Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Are u interested in ghost hunting? or maybe you just want to be busy partying this halloween, whatever our activities in lined here, Lets always prioritize visiting our dealy departed and offer them our sincere prayers. Though we knew that they are already on the other side of the world let us always be reminded of their importance thus taking time in remembering their lives, their memories and the celebration of life of course, this is the very essence of this celebration. I hope we will put that in heart. Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday Blash

It's a family day for us, its our bonding time today, we actually ate outside with my parents and my brothers and sisters, it feels so good that once in a while you have to go out and bond with each other. We ate at our favorite resto grill, it was a great day for everyone of us though my father just leave early coz he still have his work but the rest of us just bond in the mall and end up watching movie. We ate pop corn and enjoy the rest of the day. We just ended our dinner. Indeed our family is so precious, no amount of material possesions could ever equalized with the love and care by our family members.