Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maybe This Time

Life is so ironic, pretty funny..When the time came the man i loved most leaved me with nothing but memories and sleepless nights, ive thought its going to be a sad ending for this year, i mean everybody wants love and love and love this holiday, we want to feel that we are loved and we want to share those love to someone especial, nonetheless God is really so good to me, i mean for a short time, HE didnt leave me, He always make it a point to make me feel that i am special. Now after few months of mending the heartaches, i can totally say that i am already over on him. And honestly my thoughts and my heart is being bothered by someone i just met on the net. BUT i am so confused still if love is possible here, hope it is. But one thing im just afraid most, is maybe the time came that i would found out again that this is just a game those guys usually play..To the man im thinking right now, i know who you are, i might not be able to chat with you today, but i read your offline message and just want to let you know that you have changed my life in just one night, the night we have chatted and i feel so comfortable with you really, that no one has ever did..I knew its still premature to say that this is it, but i want to believe this is the journey to it..Please know that you have already the key to my heart..and hopefully those little pieces ive used to love you will be enough to make you stay forever, MAYBE THIS TIME, it will be LOVE.