Saturday, November 12, 2011

Apple Trees at my Garden

My dream house is just an average house with a garden and a huge lawn. I am a home buddy person so i want my nest area to be something that would give me a positive ambiance. I love to have a garden too because i love being sorrounded by flowers and of course i would love to pick my fruits and vegetables at the backyard. When i accompany a friend to their home. I was amazed at their house. It was just made of a simple bamboo tree but they have beautiful flowering plants on their front and a garden at their backyard, She told me that they dont go to the market to get some vegetables because they have their own garden which has complete assortments of basic vegetables.

If my budget permits, i would love to have bamboo plants at my backyard because they give shades to the entire area. I love to sit down and relaz under a large shaded trees because the air is kinda refreshing. I dream to have a variety of fruit trees in my backyard especially some apple trees. I love eating apple guys so it really make sense on me having them at the other side of the house. Oh well, im getting so serious on here. When can i have this dream house? Hopefully soon.

On Medical Bed

Did i tell you guys that we were at the hospital last night because my aunt needs an utmost medical attention? She had been staying at the house for a week because we decided to give her comfort and care. For few days, we observed that she doesnt want to eat her meal despite the fact that we want her to choose what food to eat and whatever she wants. The other day, i bought a banana flavored oatmeal and when i tasted it, i find the food really palatable however when my aunt tasted it, she rejected the oats and she opt not to finish the entire serving. I was kinda frustrated as to best care her when she cant even taste her food. Yesterday, she asked me if i could bring her to the doctor. Since mom and my other siblings were attending the wedding, i told her to wait for awhile coz im going to contact an ambulance. So far, we were able to bring her to the nearest hospital and she was given the quickest medical attention. She underwent few laboratory tests including a test on her urine, blood and lungs.

Afterwhich, she was detained at the emergency room section for observation. While waiting for the doctors advice, i noticed the hospital's medical bed at its obsolete condition, Some were old and rusty while the rest a little bit damaged. Nonetheless, i saw some rooms which was under construction and in fact i was glad to see some motorized wheelchairfor free usage in case a patient needs it. While looking for their pharmacy section to buy some diapers for adults, i noticed an old man which was rushed to the emergency room for some reasons. I feel pity of the man's condition and i really cant help being emotional. I cry while the doctor is giving him an oxygen and doing something to restore his breathing. At the end, he didnt survived the procedure despite the team's effort of restoring his breath. The night ended with a tired and exhausted me.

Nanay's Birthday

Today is the birthday of my mom and luckily i was able to give her a birthday bash. Its not a secret that ive been spending left and right expenses this week but it didnt stop us from giving her a small birthday party. I again hosted another party and although i am a but tired with everything that we are going through, with my man's help we were able to give her a small present. I wish i can share with you guys my mom's cake that i ordered awhile ago. Its chocolate supreme and i love how it was personalised for us.

On the other end, i shop again and i am going crazy coz i know i have to put some limitations in my shopping habit. But guys, if you just saw my receny buy you will surely feed your eyes with extreme envy. I bought a nice blouse, a red stunning footwear and an elite bag. I said to myself that i will pamper myself till i drop and i did. I promise not to shop next week until the end of this month. I figure out i need an extra cabinet for all my stuff.