Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Great Saturday

Yepeey, its such a great day for me, i wanna shout and scream. I love my life. Thank You Lord for always making me happy, for making my life great and for the chance of meeting new people who makes and breaks me. It will be few days more to go before my birthday but seems its Christmas for me, i received lots and lots of blessing here. I never asked and i don't want to say i like or i want this to happen but seems God engineered my life as if im his masterpiece, he even architect it in a way where people would say, you're so great, and i am because of HIM. HE is always full of surprises, really. I don't know how to thank you for all these things you've given to me and for all those graces you shared in my life. But one thing i knew, i patiently wait for the right timing, i never asked, i never complained, when i was at those bumps, i accepted it faithfully, i believe its your will and i believe it should be done. Now i felt being rewarded, THANK YOU GOD for being so good to me since then. I Love You So Much.

Looking For LOve

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