Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things That Makes Me Happy (BC Bloggers Meme)

Its nice to see the all out smile of our friends and family members. As they say, its contagious, do you agree? I realized its true. One time i was really feeling sad and the feeling that something is wrong yet you dont know what it is but all of a sudden you met a friend and when you see the glow on her face and the smile that you've been wanting to have since the sun shines, it made you realize that its priceless. Yes, a smile is priceless and the only thing to do in this world that's FREE.

Anyway, i just check out my mail and suddenly i have the urge to join our BC blogger meme for the week. I am supposed to do some sponsored posts but then it can wait, so without much ado, here we go.

Here are the things that makes me happy:

1. When i woke up with a happy mood..
2. a shopping spree (especially if its from my partner and unexpected)
3. teasing moments with my man
4. dinner with the rest of the family members especially the "how was your day time"
5. pay day (i so love it - mood shifters) heheh
6. bonding with friends
7. ice cream time with my sister
8. picking up the grocery ( i so love this..hehe)
9. New blouse, shoes, bags and accessories
10. good health for my family
11. travel outside of our place french fries and popcorn when at the midst of movie marathon
13. surprise gifts (especially one from my honey)
14. freebies from blogging
15. chitchatting with close buddy
16. approved posts
17. desserts and sweets
18. parents
19. dreams and goals
20. plans
21. honey's call ( the good morning and goodnight routine)
21. sweet stuff from my man

I have so much to add on but then i might run out of space.Anyway, i hope to check out some posts from the members. Have a great day!

P.S: You can join our group too, CLICK HERE