Monday, April 14, 2008

happy monday

happy monday bloggers, im back, at last and i will have lot of updates,,hehehe
it was really a rainy day in my place and i travelled at around 4 am in the morning
with a heavy rain, it was also a total block out that is why i really had hard time looking
for a ride..i wanted to take a leave but i am so worried that i cannot finish my reports.
but i am now here, always go kicking,,hehehe
see yah.......have a blessed day

public administration: is it vital?

I was on my way home when i met my former classmate, he was also on his way to my alma mater since he has a class, i actually asked about the latest news on my former college home and he told about the dilemma theyre facing now,

I actually graduated with a degree in bachelor of science in public administration, major in financial management, to those are not familiar with that field, its actually a baccaleurrate degree whose field revolves around management in government. it's subject matter is more on government and its bureaucracy. it is a good field to take since it really focusses on the nature and studies the very thing about our government,sadly the course is not the well-recognized in the region, and most students are hesitant to take the course.

heres a birds eye view of the school:

The Leyte School of Professionals (LSP) is non-profit educational institution, a duly accredited college by the Commission On Higher Education, which was organized to promote and up hold the following:

Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility
The preparation, training and development of professionals in the Visayas;
Maintenance and enhancement of high professional standards;
Advancement of the high ideals of professionalism based on high moral spiritual grounds;
Promotion of nationalism and loyalty to God, Country and Family.

LSP is wholly owned and operated by the PROFESSIONALS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION OF THE VISAYAS, INC, (PEFVI) the mother non profit foundation of LSP, which was established, organized and incorporated in October, 2001 for the purpose of developing high standards of service, training and education of professionals in the Visayas. PEFVI is the non profit educational and professional training institution which academic arm is the Leyte School of Professionals (LSP).
If you wish to know more about the school and the courses it offers, you can log on to