Friday, April 27, 2012

Mountains of Tasks

As of Yesterday. i still have few tasks on queue unfortunately ive had pending tasks to do in some sites. I wish i could do them all but simply my mind has its own terms and conditions. I could do review like two to three and the most five. But doing them all, is impossible for me unless you want a half baked output. I will be reserving them this coming weekend. Hopefully no more tasks assigned. Im all set and i have articles to do too so i have to prioritize my online endeavors.

Plus, i am expanding my online platforms. I hire someone to overhaul something coz i will be monetizing my social media account. I hear from a good friend that they are doing great in this platform and thanks to an online friend who mentors me on everything. So, aside form my article writing, blogging. I will be all set for a new online endeavor. I hope i could balance my time...

My Starch of Choice

If I were to choose between a bread or a rice, I would most likely choose the latter. More than the fact that it is our staple food, I dont want to trade the nutritional value I get from it than from eating bread alone. But some natives, can satisfy their stomach just through eating rice. I certainly can't. 

 Anyway, whenever I feel very bloated and I want to just skip the usual rice meal, then I'll go to oats. A lot of my friends eat this as substitute for rice and they even make palatable recipes out of it. As for me, I just buy the instant oatmeal, which comes in fantastic flavors and its indeed pleasing to many tastes. It's supposed to make your diet work, I sure hope so. 

 Getting back to rice, have you tried putting in add on granules when cooking for one. Our neighbour cooked their rice with this small granule added while it was boiling. It just added an amazing smell and the rice became so tasty! It's normal to just cook rice the typical way everyone does. Just add minimal water and allow it to boil, then when it's all cooked, you just need to serve it. But now, there are rice flavor cubes that you can use to achieve a different taste in your rice. So, have you ever tried that? I haven't cooked or used it yet but I am looking forward to using it and serving a special rice dish. 

 So folks, if you just want to skip those mundane rice meals, then maybe you could just experiment with this type of thing for a good tasty rice. In any case, a staple food can never be changed but ultimately we can improve on it depending on how we want it to be served and how we can make our family stay at the table longer than they use to.