Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Its been two hours passed and we are now changing our calendars. Hey guys, im blogging for my 2012 posts and i dont want to start the year with negative thoughts. First off, i want to greet all of you a blessed New Year, How was your celebration guys? I do hope you have had great time with your family. As with us, we are just done with our annual year end gathering and the exchange gifts among us were superb. There are so many people who joined the group than of last year. The programme started by candle lighting which was our way of showing sympathy and to condole with our folks from CDO. It was follwed by a numerous dance and song numbers then a lot of  parlor games. We were overwhelmed by all the people who came and participated because in one way, it does shows how our humble event eventually embraced by our close friends and relatives. With the party, comes our chance to give thanks to our Lord for all the blessings our family continously received despite some rough times that we often encounter.

With the coming of the new year comes some fears and excitement perhaps. Fear for some unexpected things that may happen and excitement because no one knows what the future unfolds. Nevertheless, with our prayers, we are always hopeful that we will be guided in our journey wherever our paths leads us. The years that passed seems to  bring a lot of memories both good and bad. It gave me so many lessons, realizations and acceptance. I have faced the fact that the world is composed of various people with varying personalities. My stay in my native place taught me few lessons i opt to keep in my heart. Partly, i realised that God will always do ways to let HIS will be done. For all those times that HE kept me guided, thank GOD. This same year, i came into terms with some facts that are hard to spell. I mean the experiences i had made me look back to the people who have hurt us and cause us few heartaches. To that, let the Most High gave them what they need to earn them the lessons they deserve. I always do believe in the right karma and whatever you do to your neighbor will always go back to you a hundred fold. Whatever you say and have said to others may cause some smile into your face but in due time i always believe in every fall back. We may have a lots of share of those painful words from people who choose to be insensitive but at the end of the day when you know where you stand, then you have nothing to prove because your enemies will never believe. At the end of the day, its not who wins on the number of times youve hurt others but it counts on the number of times you choose to fight when people wants you down.

2012 will be a long jouney. i always expect criticisms when we fall, smile when we got hurt, backfighting when we dont do well and perhaps gossiping when they learned our imperfections. Thus, i learned to embrace that without them we wont came out as strong family as we are. Maybe, in some ways they are the core reason why we keep our self motivated and without them knowing were a step away to the finish line. Thank you for the good times and Hope to have some fond memories in the coming year too. My prayer for a blessed year for you and your family.