it now, and whats amazing is that, their fight became a fight of every filipino, their achievement paved the way of building filipino talents in the international stage.
Their stories are truelly inspiring and their achievements became dreams of people who wants to follow their footsteps.