Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Anyway, hows your sunday guys? I hope it was just fine..

No Reason

For the past few days, we've been having some petty arguments with my hubby. Few stuff that i wish i havent started. To that, i refuse to talk to him because i felt its better to keep the silence between us so that the fight would lead to nowhere. But gladly, he was persistent in settling things so out of pity to him i accepted his call. At first, i just didnt talk so much, i just let him explain and talk but when i already felt that his voice was sounds strange, i immedietly just told him what i was ranting. Funny because it was just so little that i believe just some of my childish ways. Ive thought he will get mad at me for not talking to him that day but he said sorry so it changed my mood and suddenly he just uttered the three sweetest couple words and thats it, im fine and i started to feel guilty for doing such mess. But this morning, i texted him and told him that i have no reason to look for somebody else because i am happy having him and that my life is already complete. I knew he has been in doubt lately about my fidelity but honestly i have no dreams for now that to be with him. The relationship may quite be difficult for us but everyday he always makes me feel special and loved. That to me is what matters most.