Saturday, November 28, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre

Too much has been said already both prints and broadcast media, but the bottomline here is the brutal massacre that were done to the victims and yet until not those alleged 100 armed men that killed almost 60 innocent lives were not yet invited for proper due process, how many days already since the crime was been commited but until now those evidences and crime accesories were just mere places on the table, if it were true that the Mayor of that said town was the mastermind of the crime, why didnt the government invited all the private armies and other gunmen that are in full circle of the mayor coz for sure one of them or maybe all of them were all in accesory of the crime. Its just sa SAD that even that backhoe that was used to grave the bodies of the victims which was owned by the provincial government which was exclusively seen by the investigators when they arrived was really set aside as the main evedence that really the provincial government has something to do with it. Its a leading evidence to the mastermind of the terrible and worst crime ever happened here. First they should investigate whoever is in charge with that said backhoe as to who was officer accountable for the release and monitoring of that said thing. Of course that government property cannot be used outside without the permission of the in-charge, very obvious. Secondly for that back hoe to be used to bury 60 innocent lives is really a big thing, the operator, the provincial goverment should be investigated with that matter. As to the update of the case, i knew its really so sensitive to discuss matter with no legal basis, but for a concerned citizen like me, i really condemned the killing and thru this small means i want to shout to my friends and visitors that really the governent should take inititiative with a definite timetable to solve the case the soonest possible time. Coz if until now theyre still on fact finding stage, really our justice system is deteriorating. If political power and influence really matters here, i guess we really cant expect justice to those innocent lives buried like garbages.