Friday, July 8, 2011

Lucky To Have You

I couldnt think of the right words to start how im feeling so lucky right now, except for an image that would express the big love i have. At some point, i was thinkin that maybe i deserve a great person because i knew that in all honesty i love sincerely. Probably, my dreams do come true because i knew i never stepped on someone else shoes to be able to have a life that is sought by many. I never boast and i never used what i have to belittle other people. I never am so proud of anything that i have instead i am happy to help even the small way that i can. I have so many things to thank about but overall i just want to be grateful for having a great life.

My Hero

They say that once in our lifes journey, we will find someone who will cherish us, protect us and value us like no one else could. I never believe such things will happen to one and even to me. But when you start wishing and believing then that made a difference. I have a so good partner that i wouldnt trade to anyone. To my honey pie, thank you for everything. For making things possible, for making my life easier, and for one thank you for making all means just to prove your love to me. Im just so lucky to have you in my life. I love you so much. As i said it last night, i will always give to you my love and loyalty.