Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I signed up for PPP

I have heared a couple of times how really help bloggers worldwide, i have first hand information how they were so satisfied and enjoy the service of PPP, thereby gives me the encouragement to try blogging as my part time job. Since the time i registered at this blog, my ultimate dream is to be able to join PPP and thus submit a variety of reviews, however it was not easy at first, it took me 3 months before my blog was been approved. But now im happy to tell everyone that finally, my blog is part of PPP, and im so excited to finally write reviews and other things for my blog.
In fairness with PPP, it really has a credible service, it is really indeed true to its commitment in giving its valued advertisers the best that they can, and to the bloggers too in particular. That is why in todays world where blogging occupies mostly of the net service, Payperpost remains the best choice in the world wide web.

Nonetheless, payperpost is not only about earning, about reviews and about monetizing your blog, its about socialization too, it also provides avenue to interact with your fellow bloggers, its a way of making your blog better, inspiring you to write great articles and at the same proving traffic into your blog.

Indeed, payperpost did not only provide me with the opportunity to earn but more importantly it opens a wide avenue for my blog to be known in the world of blogging.

To my fellow bloggers, just check the site and discover the best way to earn money online.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a rainbow after the rain

" The hardest part is over", Finally, after a six-month prayer and guidance for strenth, and for the enlightenment, i am finally whole. Thanks to God for the ultimate guidance and strength he bestowed on me, that i remained strong, i remained faithful in HIM, they were all my arms to surpassed, in the difficult journey that i went thru. Im proud to acknowledge my Lord, for without him, i would remain empty, i would still be seraching for somebody's shadow, but because i trust in HIS word, in HIS promise, i have found fulfillment in my life, I have found the man that He wants me to be with.
Now i can see the rainbow, after the strong rain in my life. really God provides, if we only be patient. He would provide someone who could complete you, someone who would complete the puzzle.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Pride of Leyte

As a 22 year old lass, im personally into a collection of bags, thus i also have shoes and other fashion items, what i really liked into bags are their designs and their quality too, brands do matter to me. however, just recently i was offered by a friend to purchase a bag made of a native handicrafts, thu im a bit hesitant i bought the bag just to see if it was really good.
When my friend gave to me the item, i really appreciate the design and the quality, its made up of native crafts from our place. it also has variety of designs and colors. The bag is so cool and really fashionable especially if you choose to wear it with slippers, best suited in outings and this summer.
Be native, Be fashionable.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have been reading a lots of websites and even blogs that do wrote article about hits4pay, some may even wrote negative feedback and considered the site as spam, but on my personal experience i found the site really amazing.
I got paid emails everyday, and they really credit it in your earnings, imagine all you just need to know is to read the paid email, isnt it great? you dont need to write or even do some review on their advertisers, all you just need to do is open the paid email,and boom that money..
If you wanna try instant earning to your blog, visit and start earning now while sitting. The site indeed just made the blogging world trully exciting while earning. Heres my link to the site if you want to know about it

The Longest Name Ever..

They say that your name speak about you, so if your were named before a saint, most likely your family belongs to those who have good religion background, but what if your named as Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin "Nero Oliver paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus" can u still breath on that upon introducing your name,.,,hehehe.i doubt it.Perhaps with that name you would rather be named after a flower or an animal instead, you might just ask you mom to be named even just as "cat" like me, or even just gumamela, santan or even a name narra will do just to give your friends the convenience of speaking your name,..hahaha
However, choosing what name to be given is always the prerrogative and at the same time the right of our parents, nonetheless whatever, the meaning behind each name has its own significance value, not only to the parents but i guess to their family as well. let us always respect and give a corresponding value to each individuals name, in that way, we can always appreciate the value of our name and the name of our significat others.

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday bloggers! hows the day?, well with me, im a kinda busy with reports and other things at the office, just for some updates, my blog was been approved by some payperpost company, and im so happy with that, by the way, today is the birthday of my sister, she will be turning 18 today, its actually her debut,but we dont know yet if there will be a celebrations, hope there is,,,hehhe.

I missed writing too, thu i have some artcles on the past few days about current events in the country, but i do missed writing about me, about my everyday life..heheh.

Have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look of the Year

Do u have your best shots in your camera? or do u have the looks and the personality to be the next model in Paris or in New York? well if you have both, then its time for you to shine, maybe
this will paved the way for your modeling carreer.
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Why wait for tomorrow, when you can have it today, your key to be recognized, start now by checking and who knows you are the one they're all been waiting for.
"Look of the Year" is looking for people who can be their next model, so what are you waiting for, send your best shots to the said site, and let your star shines.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GROSSIEST VIDEO by far: A VIcente Sotto Medical Center Scandal

heres a link to you tube video of an anal sugery taken at cebu vicento sotto medical center, the video shows an actual rectal sugery, its actually uploaded in you tube wherein its shows a scene where doctors and nurses retrieved something like a perfume bottle from an anal of the patient,
It also shows how the doctors and the nurses who were present in that said operation where having fun, shouting and hauling as if the patient was like an animal, it was indeed so sad, to think that they were professionals, prestigieous individuals who were respected in their field of expertise but they acts like streets men, they did not even respect the privacy of their patients when in fact it was very clear, thus im not a medical practitioner, the secrecy and being private of whatever medical history or background of all patients..

hope everybody will be reminded of this video, of our right for respect, and for privacy regardless of the gender, race and sex.

one hello

The latest offer of star cinema is indeed a heart-warming and romantic movie about love, friendship, and about struggle. The themesong of the movie is my favorite song entitled "one hello". its actually a song for those who are in the process of healing, to women who still believe in second chance, in true love and in destiny.
The song is actually close to my heart, coz after the tragic break-up that i went thru ive learned to embrace life with full of love, hope and a thought everyday that God always saves the best for last..
The movie stars mr. aga muhlach and anne curtis, its about a journey of love which begins with one hello.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The longest bridge in the country

I can still remember one time when i was asked by a foreigner, how long was san juanico bridge? since i was just new in my profession as tourguide, i really forgot the exact number of
that bridge, to my surprise, she discussed to me what she researched about the bridge, oh my.
i was really so ashmed..hehehe..nonetheless that how funny life is sometimes, but that experienced of mine played a vital role in my personality and at the same time encouraged me
to be a better, if not the best tourguide in leyte..after the said experienced i was doing good already considering that i already memorized every historical background, figures that are necessary and everything that might contribute to help answer the curiosity of any foreigner that i tour.
well, the picture above is just one of the tourist destination our place can offer, it was constructed during the adminastration of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, since her wife Imelda is a native of leyte, mind you former first lady marcos is from our hometown, her house is just so near with our house..they say that the said bridge is a very proof of how the president love her first lady, since its a symbol of crossing distance just to prove to his wife how hes willing to cross oceans just to win the heart of her first lady..
a beautiful story which transforms into a popular destination not only of the leytenos but for most tourists as well.
indeed, for how many decades has past, amazingly the bridge has really a spectacular view,
it does not only bridge the gap between the two islands but it also serves instrumental in the progress of leyte in general.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pan American Cruise liner

I was browsing the net recently and i was able to read about employment oppurtunity at pan american cruise, a luxury cruise liner, they have post job hiring at filipino express online.i am really curious about that thing so i emailed to the address given about the said hiring.

today they emailed me back and they send to me an employment kit to be accomplished and i was given 60 days to mail the said kit with a fee of 31 dollars. i am now busy researching about the company and all related information.hopefully i could get relevant data about this.

hope you could pray for me, for the success of this new endeavor.

a new taste of chicken

our company is in to new venture now, we started a rotesserie venture all over the country, just for a change, we are using a state of the art rotesserie cart wherein our main goal is to offer to our customers an oven-fresh, delicious, tasty and affordable chicken.
our price for this is only 129 pesos, its that cheap, at that price you can have a ready to serve and tasty roasted chicken, what made it different from the rest, is that the chicken cooked from this cart is really clean, whereas if you buy it in a typical or sidewalked sellers, you can really see that the chicken somewhat overcooked and somehow its quite dirty,

this is already availavle nationwide and in selected supermarkets..

Monday, April 14, 2008

happy monday

happy monday bloggers, im back, at last and i will have lot of updates,,hehehe
it was really a rainy day in my place and i travelled at around 4 am in the morning
with a heavy rain, it was also a total block out that is why i really had hard time looking
for a ride..i wanted to take a leave but i am so worried that i cannot finish my reports.
but i am now here, always go kicking,,hehehe
see yah.......have a blessed day

public administration: is it vital?

I was on my way home when i met my former classmate, he was also on his way to my alma mater since he has a class, i actually asked about the latest news on my former college home and he told about the dilemma theyre facing now,

I actually graduated with a degree in bachelor of science in public administration, major in financial management, to those are not familiar with that field, its actually a baccaleurrate degree whose field revolves around management in government. it's subject matter is more on government and its bureaucracy. it is a good field to take since it really focusses on the nature and studies the very thing about our government,sadly the course is not the well-recognized in the region, and most students are hesitant to take the course.

heres a birds eye view of the school:

The Leyte School of Professionals (LSP) is non-profit educational institution, a duly accredited college by the Commission On Higher Education, which was organized to promote and up hold the following:

Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility
The preparation, training and development of professionals in the Visayas;
Maintenance and enhancement of high professional standards;
Advancement of the high ideals of professionalism based on high moral spiritual grounds;
Promotion of nationalism and loyalty to God, Country and Family.

LSP is wholly owned and operated by the PROFESSIONALS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION OF THE VISAYAS, INC, (PEFVI) the mother non profit foundation of LSP, which was established, organized and incorporated in October, 2001 for the purpose of developing high standards of service, training and education of professionals in the Visayas. PEFVI is the non profit educational and professional training institution which academic arm is the Leyte School of Professionals (LSP).
If you wish to know more about the school and the courses it offers, you can log on to

Sunday, April 13, 2008

happy sunday

happy sunday my fellow bloggers, well i went home last saturday on my place since we dont have work for two days, i just spend my weekends at home with my nephews and my niece.
i also watched tv the entire day, and sleep all day, it actually raining here, thats why it is so tiresome to go out and go somewhere else, the weather made me stay at home and make myself busy preparing desserts for the family.
i will be back to our office by monday and for sure i will be busy updating this blog..
have a blessed sunday everyone

Friday, April 11, 2008

have a nice weekends

i will be going home tommorrow since we dont have work, and im so excited really to go home, wbonding with my niece one again. i will meet my family, sleep all day, watch tv..hehhe
that would be a great day..
see yah

a new adventure

Really leyte is sorroundede by beautiful spots, may it be beaches or mountains
one of the most must-visit tourist destination in leyte is the san rafael farm located
at babatngon leyte, its a newly discovered farm which gives its visitors a fresh look of paradise.
its actually a newly developed place, where cottages and overnights stay is also available
so, if youre looking for a unque way where you want to spend your summer vacation.
try to visit this place, and see the new adventure that will awaits you.


morning my fellow bloggers, thank god its friday,hehehe
well i already went to church this morning, about 5:30 mass
at least i was able to visit god this week, as of for today i know
i have lots of work to awaits me,,heheh,we will have a meeting today
with our manager and the rest of the staff, goodluck to me..
have a nice day everyone,mwah!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

summer escapade

if youre looking for a great place where you can find unique summer escapade,
check this out:

this is taken from agta beach resort located at biliran leyte.
truelly it has an spectacular view and also it is a white sand beach.
i was really so amazed of the place since we are looking for the best beach
in leyte where we can have our summer outing and wow, this place really caught
my attention.thu it is located somwhere in a far away paradise, but definitely once
you will visit the place, its really worth the travel..

cathy fatty

good morning bloggers, well im here once again signing in with my blog, well as you can see i have my image here of a cute cat--heheh like me, who is chubby (not fat-yay)hehehe,and like me too, who wants to go diet coz the tummy is already becoming that big..hehehe..well,well, if they can make me thin - make my friends fat.....
well. diet would be the best solution to this dillemma.
have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

want to earn thru survey?

i have recently registered with
its a unique of earning online, u just need to register there and you will be send in you email surverys which you need to accomplished, afterwhich youll get your can also have additional income by refferring some of your friends.its quite amazing.
isnt it great...
to my fellow bloggers, check this out
good luck

cupid says "bring back my heart"

a head tuner, an every woman's dream..hehehe

he's absolutely so goodlooking, a man's goddess, but definitely i really admire his looks and the way he projects himself.hes really a hunk..i just love his photo, especially his smile,i am really his big fan..

a bad day

it was really not quite a good morning for me considering that i had a petty arguments with my office mate,it turns out bad since he was in a bad mood too.
honestly, i am that understanding but when it is already beyond my control and i am also hurt, i canmt help but just cry and have pity for myself..but nevertheless this is what life is.
its not a bundle of rose nor a path of pure joy and happiness, there are also stones and thorns along the way,,its a matter of being careful, being understanding and considering other feelings too that will help us be a good person as what all we've wanted, anyway.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my new friend

i was able to know a new friend in the name of alex, he is from australia and really a good man.
i came to realize how powerful really the net is...imagine it made two people from different archipelago touch each other's lives.pretty amazing
anyway, im really so thankful to know a good person...hope to chat with u again lex.
you take care always

Monday, April 7, 2008

at last

oh my god, i was really so worried coz ive thought i could not recover my password, coz i cant sign in anymore with my account,but thank gos im back.
i miss writing too and i know i have lots of things to share with,,hehehe
today is holiday, we dont have office and im quite busy at home with my niece and nephews, just spending quality time with them.
ohhh, i really want to add links herei dont know how,,,hope someone could share how to do that.
hehehe,,lets wait for an angel here
see yah