Thursday, April 4, 2013

Freebie Alert: A Cetaphil Day

There was this one time where i was at the drugstore to buy my vitamins. A girl standing besides me is about to buy a Cetaphil soap. She turned into my side which prompted the conversation. I asked her why she buy that kind of soap and what made her patronize the product. She said, the soap is for her baby and that it was recommended by her doctor. That day on i felt lucky that Cetaphil Philippines had been good to me. I received a box of goodies once and yesterday another one was shipped.

Aside from the fact that i am earning green bucks here, i get to receive free stuff too which makes up my day. So bloggers out there, just had the passion for this craft and ultimately blessings and rewards will be continually pouring.

In fairness to Cetaphil, their promise for a smooth skin is guaranteed. I tried their soap and the clear white surface is really fascinating. Now wonder its best for babies and of course for people who fancy for a skin like a baby. I get to know lately too that this product is best use when you have sensitive skin especially if you are experiencing allergies or any skin problems. Try it and have a smooth and soft skin like baby.

Cetaphil is available at all leading department stores and drug stores nationwide. Visit them at Facebook and get to know Cetaphil up close and personal.