Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Didnt Knew How to Be Loved Until I Found You

There's so much things i want to thank God of, for the gift of wonderful life and for the ever colorful lovestory he has given to me. It's only now i realized the purpose of HIS plans on me. I never realized that before until the man came. Recently, i am really falling so hard and i wanna shout the world that i have finally found the one. Indeed, i have reason to cause for a celebration. An unbelievable life i have so far: the accomplishments, the many blessings, and, yes, even the hardships because they have served to make me stronger. Just as a gem cannot be polished without friction, nor can a life be perfected without trials. Its time to acknowledge life and to praise myself for surpassing all the trials that came....

I cant wait to meet him at the airport and spend the rest of the days with him. He is super sweet this days and i really cant help missing him terribly. To my honey, i am always grateful with the day you asked for my number. I am thankful for an answered prayer, having a man that completes me is so much blessing in my life. Having you really changed everything. You became a friend when i needed someone to talk to, you became a companion when those times nobody walks with me and lastly you are and you're always be a partner like you do always. Most of the time, you think first of my welfare before putting yours, you care for the people i loved and most of all you treat everyone dear to me as like yours. I cant thank you enough for everything that you do but i wish the day came that i could prove to you how much im worth of your love and trust. I love you so much honey.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Unlimited Way of Using Your Mobile

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

These days where prices are skyrocketing theres no ultimate means of saving up than to avail of services or products that gives you a better service yet you save up few bucks for the same service as others. Lets talk about your mobile bills, are you satisfied with your mobile service or do you rant most of the time because of the hidden charges and poor service? Wherever your situation is, i guess its time to lend a good ear about Straight talk. They offer unlimited monthly service for only $45 and that includes calls, text, messaging and even internet surfing, where else could you get such amazing offer?

Just imagine how much you can save if you avail of their service. If you are paying few hundred bucks for your monthly bills then if you switch to Straight Talk then you cold save few bucks and for that you could treat yourself for a spa or maybe save up for a gadget, right? Let me give you some other features of Straight Talk:

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Enticing package, right? Whether you want to call a friend or just want to talk all night to your boyfriend. Straight Talk is everything you need. Well, i got this news from my mom and as they say mom knows best.

Anyway, if you want further information then check out the video below:

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Loving the Holiday

As ive said it, two days holiday to commemorate the National Heroes day and Ramadan, respectively. I saw children enjoying the extended weekend and of course i cant deny it - me too. Only that i noticed a super hot weather. I really cant help but complain, i love to stay outside but i dont have that friends where i can hang out and chitchat. On the other end, my hubby as always brightens my day. I texted him last night that he is super busy already and he forgot me and all of a sudden he hurriedly called up because he thought i was mad, which im not. Just simply trying to test him if im important (hahahha, girls normally want assurance, right?) To make the story short, he apologize for having less time for me unlike before where we could monitor each other even hourly. Well to my surprise, he called up early this morning to greet me. He is simply my man, i love you honey and i will always fight for you and for the relationship, thats a promise. Happy to have you in my life.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fun Sunday Updates

A neighbor invited us for a lunch at their house because of family occassion so we had a great time catching up with each other today. Since my other sibling is still at the city so i tag my nephew to go with me. It was a fantastic lunch indeed. But before i head on to their house, i texted first my partner letting him know that im outside, im lazy of bringing my phone so i guess he would just sleep early today. After the sumptous treat, i decided to go back home because i need to fix first some paid reviews that were returned for some added insertion. Gladly, i finished it on time and resubmit it.

Anyway, we have two days break because of the holiday. Im so excited staying at home and sleeping. This is my favorite hobby (hehehe). Im just happy with everything that i accomplished this year and it feels great having been showered with countless blessings. Did i tell you that im working on a site now, its exciting and earning online is quite easy. I am trying again to experiment hoping that ill learn the best technique. Its such a blessing having the passion to discover and try some new things. If i could possible get a positive end on this endeavor, i will surely share it again here. I read from blogger friends that they are paid few hundred in a month and if i can do that, surely its going to be a great blogging journey.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are you in Need of a Designer Sunglasses?

Your attention was probably caught by the title, right? If so, then you are indeed looking for a designer sunglasses that is trendy, fashionable and of course an eyewear that is a head turner. I realized every girl wants to wear a designer sunglasses not only because of its impact as top caliber eye wear but moreso because this kind of sunglasses are durable and is made of top quality materials. If you can observed too most of the celebrities choose to wear branded eyewear because it simply offers a unique comfortability that no other brand can offer. Well, it came also to a point where i badly need a sunglasses in replacement of my old eyewear that was lost when i was on travel. Because the place was not that urbanized, i had difficulty looking for a great buy. Since i was used of wearing sun protection wear, it was understandable that my eyes were not comfortable being barely naked amidst the glowing sunlight. Im just thankful that i saw a botique that has few stocks of sunglasses. While i was browsing for a nice pick, i asked the owner about her stocks and there she gave me few tips. She said that Zephyr offers the best eyewear and the latest and greatest designer sunglasses. When i got home, i had the chance to do some quick research about the store and heres what ive got.

Zephyr was founded in 2003 and they offer the best of designer sunglasses at its affordable price offering. They also offer free shipping for orders over $25. They have huge selection of fashionable to sporty sunglasses like hoven and spy electric. If you are scouting for spy sunglasses or suncloud sunglasses then why buy elesewhere. Zephyr is your perfect choice. With over 1500 sunglasses on hand, im sure you will have a daunting time choosing for the perfect and trendy eye protection wear. Apart from that, at Zephyr you can assure that your warranty works best. They also have fantastic customer service that will get unto you the soonest.

If you worry about immitation or cheap knockoffs then its high time you try at Zephyr. The store is known for its commitment in valuing customer satisfaction. Also, they always have stocks on hand so you need not to worry of out of stocks reasoning. I believe online stores are sprouting so fast these days but like you, i always choose the best store that offers huge assortment, discounted prices and of course a site who delivers honest and authentic products. With my recent discovery, i dont need to look anywhere else, i hope you too.

Browse at Book Summaries

The impact of a modernized world simply put a mark to the word "impossible". Yes because everything is possible now from the communication media to the simple tools we just aim so far in the past. For instance, when we were a bit younger we normally go to the library just to get some valuable inputs or any research stuff that we need but look at how present day students do their homework and research works. Its only by mere clicking and copy pasting.What an amazing innovation, right?

To give you a further note to that, aside from there mere reading or researching using the web. You can also take advantage of reading online resources at its summarized form. How can you do that? Well, there is the so called book summaries portal that delivers ready to grasp summarized books with professional and editorial background. This is simply helpful especially to business owners who wants to save countless hours of reading and browsing. You can expand your business knowledge too through executive book summaries. And you dont need to worry of its output because they are tap from the world's expert in knowledge.

Now you can cut down expensive seminars and trainings. Just subscribe on executive book summaries and enjoy reading at the comfort of your home.

Working Saturday

Saturday for me means a rest day. I always want to stay in my bed and rest. I mean i knew how much ive been so hardworking every week to the point that i have to balance everything just to meet my online work requirements and so as my regular work. To people who are working may somehow agree with me at some point. But of course, i wouldnt complain doing online jobs on Saturday if it means an augment to my paypal account. Gladly, i have few works to finished this day and i am simply overwhelmed for all the blessings. Yesterday, i made about 12 product reviews and yes it really gives me a headache but i simply have no choice because its the only way i will be pampered materially. Now its my blog's turn. I have still few tasks that need my attention and i dont want to just keep them idle in my dashboard. I also received notification of some assigned tasks for me and its really a great feeling knowing that they trust you. To the day i discovered doing a blog then i am simply indebted.

Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer

I personally know a friend who is now based in Hawaii. He would oftentimes share how the place offers a serene ambiance and is ideal for honeymooners. But like any other place, Hawaii can also gives you a traumatic experience especially if any of your loved ones encounter a car accidents. The latter is one of the most painful experience a family could experience not to mention the hospitalization expense and the trauma that a patient could possibly have. Well, if you will encounter such dont every freak out coz ive known a Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer who can take good care care of your claims and other insurance matters. A victim deserves a right compensation for what had happened and dont ever just settle with a lawyer you barely know.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Search Tool @ Ebay

Do you love online shopping? Well, i am not an exemption too. In fact, i usually check hot items online and normally i shop at eBay. The site is known for being safe and where online shoppers flocked. When i visit the site, i normally search for fashionable items and bid with it. Gladly, i found out recently about this search tool http://www.WatchCount.com/bids.php?zero. Its actually a No-Bid Auctions Ending Soon tool. Its helpful especially if you are trying to scout for undervalued items. Try out this search tool next time you visit the site.

I knew it....

Wooot...I knew its my lucky day. I grab 10 tasks and has in queue for sponsored reviews. Its an amazing day. I am loaded with online blessings and the week is over productive. Just in time coz i will be celebrating my birthday and God is so good to me for giving me all the wonderful gifts he had showered me. I'm really just asking for a good health so that i could have all the energy to finish all these stuff. Have a great day like i have.Smile

Celebrate Life

Each one of us has own reason why we love our life. I do have my fair share too but i don't want to open up first coz i don't want to give false hope to myself. But one thing is TRUE, he makes my life complete. (wink). Anyway, the start of my day was fantastic. I just couldn't help but share my positive vibes. My hubby woke me up and it just completes my day. His little sweet thoughts really amazed me. I hope he will continue to be one. We don't have wealth to brag so i will just content myself with his sms and sweet stuff. Anyway, for a background of my only love, he is just a utility man. He just rents his room. That's why he really works so hard so that when he moved in here, we can at least share a little food. I realized its not richness nor money that keeps us together. Its our own struggle to keep the flame burning. Stay in love guys.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fantastic Cuisines @ Amsterdam Restaurants

What do you usually look for when you are novice to a place? Do you search for architectural buffs like palaces or museums? Or are your the nature lover type and go for serene places like great beaches? Whichever do you prefer, every tourist attraction in a place is a must see for a person who want to explore the city. As they say, you can fully enjoy your trip if you will indulge yourself in an activities where you can deeply explore the place heritage.

Indeed, travelling gives you a lot of refreshing thoughts. It also gives you a different moods that will surely give you balance and positive outlook in life. A lot of people i knew prefer to travel in Europe. The latter is a fantastic vacation destination. Do you agree? Aside from the extravagant and luxurious hotels to look forward to in those marvelous cities. One thing you should be dying to see is the art in Amsterdam. They are renowned internationally for being the home of great pieces of art including their respective industrial design and their fantastic urban planning. You should also not miss to try eating at amsterdam restaurants. They offer a gamut of cuisines that you will surely fantasize when you go home. Could you resist the tempting Dutch pancake? Absolutely not.

So for your next visit at Amsterdam. Don't you dare missed the chance of checking out art Amsterdam . It would surely gives you an exhilarating vacation experience.

A Voice Service for Online Games

Certainly, most youngsters today are hooked on video games. In fact, most of them just skipped classes in order to play their favorite online games. I have nephews who are hooked on online gaming. They opt to stay at home or stay at their friends house just to play their games. There are a plethora of consoles to choose from if your son wants to try online gaming. You can check out PSP or just the typical PC. Well, the good news, there is the so called voice service which allows you to communicate with other gamer. For that note, i highly recommend you to try Ventrilo Servers. It offers instant account activation, superior sound quality, lifetime memberships and other enticing privileges. So for your son's gaming needs, try this voice server.

Loving Paris Hilton Scent

I love wearing the Paris Hilton scent now. Its sweet yet its not as strong as my other perfumes. I was used with my Versace scent but then i decided to change my daily wear. I ordered this Paris Hilton scent the other week and I'm glad i did. Im enjoying every spray of it. It also lasts even at night. I normally just spray few times in my dress and behind my ear and whenever i lay at my bed, i still can smell its great scent. Try it girls and feel in love with it everyday.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is there a Hope for Breast Cancer Patient?

Cancer is a word one doesnt want to hear either. In fact, if you will ask a patient what is deadliest disease in this world. Im sure this illness is on top of the list. Although, there are case studies and researches every now and then to finally evolve with the cure but the sad news up until now, there is still no medication for any cancer disease. What is available today are injectables that will just lessen its effects to the body. Sadly, cancer has penetrated the entire world. It already kills milions of lives regardless of the social status. As a woman, i often wondered if im doing a healthy lifestyle because i also fear for my life and for possible affection of this disease on my body. They say that breast cancer is the ultimate killer for woman. I have personal encounters where their respective breasts were taken away just to get rid of possible spread of bacteria in the body. The chemotherapy is a very stressful process, aside from the fact that its very costly, the effect to the patient is also very risky. The first time i saw a friend who is now bald because of this medical procedure, i was teary-eyed because i cant help but feel pity to her. But of course, for a family who hope for survival, its not important how does it cost or how long does it takes. the only light that gives them the reason to smile is their hope that one day, their loved one will recover and picked up those little pieces that has once broke the hope and faith in them.

User Generated Videos

If theres one place i want to visit, its probably Russia. I heard few praises and good words about the place. I heard of fantastic cruises, i am fantasizing on enjoying a countryside music at Moscow and of course i dream to step my feet at Saint Petersberg. I am not either novice in travelling although most of them are local trips but in any case theres always a feeling of excitement whenever you plan for an escapade or a vacation at a place you knew ill give memorable happenings in your life.

Russia's tourism is indeed blooming. You can read testimonials of tourists promising for a second trip to the place. The country as they say is not only rich in cultural heritage but is a home of world class musems and palaces. As with the Russians, they are accommodating and truly a fantastic people. So much about tourism, let me tell you about a friend who is asking me about voyeurs. He says that he prefers seeing family voyeur because he loves the shots and all the thrills out there. He is asking me if where he could find videos or gallery that has those concepts or maybe a beach voyeur, if i can find one. Of course, i understand this friend of mine as to why he choose to see user generated contents. Its not only because he finds it more realistic but because this kind of videos give added pleasure and entertainment.

Galleries on voyeur pictures is indeed a sensational must see stuff for boys. It is very clear that it gives so much heart pounding effect to them. Unlike other sites, these kind of video scenes are operator shots that will surely gives a different viewing experience. So for guys out there, watch out for voyeur galleries to give you a superb entertainment.


I hate to go to the city but because i was not able to get money from the our place, i have no choice but to visit my bank. Good thing i did coz we met with an old friend and bond at the mall while we are reminscing great days. I super need a massage or a spa but i knew i still have few things to prioritize. Ive spending too much lately and i knew i made a hole in my hubby's pocket already. He is not complaining but i dont want him to think of other things coz in the very first place, we are attached with each other not for anything else but because of love and trust. Also, i am not dependent on him because i have a work and i have other earnings too. Although, he always make it a point to send every week for some unexpected expenses but really i dont know how to manage my finances. I spend left and right as if theres no tomorrow. Its one thing that i want to work out because he does not just pick the money on the street. He works so hard and i can attest how he choose to stay in wee hours so that he will be prepared when he moved in. Just a few months ago, he lets me talk to the lawyer he hired at Cebu and fix the other matters he indulge in including the girl he is helping out there. The feeling is great especially the day i met them. She was very approachable and the kid is also as bubbly as her mother. I realize that i am blessed to be the woman behind the generous man. For now, i simply cant thank God enough for making my life a great journey.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whats the Perfect Gift?

I am now in a look out as to what gift i could give to my only love. He will be celebrating his birthday this coming 4th of September while yours truly will have my birthday on the 16th. He doesn't wants me to buy anything and i cant help it. But i have a perfect idea that would surely melt his heart. I hope it works. My honey had been very good to me and i just want to return the favor. Just this week he pampered me with few stuff that i really love so much. I missed him terribly when we cant spoke to each other in a day. I mean he became a wristwatch in my life. I would knew if he has been out of work because he will immediately called up and at night i cant sleep if i cant receive his call. He has been driving me crazy these days and i really love the feeling of being with someone who has valued you so much.

On the other end, i have so many in-lined tasks to do today. Hopefully, i could finish it all. Well, have a great day guys. Do take care always.

Monday, August 22, 2011

For Athletic Super Geeks

Its not anymore surprising if we can see new gadgets at the market with incredible and impressive features. I mean the advancement of new technology makes all things possible. I remember a decade ago, we will just hire photographers so capture some special moments. These photographers would normally wait outside of the venue ready to give service to whoever will hire them. Normally their rate are quite high because they will take advantage of the urgency of the need. For an ordinary layman, having a camera is far from being a priority. But things changed certainly, nowadays you could see portable and high caliber digital cameras at the hand of someone especially at vacation spots. Owning for one seems to be a need than of a mere luxury. Needless to say, a camera became one of the must have stuff of todays.

Speaking of camera, did you know that the industry has a variety of fantastic, customized and futuristic digital cameras that will surely gives you a wonderful experience. There are cameras that are loaded with a dozen of features. From the capturing, storing and some has even features of direct printing. Thats how amazing the industry is. Thus, despite the sprouting of a random models of camera brands it always pays to stick with a brand trusted by many. Brands credibility says something else. Anyway, if you're camera need is just for mere capturing then you have an array of choice, in fact your choices are countless. You can just choose as to what certain features you like to have and the market has all the models stored for you. But for athletic folks who is looking for a sports camera, then theres only one model best for you. I highly recommend you to search for HD Gopro. They have a huge selection of fantastic sports camera that are for professional use. Go Pro Camera has futuristic features that a sports enthusiasts will surely be amazed of. They have a huge line of wearable cameras as its competitive price. YOu dont need to settle with those locally marketed sports camera that promise you of a great capture. With Hero Go Pro, its not just promises. It's a camera that is in service.

The good thing about the brand, its developers consist of the brightest minds in the industry. When i say brightest minds, i dont mean of genius scientest rather i am talking of people who are passionate on outdoor sports, racing and other sports. With this, it just means one thing - this is a product that answers the needs of a sports enthusiasts. I doubt it if you will not fall in love with this sports camera. Incredibly great! what one normally utters as they take their first glimpse. Well, you could just head on to their official online portal to be assured of an authentic one. Remember, only buy authentic products.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Perfect Money Bond


When we go to banks we could normally see how those bundles of money is bond with rubber bands or money clip. While some financial institutions used a small paper with a corresponding logo on it. Its indeed helpful if the money is clipped with a stylish sheet or with something that will make it pleasing to the eyes. I mean of it being clean, safe and properly organized. Money clips are indeed essential so i urge you to get a Rollknot for money clipping purposes. This kind of money clip is perfect for people who are fond of playing poker and is useful at casinos. Bar staff, waiters and other gaming institutions should have this kind of money bond too. You can choose a variety of designs and colors. For orders and further inquiries, you can just head on to their FaceBook account.

A Spoiler

...thats my hubby. Just went home after a tiring shopaholic day. Indeed, i was pleased to get the things that satisfy my eyes. Maybe if money is no object then i think i can shop the entire mall. Well, woman has always the passion for clothes and shoes, right? Also, having financial freedom lets you enjoy the things you want to do. I am just thankful i have a hubby who is super supportive. Thank you hon for tolerating me. (wink). Tomorrow is a start of a busy week again. Sometimes i get tired of going to work but i knew i should never tolerate those lazy butt. Need to be super hardworking. On the other end, my other boss from the writers circle needs my vacant schedule. We will have a video conference together with the rest of the guys, we have a new project coming and i hope i could really have enough time and energy to attend to all my schedules ad work matters. Im already sleepy after few hours of walking and malling but i will wait first my hubby's call. Well, good night guys.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Sneak Peek @ Mylot Payment

This is a sneak peek at my favorite site. Yes guys, i love mylot because they gave me big bucks every month for just simply logging in. The site pays you for just participating at some discussions and searching at their engine tabs. It took a while before i finally knew the secret in earning big bucks at this site but after few months of experiementing, i finally had idea how i can attain a simple $500 in just a month. Sometimes, i am just so too tired of doing the usual stuff but whenever i am in the mood, i always do the things that will augment my paypal account. I taught my friend the simple trick and she has no blog yet she is earning as close as 300 dollars a month. What im trying to say is that, there is always a site that best work for you and for another person. Im just thankful that i've been a member of mylot. For people who is not yet a member of the site then i urge you to isgn up with me. Sign up for Free now. I have compiled my other mylot earnings way back before and you can just take a look at them here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Project Management Software That is Perfect for Your Needs

Being a project manager is a daunting task, not to mention your workload and work pressure that you are encountering every single day. There is no instance where you will be free with worries and project updates. In all sense, one must be very meticulous in nature to be able to competitively surpass the challenges of a workplace. Anyway, doing a project management may become simpler and convenient for you if you will use a software based tool. What do i mean by that? In the era of technological advancement, everything is possible, meaning you can purchase a tool that will address your management work. An example of a software tool for project management is Ace Project. Its performance is incredibly great compared to other web applications.

AceProject - Project Management
Ace Project helps you manage several project management aspects like tracking your expenses, HR management, collaboration, document management and other stuff that a project manager deals on everyday. This software is develop to answer your needs and worries that's why the its user friendly and requires little technical details. The good news, the application can also be branded, meaning you can customize it and put your own company logo. Don't worry about the price, because we value your needs so we make sure that you can afford this software and enjoy it to the fullest.I believe you are convince or maybe enticed in grabbing your own, right? Then why hesitate, don't take your headache a little longer.

You can create a free account here..Sign UP For Free Here
For further queries then visit the site the soonest.

In Need of UK Hosting Service?

I agree with some people who choose their hosting firm from their own locality. I mean it is always safe to know that your hosting provider lives in the same continent as you do because as most people say, they always understand what you need and thinks the way you perceive things. If you are living in UK or any country from that continent then maybe its better for you to avail of UK hosting. I know of a company who offers superb service and offers the perfect hosting requirements for UK market. If you are interested then head on to Webhostingbuzz.uk and check out which package best suits your needs. As of the moment they service over 30,000 clients and 100,000 websites since they began their operation in 2002. After almost a decade of being in the industry, they earn the reputable name they are enjoying.

Yawning Friday

Its been awhile since i do some quick post or share something. I knew ive been so loaded with few things to attend to but of course i dont want to feed my readers with pure paid posts. Nah, I always want to share some personal stuff. Anyway, im still sleepy because i took a med which has drowsy effect. I forgot to tell at the drugstore that i need no drowse flu relief med. Well, i managed to go to work despite some health stuff that i am experiencing. My hubby told me to just skip office first but i simply am bored staying at home and sleeping. I finished some few tasks this week and hopefully another batch will come in. I missed the fiesta stuff..well another celebration to look forward to is my hubby's birthday and my birthday. Yes, we are both Virgo and you know as they say, the sign indicate a sweet yet smart gals/guys, are we? wink*

I saw an advertisement on one of the cable TV that Disney characters will have a show at Waterfront hotel. Well, im thinking of going there if honey would allow me to. I knew he would but hopefully i can celebrate my birthday at Cebu.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finding the One

They say when you finally met the one person who would complete the puzzle then you're luckier than the person who won the lottery at that day. True indeed, everyone dreams to be with the right person and a fact states that all people dreams to love and be loved. Even the richest person would be willing to give up his wealth just to be with the girl who gives he sincere happiness. There are intangible things in this world that we aim for thuis material possession just gives us temporay happiness and after a while, the smile in our lips easily fades. BUt when you finally met the one person who will value you like no else could then no matter how poor you are, you will feel as if you are the most lucky man that ever lived in this world.

These mere fact just tells us that indeed love matters. It does matter to you and to me also. It is valuable to me and i bet in your part too. Yes, there are things that are more important than having a partner but it always feel great once you experience true love. Yes, the latter is so hard to find and sometimes it confused us. If you can observe there are as many status as we can create in terms of relationship stuff. Its because we can never force someone to love us in the same way that we cant force our heart to love someone. For people who havent meet yet the "one" as they labeled it then why dont you try some free dating . I mean theres no harm in trying to get to know someone. NO one can ever tell who we end up with because as they say destiny is about fate and risk. So risk yourself to love once more and who knows, you're dating with the man meant just for you. Stay in love.

Classy Home Lighting Fixtures

Each one of us dreams of a home where we could conveniently sit down while watching a good movie. The ambiance and the atmosphere of the house is very instrumental because there lies the convenience of every member of the family. For instance, you would rather spend your leisure time outside if you're home is too hot to stay and having a house you could just hang out even for a few days is indeed helpful.A great home doesnt need to have luxuirious appliances or other fixtures. It just needs to be well organized and clean all the time. But of course, it does adds glamour and style when you have added decors at your house like home lighting fixtures. These kind of lighting stuff will add elegance to your nest area.

Indeed, our friends impressions is very important to us. It explains why we usually take a little effort in cleaning our rooms whenever they pay visit to our respective homes. Mind you guys, pendant light fixtures will add beauty to your dull room and if you worry about those pricey light fixtures then check out discount lighting fixtures online. You will be surprised to know that you can find affordable yet classy lighting stuff that is perfect for your home.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tasks in Queue

I am indeed blessed to have tasks in queue now. Not to mention the batch of product reviews i made last night. Who says earning molah is easy? Not if you do it with sweat and if its a hard earned money. Its lunch break and i had chance to check my mail and good thing i did coz i checked the tasks given to me by a client. I am really overwhelmed how this client trust his reviews on me. They are actually a third party entity abroad whose bread and butter is on internet marketing. Now ive got 20 tasks to make. I hope i do have the energy to finish it all but i knew i need it badly. My stomach is a little upset this morning but gladly it didn't pursue its initial symptoms. My hubby called up early because he is worried about the stomach stuff but i assured him im totally fine. In fact, im at workplace now.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Museum Zurich at Amsterdam

We all have our fair share of fantasies. In one way or the other most of them are about our dream destinations, be it a great tourist destinations or a historic city. Needless to say, we all want to look forward to a day where we could feed our eyes with the glamour and beauty of a once featured place in the magazine. One day we will step our feet on an unfamiliar city where we could see a strange beauty that is incomparable. Wherever that place maybe, i knew someday you will finally walk on the street where you dont recognize any familiar face but even just the serenity of the place is enough to call it your home.

Anyway, did you know that most tourists nowadays choose Holland as their main tourist destination. You may wonder why, perhaps you are thinking of maybe the place is a home of great beaches or probably you are wondering whats with that place. Well then, Amsterdam - the capital of Holland has marvels on Architectural buffs that made this place a must visit destination for art lovers. Its museums are fantastic and will make you toungue-tied upon stepping on it like at the museum zurich. You should also look forward to see the Amsterdam design and the Vienna Art which is one of the must see place at Amsterdam. Also, dont forget to visit the 17th century canal houses which will amazed you because of its preserve beauty and mystery.

So, its time to book your ticket now to Holland and discover the place heritage.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Tomorrow is our fiesta celebration in honor of Assumption of Our Lady. Its quite sad that the great nights has finally ended. IN fact, few hours ago the PASAKA Festival did their festivities. It was well participated by different schools and private institutions. I knew most of the household owners are busy preparing for the fiesta tomorrow and we are not exempted to that fact. We also have our fair share of messy tables and cooking matters but in our case, a friend did all the cooking stuff for us since mother can't attend with all those chores. We have so many visitors at the house and i knew they will be enjoying the fiesta because they are invited by some relatives for dinner and lunch tomorrow. I opt to enjoy the festivities too, i watched few shows at the plaza and some are truly fantastic. No matter how eager i am to watch the nightly entertainment show, i cant because the hubby always called me everynight to check my whereabouts. I value the time that my partner gives to me because i understand our time difference. I dont want to be selfish enough that i would just think of myself more. Isnt it a good news? Im becoming more matured now.

You know what guys, ive found out lately that love indeed gives you a great perspective especially if you are with the right and loving partner. I noticed i became someone that i was not before. I mean, i am sweet to my lovers before but this time i am extra extra sweet which according to him made him so attached to me. But what i love most about him is his honesty. He will always be vocal to whats on his mind and heart regardless if it will bring pain to you. I love the fact that he is like that because it made me know his personality a lot better. I dont think there is a huge difference of loving a local folks and a foreighner because in my personal experience, Don brings something else that other cant. I want him, i loved him for reasons i cant explain. As ive always said, he completes the puzzle in my life.

Friday, August 12, 2011

You Shouldn't Miss Korea Electronics Show 2011

For someone who has the enthuasism for new gadgets and latest releases of the top company then i bet you always keep an eye on electronic shows. Whether its held in your country or abroad, its always a must attend events because missing one will make you outdated in the latest happenings in the worlds of electronics.

Then its about time to book your ticket at Korea's biggest electronics show. This is a one in a lifetime event that showcase a variety of electronic consumer products in multimedia, imaging and solutions, car electronics stuff and other applications that would surely brings excitement to every attendees.

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011

The show will be held at KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do, Korea on October 12-15, 2011. If you want further details then below are the schedules and other exhibits details of the events.

Duration of Exhibition Date

  • Category

    October 12 (Day 1) Visitors and buyers can admission from 10:00am
    October 12 (Wed)~October 13 (Fri) Business Day
    October 12 (Wed)~October 15 (Sat) Public day

  • Visiting Hours

Date : Oct. 12 (Wed) - Oct 15 (Sat)

Time : 10:00 - 17:00

  • Venue & Scale Period

  • Venue: KINTEX(Korea Int’l Exhibition Center) http://www.kintex.com
    SCALE :Exhibition Area: 53,541㎡
    No. of Exhibitor: 800 firms (including 200 foreign firms)
    No. of Visitors (estimated): About 70,000

  • Organizers
    Hosts : Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Gyeonggi Province
    Organizers : KEA(Korea Electronics Association)
    Supporters : MBC, KBS, SBS, ETNEWS, MK Business News, Korea Economic Daily
    International Cooperator :
    Hong Kong Trade Development Council, AEECC, CEAC, Japan Electronics Show Association,

For more details you may visit http://www.kes.org/ or visit their social media accounts;

KES Official Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/kes.org
KES Official Twitter : http://twitter.com/kes_info
On SlideShare :
1) Report on Korea Electronics Grand Fair 2010 :
2) Korea Electronics Show 2011 Brochure :

Few Days More

Thank God Its Friday and tomorrow is a busy day for us. OUr visitors will arrive early morning tomorrow because they are scheduled on the first flight. I knew we still have so many things to fix but gladly we have few people who help us in cleaning the house. I prefer to stay at home last night despite the great show, (can't tiis my honey pie). I need to recharge coz i am so stressed. In fact, i was sleepy at work yesterday but i still managed to work well. I have so many stories to share but maybe ill do it later. Yours trully had running left and right errands including stuff that my hubby wants me to do. Sometimes, i just complain to him that im lazy to do but most of the time ill follow his ways. Im very submissive (huh?), It has been a great month for me and im always thankful to my Provider for being so so so good. I have so many online blessings and the rest are for me to know first.. Have a great day guys! Avoid doing those sensible looks,,its just makes you ugly instead smile and enjoy life to the fullest :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Needs Time and Effort

Whatever our endeavors are it needs persistent effort and great determination because as what they all says, success is a product of laborious effort and determination. To be able to enjoy a great life, one needs to be goal oriented and should know where path he/she is leading to. For instance, whatever projects you're dealing to like if you're doing a patchwork project, you must have the determination to finish the goal. There are always so many options in this life but more often than not, what easy to gain leaves easily and whats hard to attain is what sticks forever. Lessons are part of this life, we just need to be open minded as to its purpose.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Essence of Video Conference

Indeed, we are at the zenith of technological era. An era where technology plays a vital role in this world. From its essential role in the communication, transportation and even to the little piece in this world. The convenience and life's comfort is the product of innovative world where people choose to embrace a life at its finest.

There are so many things that technology has provided with ease and comfort to everyones life. Try to figure out how its easier these days to commute even to the farthest city because we have railway transit and of course the innovation in every plan that we sit in. But, its worth to note that technology share its capstone in the line of communication. Today, every person can commmunicate cheaply and conveniently with no hassle and delay because in just a click you could see the other person face to face and in live streaming. This is where Audio conference and Video conference came into picture. This means of communication is widely used today especially in the field of business and marketing where updates are necessary.

Who says long distance is a headache? Not now and not tommorrow because every click means possibility. Thats a promise that is guaranteed.

Loving My Life

If theres one thing i wanna thank about, its the moment God gave me this incredible man. I am forever and will always be indebted to him for everything that he does to my life. He will always saves me from untoward incidents and for all crises in general. He will always offer whatever he has or when he is on travel he will always ask someone to help me alleviate whatever things i am facing. I am trying to figure out where was he when the man i once loved hurt me terribly? I wish he just came earlier but enough coz at last he came at the right time. To my dear honey, thank you, thank you for everything. You know that im always hesitant to accept anything that you want me to receive coz i dont want you to think that this stuff is the only thing that bridge us. No and never coz you know that i love you and i will always be here for you.

I may not tell you everyday that i love you but you know that and i knew you can feel that. Cant wait the day we will finally be together. Thanks for taking care of me so much.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Stressful Monday

Been greeted with so many things to do but it didn't hamper my day for being blessed. Have so many tasks to do and im thankful that im always blessed.wink*

On the other end, my hubby is sick and i cant help from being worried. Told him to visit a doctor but he opt not. He called up an hour ago telling me that he just taken his dinner. I wish really im there for him and take good care of him. I knew he has been taking care of us always and i want to take my turn. Anyway, do have a great day guys. Be safe always.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dose Off

I always know that i need to recharge first this weekend. This week was kinda tiring and stressful. Been dealing with some errands and did pay some bills personally. I was quite stressed going to the city because i hate the chaotic street and the sun. I do hope i could do some errands this week. The good news i was able to dose off today, i took a long nap and stay in my room for quite a long time. Ive watched a movie earlier and took my lunch. I believe i really need to take good care of myself pretty well.
I remember i need to finish few more reviews from a client. I need to finish it by today because it was already returned because of some requests she wanted to insert. Thats basically the reason why im here. Anyway, i am craving for a chocolate cake now..I hope i can buy an oven soon so that i could bake. Im a frustrated chef...wink*

Friday, August 5, 2011


Its past 1 in the afternoon but i haven't taken my lunch yet. I guess i need to do it now because i can feel something strange in my stomach. This day brings a good surprise to me. My Money Talks site gain a PR already. Thank God. So allow this busy blogger to eat her meal first. See yah.

For Curiosity's Sake

The other day, i bond with some gay friends. We roam around the downtown and visit some shops the caught our attention. For a brief info, my closest friends way back in my college years are mostly gays and i love being with them. In fact, when i moved in to the nearest city last year for work privileged i bond with my best friend which also belong to the third sex. Going back, when we had our lunch my friend told me about a story of her room mate. He was a little bit pissed because the room mate was a bit clumsy. He doesn't like the way his room mate messed up their apartment. In fact the other day, according to him he found a toy at the floor. He thought it was just a simple toy but it gives him a shocking face when he found out it was something that needs to be kept privately. Good thing he read sex toys handbook to at least he is aware how to deal with such matters.

Internet Dongles

I was browsing the net when my phone rang, good thing i noticed it because it was my brother. He was asking me about internet dongles. He was interested to know the best USB internet dongles. He wants me to compare internet dongles for he needs a portable internet accessory that will address his internet needs. A wireless dongle is a new internet USB dongle that offers faster speed than the usual mobile broadband. Its important to have a perfect package that suits well with your needs. Check the online resource to know more about this stuff or visit their page to have relevant inputs about the best USB dongles available in the market.

Passing By

First off, i wanna greet you a great Friday morning. I hope you are all doing great guys. The good news, today is the last day of work. Time for long nap tomorrow. But i don't think i can, we have visitors coming tomorrow and will stay the entire weekend. My week was great, ive been super productive. Ive hit my quota for the week and ive been blessed to have tasks today. I managed to finish ten tasks yesterday and no matter how lazy i am to do all those stuff, i did. My motivation was simple, i just think the things i wanna buy next month and there my brain works fast. Last month was so good to me, i managed to earn few hundred fro my blog alone and i earn triple for my product reviews.I enjoy the fact that i cant simply buy what i want but i can buy the things my other siblings want. But of course, i am considering of opening a savings account. I am in the midst of planning my finances, hopefully by next month i could proceed with the main plan.

Truly, yesterday was a tiring day, i mean mentally. When my hubby called up late at night, i cant recall what i was saying. When i woke i texted my partner what i was telling him last night. He was just laughing but he knew i need to double my time because of some goals that i want in my life. I am never dependent on him because i want to have freedom and i am capable of earning. You don't believe guys, how i managed my time. I am a regular employee, and im a blogger. There are times where i felt my brain is so empty, i cant think anymore of the right words to say. That's why there are times that i asked for leave because i wanna rest and gladly, my hubby is just a text away. When i need urgent things or anything that i want, he will always be there to save me.

Well, i am supposed to just share some updates but here i am talking everything. Maybe, its the very reason why i need more page to share. Have a great day guys!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weight Loss Option

A lot of things has been said about losing weight. For one, there are books and experts in nutrition that share tips on shedding those excess fats. Some recommends weight loss pills, other agreed on vegetable supplements while a lot of people believe in food intake options and proper exercise. Needless to say, being physically fit is something cannot be done in just a snap of the finger. It needs persistent effort and self discipline in order to have a desirable shape. Did you know that one factor most obese failed to realize, is the lack of effort towards their goals? They believe that weight loss supplements are effective and they embrace with the theory that losing weight can be done easily.

In taking steps to weight loss, a person must consider his/her food intake. Its true that foodthat is rich in carbohydrates is instrumental in giving you excess fats that's why most nutritionist suggest to count your carbo intake. Nonetheless, the list of your options is unending. You could resort to any method of lossing weight, whichever is convenient and gives you a great feeling. But experts highly recommend foods like protein shakes for weight loss which is delicious yet gives lesser fats to the body. You could also eat diet bars and other meal replacements that is mouth watering yet its ingredients are carefully selected to give you a great diet at an absolutely free risks.

Well, who says diet is about preventing you from eating those great dishes. Not now and not later because nutritionist has done something else to revive your appetite.

Productive Again

Got seven product reviews to work on today..Isnt it awesome? Just need to start working the tasks later. God has been so good to me always. Hopefully i will not be drained working on this. Anyway, hows your day goin? Hope you do have a great day.

As for me, i am starting to enjoy a blessed day. In fact, always. I am poured with online tasks and product reviews. Its enough reason to celebrate.

Busy on Her Review..

Last night, i asked my lil sister to go with me to the plaza. I just want to roam around and observe but then she was so busy with her studies. She is currently taking her review class at the nearby city and i knew its quite a tedious journey. Every now and then, i can see lots of compiled papers and review materials. She is always is busy reading and solving problems. Poor sister, she is really trying her best because she has a goal in life and she is motivated to do so. Thanks to the previous experience that she underwent which drives her to be well motivated. She is taking the second most difficult board exam in the country so she needs to be well prepared. I remember my father last Sunday, he was advising us on certain things that we need to have a unified decisions so that we could surpassed our last card. Gladly, this is our last year of turmoil. Hopefully by next year after my sisters board exam. My dad will avail for retirement. But really, we just enjoy every inch that we are together as siblings and as family. We just don't mind insecure people trying to keep their eyes open to us because we knew what we are doing and where we are heading to, unlike them. Its nice to reap the reward when you knew its a product of unending sacrifices. We are now a little too close to finish lines.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Courtesy of the Hubby

Life is indeed a journey of thorns and of celebrations. Thank God i have so many things to celebrate about. I dont know what i did to deserve all the blessings that i am continuosly receiving. The last time i knew, i just prayed that i will be given a man worthy of my love. All of a sudden, lifes twists realized my dream. I am just so grateful indeed that i have a man full of love, generousity and support.

To my honey, cant wait to see you.. Thank you for everything..I love you

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tough Questions

Question 1:

If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two
who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion?

Read the next question before looking at the response for this one.

Question 2:

It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates. Who would you vote for?

Candidate A.

Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.

Candidate B.

He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening.

Candidate C

He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife.

Which of these candidates would be our choice?

Decide first... no peeking, then scroll down for the response.

Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Candidate B is Winston Churchill.

Candidate C is Adolph Hitler.

And, by the way, on your answer to the abortion question:

If you said YES, you just killed Beethoven.

Pretty interesting isn't it? Makes a person think before judging someone.

A Wonderful Day

I just had a good rest last night. My hubby called up before i headed to work and now i just had a good vibes. Positive energy please...Maybe i have few tasks ready for grabbing. Who knows? Hopefully..Anyway, the cultural show just started at the public plaza last night. In fact, I've seen the fireworks that signify the start of the celebration. It would have been fun if i went there but i opt not. My hubby always checked on me every night and I'm sure ill be caught off guarded if he called up. Its not that he is strict, he just don't want me to be hanging out without his permission. But ill surely watch the pageant which will be held few days before the fiesta.

On the other end, i am thinking of considering an option of coloring my hair. I mean i want a new hairstyles with fantastic color. The salon whom i am an avid customer told me to try their new color technology that indeed gives a vibrant and shiny hair make over. I am tired of a dull hair, I want a new style. Hopefully, i could visit my salon after these busy days. New thoughts for some..hahaha.

Monday, August 1, 2011

DTI Sales Promotion Permit for Giveaways?

I've been reading a certain article about how the regulatory board DTI is seeking additional permits for blogger giveaways. Read Here:

Is there a need to get permits when there is no purchase done or required in terms of giveaways? I knew things will becoming hot for bloggers in the coming months. It will start with this permit but later on they will be dealing with additional tax for bloggers. Hopefully not. I mean bloggers income is indefinite, why do they focus on the little endeavor we've got. Hell, there are more businessmen trying to escape the mandatory tax, why don't they run after them?

On Leaflet Distribution

Having a business to maintain is never easy. You need to be wise in your investment and of course you need to do ways to maintain the flame. Most business owners failed to recognize the essence of marketing in the profitable sense of the business, if only they realized how important is marketing plans and strategies to maintain the pie crust in the industry. You could always look for ways to promote your product like availing of a service of a leaflet distribution company. It would surely be instrumental, right guys?