Friday, August 16, 2013

A New Dress For Me

I mentioned it's the church wedding of a cousin tomorrow and their motif is like apple green. I don't remember having a light green dress for that so i have no choice but to get it today courtesy of my ever spoiler mahal. I've thought he wouldn't allow me to buy for that as he just spent few bucks for the fiesta thing but then when he asked if i will go to the wedding tomorrow i've told him that im having a second thought as i don't have  a dress yet so he made sure i don't have reason not to go. I am really excited to share here my new finds and this time im embracing for light colored.

Today was also the civil wedding of the brother, the reception was held at the nearest restaurant in town. I should have go with them but then i have to do something which prompted me to have a separate walk. Thus, if you haven't been in the nearest mall in town. There's a huge sale happening an just today i was able to take advantage of it. I bought lingerie's and few house clothes. I just realized some of my house clothes are worn out already so i have to buy some. So far, i am happy with my recent garment addition.