Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Blah

Its Saturday once again, time to rest, time to just enjoy our beds and time to watch movies, well i hope its just easy as that. I dont have any plans for today nor i did go out, im tired of walking and im not in the mood to roam around the town though last night we did go out with some friends, did some window shopping and dine outsde, we ate barbecue and it was really so delicious. So i just intend to stay at my room and do some online tasks.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Oline Loan with Paypal

Sounds interesting right? yeah its true paypal lends money to its member its called Paypal Buyer Credit its an online credit facility where you can loan money from them, Paypal is popular for being an online portal for transferring and receiving money worldwide. Aside from its proven credibility as the No. 1 internet financial company that allows users in the net to have their own account, its also a secure and convenient way to pay your bills, shop online and even does some online bank transaction to your locan banks resepectively. Now the innovations is at its peak, they have Paypal Buyer Credit. Here are some FAQ of its service;

What is PayPal Buyer Credit?
PayPal Buyer Credit is a personal credit account exclusively for PayPal members. It lets you make low monthly payments on PayPal purchases, so you can shop now and pay later. PayPal Buyer Credit is an additional way to fund your purchases through your PayPal account.

What are the benefits of having PayPal Buyer Credit?

PayPal Buyer Credit is a secure, convenient, and flexible way to fund your purchases made with PayPal, allowing you to shop now and pay later:
Makes any PayPal purchase more affordable with low monthly payments
Offers convenient, money-saving opportunities with promotional financing
Increases your purchasing power by adding another funding option
Covers your purchases with
full Buyer Protection from PayPal
Lets you shop with ease anywhere PayPal is accepted
Saves money with no annual fees
Increases your total PayPal sending limit

How do I apply for PayPal Buyer Credit?

Applying for PayPal Buyer Credit is fast, easy, and secure; you can get your credit decision in as soon as 30 seconds! To begin the application process, click here.

How high of a credit account can I receive?

Your credit account is determined by your credit history. Once you are approved for credit, you will be told the amount of your credit account. Get your credit decision in as soon as 30 seconds! To begin the application process, click here.

Where can I use PayPal Buyer Credit?

You can use PayPal Buyer Credit to fund purchases on eBay listings that accept PayPal and anywhere else PayPal payments are accepted.



When you need someone by your side, you think of the people closest to you, those that have showed you cared and unconditional love. Those that made you felt you alone is the only person that matters to them, Aside from your family, this closest to you are the boyfriends and the girlfriends we oftentimes labeled. BUt how could you manage emptiness if he is at other side of the world? Is his word enough to change your emotional roller coaster? of you need his physical presence? It may be be so complicated in other words its all depends how we view this things coz some may want a physical presence but somehow others prefer a confidante than a physique body at your front. The one person you love may be at the other side of the world if he makes sure you are always loved and cared, i guess its all worth it coz its LOVE and SACRIFICE.

Was Robbed

It was the most terrifying moment of my life what happened last night, my apartment was robbed by unidentified men who were able to enter the compound. Ive lots my phone, cash, atms and all my identification cards, good thing my other phone was at my other bag and they did not see it. It so hard coz when i went home this morning, the room was a mess and none was left. Its just so disgusting that until now, it has not sink in yet when i tried to contact my smart number, its already unattended and later on the sim was not anymore in used. THis is the first time i encounter such event, it had not happened yet for my 4 years of renting and living in my own so i was advised by friends that i should contact my friends not to contact anymore my smart number coz it might just bring another consequence. My family contacted me very early to know how i was, i just cried so hard coz its really so hard for a person who lives alone to surpassed this shocking moment. Its not about the valuables that ive lost, its about my safety, its about how i was not safe in the room i consider my own. I mean i am thinking if this people can enter our apartments without noticing them then its also possible that they can enter to our rooms as long they want to and for me being alone is so scary. The trauma is still within me and still within my system, my tears cant help but fall still.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amazing Neobux

Now i can say that PTC is one of the best way to earn online, In my neobux i already have few bucks, and few bucks at onbux too. What is good about it is that everyday you can earn as much as 5 dollar a day if you have more an dmore referrals, well im not into direct referrals, i have more of rented than of direct and just recycled them if theyre not clicking> Recently i joined some forum at neobux and found out some important updates of admin, new security rule and getting strict this time, cant blame them more and more cheaters and coming on our way. Thank God i always feel safe and just crossing my finger that i will be protected always. Anyways, if you want to earn more at neobux, you can just leaved me a comment and ill teach you how to earn bigger bucks on this site. Click my neobux logo left and register, if u need urgent help sends me an email. Good luck and Happy earning!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Want to Win Samsung GT-E1175T phone

IM sure youre all excited about my post? wondering if its true? YES it is, its real and its easy, just aclick of your finger, need no cash, need no investment, just need to join and promote this contest and youre done. This is actually a give away of Gadgets and Tech . In addition to the Samsung GT-E1175T phone, I am including a PHP 2,000 gift card from Power Mac Center.
Why dont your try your luck now..

Monday, July 26, 2010

How To Protect Your Site

For us blogger s who invested most of our time blogging and trying our best to have higher page rank, its so frustrating to find out one day that someone Else's just copied your work in just a click. First thing i have in mind is that, does he have a conscience? Coz maintaining a blog and updating it is really a hard task, plus giving your readers just a sensible topic will make your brain so dry and exhausted however i can now say that this is technology, the more it brings the convenience the more it brings risk too, anyway id like to give some tips to all my friends just to protect their work from plagiarism and infringement possibility. Its not actually impossible because hackers are everywhere and they're more internet savvy than us, let just admit that fact.Well, i have listed below some tips where it can help us save from further dilemma.

1. Ive learned from a friend that at least you should put your site this copyscape banner.

Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism Software

This will be very helpful cause it can check if somebody else has copied your site

2. If you really caught someone who copied your content or worst has establish an autoblogging from your site and all your entries. Here's what you'll do.

a. you can visit the site and look for yourself if he has contact details or has space for comments. Leave a message politely to the person about your agenda, saying that you observed some entries from your being copied and that you want him to delete those entries if possible.

b. If he did not respond, you can sends an email to this if the site who violated is hosted by wordpress or to the bloggers help if its hosted by blogger. I guess its much better to contact first his/her web hosting than directly to the dmca.

c. If he really did not respond still, you can visit this site WHOS its a tool where you can check details of the site who does the violation, you can check the details of the website, where he is from, his contact number and even his address and email, then sends him an email immediately for an urgent attention.

d. lastly, this will be your last alternative, contact and you can file for a report. A bit of background: the DMCA is a United States copyright law that provides guidelines for online service provider liability in case of copyright infringement

e. Worst, your notification to them will be posted at including the personal identification and other details of the offending party.This is in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Been Sick

Sorry guy if i was not able to update my beloved site last weekend, because i was sick and had a bad fever, maybe because i was caught in the rain on my way home last Friday since it was so hard and i was not able to bring with me my umbrella, i had no choice but to walk in the rain. Anyways, i just found out today that i had lots of things to share about to my readers, from my site being plagiarize, to my issue with this man who caused my headache and to other no big deal issue which i knew i deserve to share. I guess i need to hare with you guys too how to report things like these - i mean case like your site being copied by someone, coz this is so hard and very sensitive.I knew a lot of blogger s would like to know how we can act over cases like these. Thankfully, i have encountered a site which can traced the owner, the address and the site name in particular. I hope even on this simplest thing i can help u in your blogger dilemma.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Guys i need you help, i was so schoked when i visited one blog and found the same blog title as me but its hosted by wordpress and the worst thing he copied all entries of mine. Guys if you knew this please please dont accept his friend request. His blog has the url of PRETTY IN PINK
I am really so shocked about this, i mean these are all my hardwork and sweat every night trying to give my readers the best that i have and here this site, just coprying everything that i did. Please please, whoever you are, stopped doing this to me and stop copying my entries.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Opiate Addiction

Substance abuse is one of the major health concern worldwide, which means that drug dependence is really prevalent in any parts of the world. If you still remember, Michael Jackson's death shocked by many not only at US but to all people in the word because of his sudden death and initially they detected that his death has something to do with the pills for pain killer that caused his fatal death. This prescription pain killers really gave an adverse effects especially if the addiction is already too long, coz it might reached to brain damage and even nervous system disorder.But there's no way to be frustrated of, if you are one of those who cant get rid of this opiate addiction, coz my research told me that there are ways to prevent this and even address this addiction gradually. This is the first step towards recovery. Withdrawal Ease. com is a site which gives an orientation and medical backgrounds to patients and individuals who suffer from opiate addiction, i knew many want to quite but few take the first step, but in this site you ll surely be assured of opiate withdrawal and your recovery will be more affordable and comfortable. Take the first step now and be informed.

Diet Solution

Are u tired of your big butt? bloated face? and even larger tummy than the man at the corner? well i guess you stopped the right page, coz i have good news for you, this program will help you lose your weight so quickly without a need of a pills, exercise or ven skipping meals, its just about proper knowledge as to how how to lose those unwanted fats, having the right information about your body will surely gives you teh right answer a sto how to lose those fats that you wanted to vanished from the start. I agree with all doctors and dieticien, that in order for a person to properly be motivated, he or she should have the right info about his body, about the food he is taking and what his or her body needs everyday and not what his mount wants. A Diet Solution Program is what he completely needs to adress his weighing problem, actually i have done this before thats why i want to recommend this program to people who wanted to look sexy again and gain their self confidence. I may forgot to share with you that my boyfriend is a nutritionist, he is a physician by profession but specialicing in diet, no wonder he gave me the best way to lose those unwanted fats. Maybe youll interested to have this program, try this DSP

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Fastest Way of Earning MOney

As an online earner addict, i always read interesting articles and posts of friends sites and blogs. Yes, i need it to have info and updates of the latest trends in the net and even be updated on sites that gives opportunity for us to earn. Recently i came to visit this site called klikot , its like a social network sites but one thing that will make u smile is that youll get rewards and points of friends who will join under u, its like a marketing tree, which means that the more friends you have, the more bucks you earn.

How can u expand your marketing tree?

Expand your Marketing Tree by inviting more people to Klikot. Anyone you bring to the website will be listed in your Marketing Tree and will produce marketing points for you, which are transformed into real money! There are many ways to invite people and expand your Marketing Tree...


The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

I just checked my email a while ago and i was surprised when i received a notification from odesk that a client contacted me, then its true as i checked my account, i saw his message, it was about a task i applied at this site. I am really amazed coz this site really gives a lot of opps and paid tasks everyday, variety of tasks from the most like to job you less like, just need to select what category you like. And if you want to earn more buck, i recommend you register here. Its free, its fun and its money talks.

Salute to Single MOMs

If Jose Rizal was tagged as our hero because of his selfless act towards his country i can say that nowadays the modern hero are called SINGLE MOMS, i mean these women has a commendable bravery for making both ends meet everyday, a struggle for life and for her children that no one else in this world had appreciated. From the very day she carry the child on her womd, the pain, the mood swings plus the fact that the father of the child whom should be there and provide for all basic necessities had after all left her but then she still managed to survive the pain and the emotional dillemma thats called SACRIFICE. After the nine months laborious struggle and then there came the day she gave birth to the child without no one beside her because the man is just at the other parts of the world enjoying his life while she is at the midst of agony thats what we called SELFLESS ACT. And from that very day the child see the beauty of the world, is the start of the unending sacrifice of the mother, doing everything to provide the child food, shelter, clothing, and dream for a good future while the father is still enjoying his life that is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. and now let me remind you women and woman like me, that we are especial and will be always especial coz we are bounded with inner character that none can supercedes for the sake of the children and for our children to come. So if those men leaved us, accept your fate and do your best to make a life worth livin for, for the kid. I knew how hard is it and i knew life will turn to be so miserable but just put in mind that you are the living hero of your kids. To those men, who choose to be free than to accept the responsiblity, - its so shameful and i pity you for being a coward and i pity you coz you just had a chance to experience the magic of life and u justchoose the easiest way of life.There may be a lot of chance for you to prove your woth in this world, there may be a lot of chance to prove to all people how good you are, how powerful you are, you can have all the chance in the world to prove to all that you excel and youre an achiever but there is only one person to prove to - as to how you are as a person - its your child. and you missed a half of your life.


I am really exhausted now, i dont know where to start working as i need to finish a lot of task online, im done clicking for my daily ads, now i need to work on some unfinished business given by a client through odesk. But ive nothing to complaint about instead im grateful that God poured these blessings, i mean what can i ask for. I just hope my mind will not get dried and i need to really use by not so native language in working with these stuff.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tiring Day

This is such a tiring day for me, we visited a friend in Mactan and it was really so far, cant belive the travel will kill me to death, anyway it was fun, we went to the shrine and eat sea foods. they're very delicious and fresh, love it. What else? i met a friend today and we had a great conversation, im glad some of my former collegues are here too.I guess ill rest not, so tired.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PLastic Surgery

When i was still younger i used to envy my friends who were really that pretty and who used to be the apple of the class. I used to be frustrated with all my imperfection, i even at that time hated myself for being tall, for having a curly hair and a lot of stuff which i find imperfect in my body. At that time, robonding our hair was very expensive and only celebrities can afford to that unlike now that even the most ordinary woman can even have her hair straightened, anyway with the advent of the new technology we can observed lots of people who were transformed from once an ugly duckling to a beautiful lady who can even be hailed as a celebrity at a closer look. Which means that beautifying oneself is just very much in demand now, its not about looking good in the eyes of many but more of boosting your self confidence. Personally, i have nothing against plastic surgery plano cause if a person really needs it to boosts her self esteem then why not underwent such procedure, only that there should always be a limitation, i mean you yourself should know up to what extent you wanted to be touch by technology. Coz if money is not an object, i guess i would be the first one to undergo such procedure, as to what part is that, its for me to know and for you to find out after the procedure.Its always great to look good cause it gives you a different feelings but its not about being beautiful that this surgery gave to us rather its about having the confidence to face people.

Hows Your Day?

This is the normal post i almost read everyday but still want to post this coz ive nothing to talk about, i am feeling great today because of a lots of things. nevertheless how can i missed my blogger friends here, who became my family too, anyway. i guess i missed blog hopping for few days coz i am busy with a lot of things from offline errands and other online tasks i need to finish, well lets just say im saving a lot....hehehhe. but thankful for all the blessings that came my way.Well, thats all for now, have a great day, guys!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meeting the Right Man

When can u say that you have meet the person youve been longing for? Is it when u finally feel strange feelings towards the person or Is it when u have seen in his eyes your dreams reflections? Meaning you have ultimately wished him to be in your future? well its something so sweet to talk about from the sweet author itself, but i still want to talk about it. All of us look forward to a day wherein we can say that this is the day we're looking forward to, i am also wishing and dreaming for that day, for that day to happen, it should be the day where i can find the man of my dreams, no second thought of wishing him to be the father of my children, being happy just merely by talking to him, caressing his back whenever he is so tired after a stressful day, cokking for him though youre not that expert at all but you still want to try because you want to cook his favorite food, well maybe its so exaggerated, is it? but those things can possibly happen or maybe not happen but having the man you love will simply give syou the energy to do the extreme to the simpliest things in life. BUt for now, as i told him, i just want to eat ice cream with you, he asked me why, well i cannot think of the very good reason to him, he said then "One ice cream each?, I said yes but then he said " It maybe great if we can have one ice cream", i was curious and os i asked him,why only one? he said " Maybe one cone signifies us being one." thats the sweetest thing i ever heard even sweeter thatn the happily ever after, disney has once said.

Birthday Blash

Today i attended a birthday celebration on of the boarders on the compund, it was a great ceebration attended by people from different rooms. All the while i just had the thought that indeed being independent means being responsible all the time coz unlike if youre living with your parents, i need not to cook, i need not to do the laudry, i need not to worry the bills coz everything is provided. My parents does that for me since i was just a fetus in my mothers womb, nonetheless i need not to complain coz i have the edge from the rest, it has taught me a lot of things, lessons and tests hard earned in this struggle of journey called life.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rekindle the Old Flame

My friend once told me to follow my heart, i did that every time the situation needs it but i realized not all the time you need to follow your heart, and sometimes u need to control your heart and follow whats right coz you can never be wrong. Yes.,it will be very painful but its the only choice you can have an dother options are still not worth it at that time, options like rekindling the old flame and being martyr? ohh forget it! Heroes are for old times sake, heroes todays dont exist or if they do theyre very rare. I dont wish to have my own statue at all. Anyway, keeping your feelings from pouring or just being naive at all is the most and difficult thing to do so far, being so rude to the one person u know - u just wnat to love anc care and hating him and learning to hate him is the last skill you know but u have to do it - for yourself. Sometimes its not also bad to be selfish at all, sometimes its still good to think of yourself above all else, coz if you allow yourself to be bellittled by anyone for sure even otheres wont respect you. I hate it when people do stupid things in the name of love, i once do it and i once hate myself for being so stupid but do i have a choice, of course i do, and my choice is to become stupid.
In the midst of the night, i came to think of the previous and the present emotional breakdown i once had, i cant still help when tears slowly felt down but get dries immedietly, maybe becaus eof some instance that i lost my self in teh process of loving someone intensely to the point that i forgot to love myself first. Those times were i allowed myself to be treated as someone being shouted, being insulted, being hated and battred emotionally though sometimes some sort of physically. I wonder why i allowed it? i wonder why i allowed some people to do that to me and do nothing at all, does it mean that i deserve that? at that i guess i just thought i am, because maybe i did something that made him do that. But now, when i came to think of it, i sad " I dont deserve it" i dont deserve to be treated by anyone as worst as an animal cause im not, i\and i know i deserved the loved and cared by a man.
If i were to choose if i still want him now back, of course i wanted to, i want him back in my arms, i want to love him, show him my care and caress but after sometime trying to figure out what i went through in his arms, i began to think twice, i began to think thrice and a couple of times if i wanted him back again, cause now, i dont want to compromise myself to the idea of falling in love. Cause if its love at all, why do i alwats fall? and he did not catch me at all, always and almost.

Get Paid to do Tasks

As i mentioned in my previous posts i am hooked into different money making sites, there are those PTC, some are pay per posts and lastly i am now into paid to do tasks and honestly i like it more than the rest cause aside from their tasks are easy to do, youll be paid once you reache dtheir minimum pay out instantly.Actually i am referring to , this site provides many types of promotions and tons of ways to earn money online,As of this time they are looking for members from US/UK/CA/AU and one great thing is that will pay you in the most convenient way which is paypal. Youll be credited once you refer member which is $0.01 and their minimum pay-out is just $1.00. Isnt it amazing?
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am Mild

You Are Mild

You get as many thrills as wild people do, however your thrills tend to be more of the laid back variety.

You believe that the deeper you get into something, the more you enjoy it. And you need calm to do that.

You are one of the least superficial people around. You have intense and passionate interests.

You don't get bored easily. How could you? There is so much to learn about and think about!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Join Me at GeoString

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Rainy Tuesday

hey guys its so cold here, i heared we have tropical storm here, but its actually in Luzon but affected a bit. Its so cold that its so nice to sleep and be just at our bed. But i really cant missed this day without checking my blogger friends, clicking my ads and of course site visits, wanna know the updates of my friends, anyway i do hope u all just doing great here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Prize Live

Ever heared about this site? THis the latest earning builder site i am hooked into because of lots of opps and daily tasks, the offer is great plus tasks are not that hard. Its not only that you have the chance to play games and earned points, The site offered a variety of fun games while youre earning from it, taking surveys and even referring your friends. Isnt it worth of your visit? Visit Prizelive now.

PAID $10 from SWOM

Wonderin whats this Swom? well u might be surprised if i tell u that this is not a PTC, a PPP nor a moneymaking sites, this is a social networking sites that pays you on all the things you do in the social network like facebook and friendster. If you are currently on hooked on planting at farmville, well think again, you better regiter at SWOM and give your full time here not only planting but harvesting real money. Isnt it worth the fun and effort? I also dont believe it that i was just get paid easily just by particpating in the community or even just posting some wall posts to other member and participating some discussions that wil earn me some molah. Now i really make sure i will be giving more time here than the rest and you know what what amazed me is that i have lots of friends their. Ive thought i would not known one ever there but i was wrong cause most of my friends are their and some new friends that i gain were really very friendly. See you guys at SWOM.

MOney Talks

make money online

I know everybody of us is searcging for the best way to earn online, though there are variety of means to earn bucks here, its still best to try them all, at least you have lots of sources too. For now, i am amazed that everyday i am oriented and ive found fabulous sites that are really good way to earn, first ive found mylot which by now i have already reached the minimum payout, second i registered at which i also completed 5 tasks their and now i have this new site '>WahTasks its also like microworkers, its set-up is relatively similar, you gte paid by completing small tasks which i knew ull love then, their minimum pay-out is also $10 and great great site.Common guys, register now.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Im an avid fan of purefoods and now theyre called B-MEG team, but i like the former, i like their name before than now, cause i feel its more like piggy now, just kidding, anyway, im just done taching their game 2 for the queater finals with rain and shine, i didnt not finish the game but i guess my team lost, cause i left like 2 minutes more to go and rain or shine has 5 leads more or less, anyway whatever happnes im still for B-MEG with papa James Yap, the man with a million moves. Anyway there stiill game 3 and 4 and 5,hehehhe. Im sure they will try more harder on the next battle.


Today i just decided to hang out in my room anyway i dont have work so i just stayed at my room and watched various cable channels, id like to share with u guys about what ive learned from Bo Sanches, he was the speaker of that particular talk held at Manila, i really realy admired him for being so intelligent yet has powerful words towards his audience. Way back a few years, i subscribed on his newsletter entitled kerygma and my story was feutured once in their magazines. I was actually nursing a broken heart then when i made my life story, it was sort of how i dealt with the pain, how i was so unsure then of my asset and about my points of view, Rizza their editor-in-chief contacted me if they can put my story in one of their columens, i agrre because i also want to share my life to people especially to women who at that time is in the midst of emotional roller coaster and when i get a copy of the magazine, i was so proud because at least once in my life, i had shared my story to people who may not know me personaly but had been inspired of my life and had hopefully had give them a better light.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Earn through Commisions

While there are lots of earning potentials in the net, i still do believe to make the most ofit. Before ive tried getting paid thru payperpost then i tried the mylot which pays you by participating through discussions and now a friend told me about this site which gives you commisions per sale of the product or just by referring member to ths site and the more downline you have the better. And i just thought if u have the site and you have the chance to promote, why not do it? right guys> well if youre interested just visit this site.

Saturday Updates

Happy Weekend guys? anything special? i wish there is and i hope u have soemthing to share guys, theres no story to tell for this day, i just have sleeping marathon for now, i guess i badly need it, i also watched tv and hang aroung at the room, i bought a lot of junkfoods for my tummy,hehehhe.Isnt it great once in a while u enjoy the blanket and imagining things, u know guys i loved my bed simply because my thoughts are flying away,from those wonderful times when i had a bf and compared with my life now. I have no one to think about and no one to care about though i cared for many people and i loved my friends and my family.Nonetheless, i can completely say that my life now is a bit blessed and complete, its enough for me to know that i can live with myself even without the other person, i mean a man in my life and im happy to realized things now that im can make my life wonderful just by believing in it. And as i borrowed some lines, it always pays to wait.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Im surprised bloggerwave sends me another payment for a paid post, i just wondered why its so early but well im so happy.THanks bloggerwave for making me as your favorite blogger.heehhe..wink*

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hey guys, i have good news for you, recently i found a site which is a great way to earn, its caller in fact i already finished lots of tasks their and i enjoyed it the most. I am really addicted to this site coz it entails me to earn a lot, really a lot.lots of bucks awaits you there, lots of tasks, and the more tasks you finished the more bucks in hand. In fact their tasks are really so simple and get paid instantly. Register now guys, click the link above. Thanks

Office Supply; THings We Should Know

I was assigned before as administrative officer and part of my responsibilities was to see to it that our office supplies are always available and at least all of the supplies needed by my office mates are available. I remember that one of the common problems we always encounter is the lack of coupon bond because we always have shortage of supply so what i did, i contact two suppliers and have them supplied us both every month, at least it saved us from future dilemma caused of having no coupon bond at all. Anyway, did you know that these stuff are very important for our everyday tasks, i mean i understand we seldom appreciate these little things, even these clips, card boards and even just these stick notes but if we really figure out they are instrumental in our work and achieving our tasks efficiently and effectively. For instance we hardly notice our waste basket because we think that they're just a stuff intended really for our wastes but when we missed a document that's very important that's the time we noticed this thing and thank God its their. Really, now i try to appreciate this little stuff that surrounds me everyday.

Its also a must that we should keep our working environment clean at all times, my boss does not like our tables to be messy because he believes that if one's office table is messy that means one thing that he does not do his job well coz being organized means organized in his/her work too. Keeping my table form those scratch papers is really so hard especially if you have lots of things to do everyday, so what i normally do i always have stick note and clips and before i start my day I take note on the things i should do from the very important to the least important tasks and followed it accordingly. Well you should have strategies in mind to have a SUPER office supply at work. At least this will make u organized and makes your job handy at all times.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

India's Entertainment World

Just like here in our country everyone of us is curious of the lives and updates of the people in the entertainment world, some may even browse for their twitter, face book and other social media account of these celebrities, in fact i am also one of them especially if i really have a star whom i am an avid fan of,i like to browse their twitter and look for updates and much more. Maybe because we are just human capable of admiring other people who we think are worth of our time and admiration. Well, India has also same share of their limelight, they have their own showbiz world which makes of course their country worth visiting for. THis is the first time i visited this site of "BOOPATH'S WORLD" a site which gives glamors to the world of entertainment in India.

Latest Tech Gadgets

Are u in search of the latest and affordable gadgets online? well i guess i can be of help to your dilemma, ive found a site where you can buy affordable and durable gadgets plus its not only that you may have access on his latest tips and tricks on blogging and to find useful advice how to Earn money online . Isnt that a great deal? Its really a must see site and lately ive seen variety of sports men watch which i find very cute and fashionable made up of leather band but its not only watches that u can find here including books, jewelry and lots of apparel for men and women. Well its up to u to discover, visit the site now.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Digital Resources

Internet Savvy is the modern hobby of a person who spends most of her time doing online errands and rely much on internet on anything that she do, she does shopping on the net, does her bank transactions, pay her bills, date online and even much more. That's how we are today, we are very much dependent on the net and even earn online here. Fortunately, its not only the basic household tasks that we can do conveniently on the net, even reading our favorite books, theres what we called and e-books, its an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a personal computer or hand-held device designed specifically for this purpose. E-books are usually read on dedicated devices. Personal computers and some cell phones can also be used to read e-books. You're amaze right? But you'll be more amazed because i also find a site where you can get your favorite books and other digital resources.Its called Its your ebooks and online resource site. So now you know.

Domestic Violence

I talked to a friend just an hour ago and she told me about a neighbor of hers who is a victim of domestic violence but decided just to keep mum on about on it. According to her, she still believes that her husband will change eventually and that its just normal and its just part of a bumps on married life. I began to think if being a battered wife is also normal? is it? does that mean once you commit your self to the man legally, it also gives him the right to punch you as often as he likes, does that mean too that once your married it also follows of submitting your human rights to the one person you think who loves you completely. If that is the case, then eventually married life will turn out to be hell and i pity those women who becomes helpless because of the bind between them. What shall we do if in case we became a victim of domestic violence? Once you are punched by your husband every single day? are u going to report that to the authority and have him in jail? What about your children? What about your family's reputations? its at stake instantly, of course you don't want to offer a broke family to your children, of course you want to offer a picture of a great family with you and your husband with your children, but how about us> how about our feelings? Are we willing to sacrifice these abuses for the sake of your loved ones, Its so hard to decide on these things, that is why i understand why a lot of women who are victims of domestic violence who just keep mum and swallowed the punches of the man who once they believes as their knight in shining armor, and for once they believe as the person who will protect them - protect her. But now, its turned out that the person who will harm her and put her in danger. I wish, i really wish men could be more compassionate and understanding.

Happy in Mylot

I am so blessed in mylot, there are pouring of opps and in just a week of being a member in them, i already meet the minimum payout and hopefully by next month i can received payment from them already, i also enjoyed participating in all their discussions and i learned a lot from my other friends and mylotters. Anyway guys, if you are interested in joining this network, click this link.

Monday, July 5, 2010


In the advent of the new technology, its not just internet that has fast phase of innovations, also in the business community and maybe other industry as well, thats why company's created different marketing strategies and plan for a wider market and other marketing solutions. Speaking of marketing solutions, do you know that JOE'S CORNER offer a different specialty in business,financial services , which is really very helpful to address changes and other marketing needs for you to be more competitive and updated in the market. Tips and tricks and other useful information are available on his site.

E-Business Gems

Are you looking for an online digital resource site? well worry no more cause i found a site that will answer your need for e-books, and other e resources. Visit for more details and other queries.

"Premium Resources for your E-Business Success"

Happy MOnday

Hows your Monday guys?i hope u are all doing fine, about me, i am so great. and yesterday i attended the mass and i feel so relieved, i mean its some kind of spiritual nourishment too. I missed my blogger friends here and i do hope i could be at your doorsteps for a blog hopping which i will be doing shortly, i do hope i could be done doing so to all of my friends. Anyway, happy Monday guys!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

How About Cashium?

Guys, here i am again on my litany of PTC sites, apology for being so hooked nowadays for these PTC sites but i really loved to share with u guys how fantastic and awesome these sites are. recently i discovered about CASHIUM - Its another PTC sites which pays you $0.008 for every ads visited. Its fun to be their member coz u have instant payment and great sites too.

Exciting and Fun

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Before i always thought that earning online maybe impossible or maybe you could possibly earn if you have a blog or website that has higher pagerank but now i bet i was really so wrong. Coz earning online is really that easy one you know the strategy. Yes i made money from the pay perpost sites that i joined but recently my attention as hooked differently, i became interested with payperclick sites, though some though and had some misconceptions that they just earned penny from these sites but now i bet them wrong. Soon im going to post my proof of payment of how these payperclick sites makes you a great earner.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Love YOu Too

Hehehhe, i really cant help but smile, when magicmercury leaved me message about his review on my site. I am overwhelmed about those flowery stuff. But i am thankful, really appreciate it. To you dear, i am very willing to help u in any way and hope this will paved the way for a great friendship.

Check out his review guys about my site:

"Pretty in PInk is the recent website which captivated my thoughts and mood. I like the author vey much because she doesn't boast herself by saying everything postively. I like the way which mentioned that she is unperfect at times. I love you katty, I like people who are open with their mind. moody, sensitive and selfish are the characters which attracted me more. You are really an angel in a fairy tale with pink stuffs around in you. I am attached with you in love and would like to hear more from you. Though you live in philippines we are connected with each other through this large network which bound our feelings. I beleive my love and affection grows will remain unchange as you sowed the seed in my heart. I Liked your tatoo which is placed at your back, it really captivated my mood of sex. I would like to see your handsome face. Hope we can make income through this internet by sharing more of our ideas and get in touch with each other for ever."

GReat Way To Earn

Have you heard about mylot? I guess most of you do, but some i guess its their first time to hear about the site. The site is actually a discussion site, but the great thing you will be rewarded just by participating and not only that they have available tasks too. I feel awesome with the site coz last monday i have 4 available tasks worth $5 each and i really want to take them all unfortunately it took me about an hour to complete my first task and when i refresh the site the other tasks were already expired but really thankful coz though some tasks are just worth cents but its really worth. I am really recommending this site to all of u guys, just participate with the discussion and that's it, having fun while earning!