Sunday, May 30, 2010


I open my Blog Catalog account and immediately look for some things interesting to read, well i would like to share about what my attention caught into.Its posted by Dandan594 and his post was all about TOP TEN MISTAKES WOMAN MAKE IN A RELATIONSHIP
An excerpt of her post.

"let's talk about Hallmark cards, greeting cards, and just about any card you can think of. (Handmade Included) Unless it's a birthday, in which case, you should get something funny and just sign your name, don't give your guy cards with a short novel written in them, or your latest poetry. This is also including those long drawn out letters, and if your far away a letter is okay, but stay away from the hand to hand kind. Every man I know cringes at the thought of these. I know you want to pour your heart out, but it's too much for a man to swallow when your first starting out. If he sends them to you, then you can send them back to him with no worries. But, this is highly unlikely, I'm afraid."


My Sunday started fine, we jogged around the city and after which i visited a parlor and had my nails clean. I love the service they done to my nails, they are nice too and accommodating, one thing im looking in a parlor. Its the people their and how they attend to their customers. We ate our lunch at Joven's Grill and unfortunately i saw this woman who also came to the Grill and ordered for something, i made a glanced on her out of nothing but my glanced turned out to be a laughing sensation as i couldn't help it when i notice her shirt was not on the normal side, she had wear it where the back became her front and vice versa. I was about to tell the woman but i guess i dont want to sound bitch for that thing. I just leaved the food establishment and ignore what i saw. Am i bitchy?hehehe. Also i talked to my sister now coz she was asking for a help regarding their activity now which she herself spearheaded. She was asking if i could sponsor something for that said event. My brother and I promised to do something about it coz we knew she is really facing a big problem about that. Well i will surely sleep afterwards. Its soo hot here.