Thursday, January 24, 2008


Too late for a second chance, finally ive closed the chapter of my life, those pages that i have him, primarily because hes not worth remembering...he gave me bad memories which i regret that i allow it.
meting my man was the happiest times of my life, he made me believe that i was worth of a diamond and he made me realized that my past was just a stone, he was everywhere. its hard to recall painful memories, as much as i wouldnt want to allow him to come into my senses, still i am still thinking over and over again how in this world i allow him to hurt me,i am showered now with love and care, that is why it preety amazing and sa hoard to recall painful times with the person you loved that much.
if i could just bring back the times, i would still want to met him and fall in love and get hurt but i dont want to keep him anymore...coz i know i would met my man who will love me and take good care of me.