Saturday, December 10, 2011

Love is About a Good Fight

I often ask myself why people choose to be with someone despite some crazy times together. It may be odd to say that they choose to be martyr but i would rather choose the word, working out. When was the last time you felt you already deserve to have a monument for being so understanding and for everything you've given beyond compare? Perhaps, you can count on your fingers as to that time you felt loving unconditionally. Its easy to say tthat we love someone but loving the entirety of him is such a different story. Many people think that the most painful part in any relationship is the break up part. Those times, where you were left with no choice but to step those feet away from the person you love but honestly heartaches and heart breaks are processes we normally go through and normally we can go through because we all have liberty in terms of our chooses in our heart. Consequently, i figured, it isnt the heart break that is most painful in the relationship rather its the realization that you are lossing yourself in the process of loving someone too much forgetting that you are speciall too.

I mean, we all deserved to be love like someone else deserves to be treated nicely and fairly. However, every relationship goes through every battle that sometimes you are on the edge of giving up. But as they say, its always like a tango, it dances in its full swing and the dance would never be called a tango if one cant dance with the other. As my relationship is never perfect so as yours, so i ask for understanding if i just felt completely bad today. Things paddle in different directions, life's waves is never permanent. There maybe times that i felt the luckiest girl in the world but of course there are those moments where i felt the only woman in the island without his hand. Always and almost, im giving our share a good fight and im sure it will never end without the right decisions mutually agreed on. I always believe that every mishaps in any relationship is very instrumental to come up with a better version of the couplesome.I always have faith on his love, in the relationship and i promise to never give up in the battle for a happily every after ending.