Friday, August 7, 2009

Terrifying Day

I dont know how to start to share this particular happenings, well, to start with, I was asked by our accountant regarding some variance on the invoicing dated last june, as i checked the papers ive realized that i have mislook on some items and thats said things were never charged to my tds, it was like an errasure written in the dr, as ive confronted my distributor on that matter to arrange the payment the soonest possible time, they reacted as theyve said that they havent received the items. I was speechless since i have to go to the plant to double check the issuing officer if it was received or not, to my dismay it was not really received by my TD's and consecutively one of the laborer their just falsify the documents. It was such so disgussting that i arranged immedietly a meeting at the plant. I ask the concerned people to explain, and one of them cry so hard that she wasnt able to breath. Oh my, it end up having an ambulance their. What a day!