Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Senate Hearing

I was watching the senate hearing about the hostage taking incident that happened last monday, it was chaired by Sen. Gringo Honasan and most of the senators were present there. The invited guests were Maj. Magtibay, Vice Mayor Moreno and other police officers. It was like an investigation of what really happened and who really headed the group. I was surprised to know that Maj, Magtibay acknowledge that it was somehow their fault why it turned up to such tragic event, in fact he was question by Sen. Estrada as to why they have tear gas and threw it without even noticing that their police officers have no mask to protect them, isnt it stupid? Well, Police Magtibay told the body that the officers - the SWAT in particular forgot to bring their mask, that was very very stupid. Anyway, i guess Maj. Magtibay was already transferred to NCRPO department. Its really a shame on our police authority, i hope this will gave learning to the police authority.