Friday, December 19, 2008

I missed my HOney

I missed my honey pie, and i cant withstand with the emptiness that i felt, i knew ive made a great mistake and i regret really doing that,,,more than anything, he was really a companion and a friend to me, he showered me with his unconditional love that no one else can surpass, how i wish everything will be ok, i just pray that everything will be ok..
i love u so much honey, i couldnt live without you..

Still with flu..

Despite the holiday season coming and the cold air hitting my butt for a good sleep but i cant because of runny nose, still my flu doesnt want to leave, poor girl. Ive decided to take a leave today because of head ache but still i went to the office because i have lots of things to do. How i wish i will be well before weekends so that i could do the travel and all those things i need to be done. I even forgot to post an article for holidays,hehhehe, well thats how far i missed the blogging world..well guys! hope you still visit my site..
take care and advance happy holidays!