Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is my day. Stressed, overfatigued, confused and you can add on all negative stuff. Early morning i managed to go to our plant to check problems on our chicken, i have to personally visit the plant and do some observation as to why some chicken end up to be in bad condition, it took me like 3 hours there, afterwhich i went back to the office to do my reportings, and my boss was there so we end up having our weekly meetings. I couldnt breath of the stressed and pressured my work is giving me, and by tomorrow i have to be on my out of town trips for the rotesserie updates, by the way last night, i had a meeting with the crew and were done on like 12:00 midnight. This is how to be in a private firm, this is it, but the good thing is, the company is pro employee, they gave us monetary incentives for every hard work earned. Hopefully the collective effort we have to slowly gain the number one slot in all poultry integrator firm will be materialized soon, anyhow i am always proud to be part of the team.


My patience is out of chaos, i might suffer from high blood because of this bull****., Despite repeated follow -ups to retrieved my NDD calss, Globelines doesnt act on it, they really have poor customer service. The incovenience that they're bring to me is really beyond negotiable, Just imagined, our October billing which is supposed to be due this 27, gave us really a big problem amounting to 7k plus, they've cut our NDD calls even thus its not yet due dat, and they have adviced us to settle even half of the due amount prior to its due date, At first, i was really so hesitant to do that cause i said its very unlawful and it was really so unfair, we actually dont have problems settling for the account provided they will bill us the amount, with proper attachments of course, but then it didnt came out that way, But since i dont have choice at all, i settled half of the amount even if they did not gave us billing yet, just to bring back my NDD service, but then after i settled it, My NDD calls is still barred. This morning, i talked to their manager and i demanded that in whatever means, i need my NDD calls badly, I dont know what will happen next, but one thing i realized..they cant be trusted and customer satisfaction is not guaranteed.