Monday, February 28, 2011

Fantastic Telephone Recorder

The advent of modern age made this generation enjoys the comfort and convenience of what technology is giving us. It does not just give us a comfortable living but much more than what we expect. It even gave us a more convenient way of living, an easier mode of communication and an environment that is widely controlled by science and high tech gadgets. Among those to explore about is the so called digital voice recorder 510 plus of RYL inc. This is a voice recorder with a combination of mini voice recorder and a telephone recorder. This is not the typical digital voice recorder that we can see in the market coz it has the following features that would make it a must buy for everyone. Among those things to look forward are automatic telephone recording, secret recording with no LCD display, good visibility, has the feature to recover deleted or erased file and other features. It starts telephone recording automatically and ends automatically making it a top pick of buyers.

High Quality Voice Recording

Over and above, you can be guaranteed of a quality product because this is manufactured by Record Your Life, Inc. Professional manufacturer of security products. RYL inc. has launched a product that is not only a typical recorder but much more than that. It optimized an over all package of recording, from phone calls, class, business matters and even cell phone conversations. Indeed, its a high quality voice recording rolled into one.

At His Time

I was nursing a broken heart when a friend told me to stop crying and wait for the right time. I never know exactly what she was referring to coz at that i was just thinkin of going back on him and start all over again. BUt it came to the point that he no longer wanted me back because he is already in love with someone else. I begged on him just to win him back unfortunately no matter how desperate my move was, i didnt have him. I think those nights were saddest point in my life so far. It was the time i cried for all the memories and i cried for the pain. It was the moment that i wanted to question why i was not loved, and why i have a wrong guy. Unfortunately, it was not just the only time i experienced being broken coz i had my fair share for quite a few times. But everytime i had a little moving on, i am doing a little growing on. IT maybe tough for some time and it may be painful always but once you learn to wait, destiny will just make ways to cross your path. I honestly believe in being meant to be. I have heard few stories of being meant for one another and that fate has made them back in each others arms. Nonetheless, we have our own stories to tell, we have our own drive in the journey of life. I agree that i had surpassed the times of craving for a relatiosnhip, i did had my moment that i wanted to rush things but when i started to get tired and finally stopped - that's the time that destiny works for itself and suddenly you just wake up with a realization that you have your man at your side. Indeed, you will just finally knew when the feeling is right. LOve, LOve, Love

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beware Bloggers

I read in a forum site that Google might change it algorithms in giving page ranks to bloggers. These few changes are made to prevent duplication of content and to allow informative and sensible topics. It means that i would post lesser updates or just few phrases for the sake of updating my blog. I have that tendency of posting nonsense post just to make my readers know that im still here and im still active. But now, it will be a no no anymore. I would try my best to offer a great content so that i can earn page rank here. Well, time for me to plan out my next move. Expect sensible articles readers.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Weekend

Its already Friday guys and im sure those people who are working, it means the last day for the tiring and stressful work. Tomorrow is the time to hang out, for movie marathon and other stuff you have in mind. Well, malling is great but for me i would prefer to stay at home and rest. BY the way, next week is already march and my sisters graduation will already be fast approaching. We are planning a small party for her and hopefully we will be complete here. My brother will be coming over and will spend some time with us. He phoned us that he is planning for a beach party the day after my sisters graduation. Well, i am so excited for that. How about you guys? how was your week?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Morning

Well, it has been a great day for me. As to why it is, i cant disclose it first. Something personal. Anyway, thank you to my friends who didnt forget always to drop by. I will be at your doorstep soon. I just had my lunch, well if u havent, its time for u to eat now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is Shoutbox Annoying

Do you find your shoutbox annoying? Well i heard some of bloggers who are complaining about their respective shoutbox. But my friend told me that shoutbox can also be hacked. Hayst, all my blogs have shoutboxes and i think they are a bit helpful to me. Visitors can just leave some comments and i find it easier for me to navigate and know who had passed by. But one thing that i observed, lots of spams.

Tuesday Blah

How are u doing guys? how is your Tuesday morning? I do hope you are doing great because as far as the weather is concern, mr. sunshine is at the right place, giving us a wonderful smile. Anyway to all my visitors, thanks for coming and dropping by at my page.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How Could....

...a person sacrifices his own happiness in the name of love like accepting all the insults, violence, heart-breaking circumstances and even accepting a scenario where love triangle is involved. I used to be an avid reader of a local novel. In fact i was hooked with this hobby for many years. Thinking that there is indeed a man made for you and that at the perfect time, he will come and beg for your love. U used to have this kind of mentality way before i met my first boyfriend. But reality has messed up my imagination and in just a splash its like a sand castles blown by the waves. Suddenly my dreams and fairy taled inspired concept of love has change and later on has vanished. My concept of love then was like a disney inspired story, i was the princess and the prince is the man i will met who will love me for me. But my story has not ended the way i want it to be. In fact, when i finally broke up with my first boyfriend, it was i think the saddest part of my life. I remember using the three rolls of tissue paper and throwing all the stuff he gave to me - because i knew deep withing myself tha i have indeed love him unconditionally. With all those things that i experienced ive thought that im far better and matured. I hurriedly jumped into a relationship with a man i just came to know in just a few months. Ive thought that getting to know him while we were in a relayionship stage will just help a lot in our coupledom but i was so wrong because the more that i get to know him, the more that i regret being attached to him. He was the kind who wanted to hook all the girls in the world, dating left and right became his hobby. As a faithful girlfriend i never complained thinking that he will just changed later on. But change as they say will not be possible if the person himself is not willing to do so, in short he doesnt respect me and he has a different concept of love. Way then, i knew i how heart breaks are devastating. I knew how mending a broken heart is difficult than mending a wounded knees. But i realized that really love can change the entirety of you, you became tame even if you acted like a lion and worst you become stupid at its worst from. But what is indeed painful is loving someone though you knew he is already commited with someone else. That no matter how you try to cut the rope that attached your feelings to him, you simply cant - because you have already loved him deeply. There maybe different situations, scenarios and cases of love. But at the end of the day, you really cant questions the break ups or regret cause it happens for a reason. We may never understand what it tries to convey to us today but im sure it is clearly shown at the future.

Wordpress Blog Makeover

Undeniably green is my favorite color but after i saw this new theme, i started loving pastel colors. THis is my new wordress blog theme, what do you think guys> please give some comment. I wanted to put some links
of my blogrolls here to my wordpress blog, i do hope its just fine with you guys.

My Blog " The Best of Me' is already open for link exchange. Actually it had already been there for few months, i update it but i am lazy doing some renovations on it and inviting for link exchange but now i realized i need a wordpress blog. Please add my other blog guys and let me know please. Thanks

College Degree

When i graduated from high school, i dont have in mind as to what course to take or even am not so sure of what my passions are. In short, i am too young to understand where directions i should take. College years are by far the most important ladder in the steps of education. Its the time that you take your courses seriously and what you are in college will detect who you will be in the future. If i could have a choice, i would surely choose to take up nursing because i wanted to become a doctor apparantly our financial status at that time is limited considering that my parents are just mere employees. However, i dont have regret that i took up Public Administration because the course opens up a horizon of a greater picture of this government of ours. It also inculcates some facts and cultures that are just unique in our country and in our bureacracy. I came to realize how lucky i am to have studied such course and had the chance to know important things that only the students who took this degree wll understand. What am saying is that, students should be more precise and sure that they have the heart for the course they are taking coz it is true that you will only excel in the field that you are passionate about. In many countries, there are already variety of courses that is being offered - from short term to degree courses. In London they have the so called easter revision courses london and a lot of UK students find it great. If i am just in the place, i will surely try the courses in it.

My Sweet Meme

i was thinking of a good post to write in here but my mind is empty right now of ideas but my fingers started to type at the keyboard and no choice i have to continue. Anyway, i am missing my bestfriend so much. I knew he is already committed and has his own family but still the thoughts of our bonding and friendship lingers me every night. Sometime, he courted me and i asked him why he is going beyond the territory of friendship, he told me that he sees his ideal girl in me. I am flattered and happy of course, but then i could compromise the relationship we had and will have if it would work as US. I cant remember a time where he leaves me. When im down i always look for his hand, when im sad i always look for his handkerchief and when a guy dumped, i always wished that he is there for me to listen to my not so sensible heart rants. I could say that at this point in my life i have found a great and true friend in him. There even one point when he would visit me on my working place before and we will hang out together after. My former boyfriend who happens to be the man i loved so much always nags on me not to go to ukay-ukay stores, but i always love to visit there cause i could find an affordable yet classy style. But he could understand that because he thought that i am cheap and that those stuff are only for poor people. Because i love my boyfriend i stop going to such stores but when the time comes that i wanted really to go there, i asked my bestfriend to go with me and told him about the things we argued about with ex. To cap it, he joined me in roaming such store and even look for the best deal for me. Thats how my bestfriends took good care of me. I wish we could just choose the one person we could love and share our dreams and our life, but loving is not a choice of the brain - its a matter of the heart.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Vacation Deal

Everybody needs a great break especially after a stressful and tiring year. I had my share of vacations and hang outs too. For one, i had been to great beaches and vacation destinations. I was so amazed how the country is blessed to have a pradise on our own. There are undiscovered paradise hidden beneath the mountains and caves of some remote areas that are yet to be unfold by curious individuals like us. For sometime, i had been to a white, serene area of Samar. the place is located in a remote area in the northern part. It was the first time i had been there but the first time i took the glimpse of the place i was speechless because its like a paradise beneath the tall trees and forest. I had also been into beautiful caves in the area and the beauty inside made me think of the MOther Nature. The natural beauty endowned in the place is truelly magnificient. But i knew i still have to discover a lot more vacations destinations, i heard of Palawan, Bohol and Guimaras. If money is no object, im sure ill fly to that place in no time. BUt still i am hopeful of travelling abroad. While i heard a lot about Paris, i am certain that i still want to visit and enjoy Italy. I wanted to visit Rome and other great destinations there. But still, i knew of one place that we should all be looking forward to and that is Monaco grand prix packages. I heard a lot of wonderful stuff about this package, might try this one one day. What you think?

My 1001 POst

How time flies, seems just yesterday when i was just experimenting things over blogger but now here i am trying to do all the best to maximize my earnings here. Im thankful that i have found this means to augment my finances and grateful to the one person who have shared her skills about this. Maybe if not of her i would not be able to have this kind of part time income that i am presently enjoying. I knew i am indebted to her coz without her maybe the door for this endeavor wil not be open. Times and times had passed that a lot of rift had closed the friendship between us but i can still recall how good memories of friendship has developed over the years and up until now, i still cherish it. I knew youll probably read this, Thank you for opening up the door for this and no matter how complicated life and situations are, i still not forgotten to thank u for this and i missed the friendship.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts day

Well, today is the most awaited day for lovers and to people who are truelly in love and is loved. Thank God i belong to one of those. Still no plans for today because we celebrated it early morning when he called up for almost 5 hours of talking and exchanging sweet meme. Indeed, love makes the world go round and i am happy that we are all capable of loving but still its no guarantee of an ending that is fairy taled inspired. But still its always the feeling of love that is beyond compare.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The death of former Sec Angelo Reyes really shocked the whole nation. At first, it was hard for me to believe the breaking news coz i was thinking it was somebody else who shot him but eventually after i listened to the news, it made me think that Sec Reyes has indeed suffered a devastating psychological dilemma that is one of the factors contributory to the Suicide thing of a person.My last glimpse of him was when i watched the hearing re;AFP probe and i even commented when i saw his shot that he lost weight, and it was really visible and seeing him made me think that he is carrying a heavy burden on his heart. But i couldnt believe that the next time i will see him on news, is him at the coffin. I knew he is facing a difficult situation when he passed away and i knew too how difficult it was for him to leave his family with the said scenario. But as human, i hope we could give him a just and rightful conclusion on anything that concerns him, his issues and his death.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Love More ; Hate Less

I realized that love is the best feeling in the world and that if you just learn to love unconditionally without expecting in return then youre one of the few people who have indeed find and has valued the true meaning of love.
There are different form of love, it might be a love for a friend, a love for a parents, a sisterly or brotherly love, a love for neighbors or the most chased and talked about four letter word, which is the romantic sense of loving to an opposite mate. Indeed no matter how crazy we were in finding the Mr. Right of our life, we should also not forget to share love to anyone who brings colors to our life. Dont just focus on loving your boyfriends or girlfriends. But learn to appreciate the presence of your family members who withstands with you amidst trials and shotcomings that you have encounter. In this love month try to be soft as possible, forgive those who hurt you and learn to understand first rather than be understood. Try to just love, even your worst enemy. By trying so, youll experience a different feeling far strange from what youre feeling when hatred dominates your heart. A feeling of peace, calmness and serinity. Maybe i am just a person who is gifted with a heart that has a positive outlook in life. I never surrendered but i always believe and has faith for positive outcome in my life. But my real secret, prayer - that my battles will lead to the right path, to the path he wanted me to be. MY life is not that perfect nor the most enjoyable nor has a roads full of roses because i knew i am thorned most of the time but the real meaning of my life lies on how i make God the center of my life and no matter how poor i am materially, im proud to say that i am happy in every aspect of me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Corruption in the Government; An Overview

My former professor once said " Public Office is a Public Trust", the professor is no other than the fomer Commissioner of the Commission on Audit on which he served almost half of his life in the public service. He was a great teacher in so far as the entire discussions on the different subject matter is concern, he always has an opnion on anything that concerns the government particularly about the corruption issues in general. There was even one time when we were debating on the credibility of the country in the international arena of course putting into the picture the massive and large scale graft and corruption that is visible in any government office. I personally would tell that this thing is no longer a disease but its already like a cancer that is too far for eradicating but the real time solution is just to lessen, if we still wanted to. I am not telling that there is no good people behind the bureacracy because i know there is and there are people who wanted to make a difference. Like the auditor, Ms. Heide Mendoza, who is the recent eye witness for the alleged AFP corruption. She was been interrogated during the hearing today and i was touched by her courage of coming out in the open to expose the misconduct and graft issues behind the office of the Armed Forces. I was shocked by the amount she was mentioning and totally amazed of how she was so sure of what she was talking. I realized it isnt just a penny that government is spending and wasting for the government officials who just use the office for their respective personal agenda. I am saddened of the fact that these ordinary people who are faithfully contributing to the government through their taxes were just wasting their money and is just directly putting it in the pocket of selfish government officials who has no soul of using the public money as if their own. I wanted to condemn these officials of misappropriating public funds and saddend by the fact that the Audit department of these country is not that effective and credible anymore. It is indeed true that no matter how we try to save the world in our own little way when we are also sorrounded by larger number of people who has selfisg agenda than selfless deeds, then our ambition of changing the institution will surely be overtake. However, i am still hopeful that the generation to come will have more patriotism towards teh country and aim for a change. A change that will not just change or eradicate corruption but in a larger scale will aim for a change in the system and in the government in general.There may be two roads of principles in this life, ive taken the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.

The Marvel of Technology

Indeed technology brings a different convenience to the people nowadays.I remember when i was still on my high school years, i always complain to my teacher about stuff related to the omputer. I always had an excuse whenever we were told to have a hands on exam of using the computer, its because im afraid to use and operate the said thing. I am nervous that i might broke it or just encounter a problem upon using it, even just clicking the mouse is a big thing to me. I never thought how this small stuff would bring difference to our lives today. But now, after so many yeas of trying and experimenting over this so called the marvel of technology, i can say that i may be included to those people who so to speak, internet savvy. Thanks to the trial and error times which made me the expert that i am today.Who could tell that the woman who was once had a phobia on computer will end up an addict and not only that, we became lovers over time. To the point that i was able to experiment a lot of stuff and through my persistent effort of researching as how i can maximize my learnings, i was able to used it and earned later on. It just started on googling some basic keywords like how to build a website then late on, i have finally made it and now im at the point of harvesting my hard earned labor. Its what you call, labor of love and the fruit of believing in what you have and when you believe thats the time that youre dream will slowly come true, just believe.