Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer Adventure

Few days ago, the rain kept on pouring and the wind seems a different weather than what summer implies of. But this week, the heat of the sun is very evident. In fact, i couldnt even go out of the house without wearing my sunglasses. My brother even commented that when he noticed a sun burn at his back because of too much exposure of the sun. Anyway, summer is really the best time for escapades, adventures, swimming and even vacations.

My cousin who stays in other place is planning to come over with his friends to do some mountain climbing and of course they are planning for a camping. Ive realized, its indeed a great time to do such adventures but where can i find the best camping supplies for them? That was my problem before, good thing ive browsed online of the best store for camping stuff. Just in time where i needed it. Are we in the same shoe? Visit the site then.

Wonder Slim Diet

Are you disappointed with your slimming pills? Yeah, i knew your rant, been there, done that. The slimming pills that you've bought promised you of a sexy and thinner body as what you've wished for. They even told you to take the vitamins once a day and see the result in just 15 days. Well, then. You have been tricked lady because for your info, the tagline has been in the market since the old days and yet many are still being fooled.

But dont worry because im not here to sell something, im here to help you take a trusted diet that will give you your desired body. Ive found an WonderSlim Diet that works well for people who wanted to make a difference in their respective body. It was tried by my friend and i was amazed by the result. She was thinner yet sexier. Ive realized its not the pills, nor other slimming capsules that really address obesity problem rather its the proper diet, right body discipline and of course your persistence to be slim. Now thats the best deal.

Happy Birthday Sister

I woundt pass this day without greeting my lil sister a happy happy birthday. She was greeted by some of her friends this morning and i knew it brought her so much joy. As a family member, i wish nothing but sincere happiness.May you find love, joy and peace in everything you do. Stay as sweet sister, as responsible daughter and as a loving girlfriend to everyone you dearly loved. I may not tell you always how much you mean to us and to me in particular but no words could approproately describe how important you are to us. May you be blessed the entire year, and continue to be humble despite all your achievements in life. I wish that your wishes will all come true day.. Love yah