Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good News on Saturday

Pardon me guys, if i can't resist my sharing some joyous thoughts today. Yours truly is celebrating a lot of things. Thank you so much God for everything that you've given to me. Finally folks, my offer was accepted by the advertiser i am eyeing for and to think i did almost everything to snatch their attention. They really heard my plea and it was a nice birthday present for me. Another reason why i am so much happy is the fact that i received good news too from my man. Things are already in a roll for our plan and i am so much excited for that time.

Well, i actually have to share more happy thoughts but i still have pending task that needs my attention. An advertiser purchased a post on my sites so i need to work it out. Before i go, i want to thank God for all the marvelous things that he has done unto me. Thank you to my blogger friends too for the continuous support on my sites. Till then..