Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PLastic Surgery

When i was still younger i used to envy my friends who were really that pretty and who used to be the apple of the class. I used to be frustrated with all my imperfection, i even at that time hated myself for being tall, for having a curly hair and a lot of stuff which i find imperfect in my body. At that time, robonding our hair was very expensive and only celebrities can afford to that unlike now that even the most ordinary woman can even have her hair straightened, anyway with the advent of the new technology we can observed lots of people who were transformed from once an ugly duckling to a beautiful lady who can even be hailed as a celebrity at a closer look. Which means that beautifying oneself is just very much in demand now, its not about looking good in the eyes of many but more of boosting your self confidence. Personally, i have nothing against plastic surgery plano cause if a person really needs it to boosts her self esteem then why not underwent such procedure, only that there should always be a limitation, i mean you yourself should know up to what extent you wanted to be touch by technology. Coz if money is not an object, i guess i would be the first one to undergo such procedure, as to what part is that, its for me to know and for you to find out after the procedure.Its always great to look good cause it gives you a different feelings but its not about being beautiful that this surgery gave to us rather its about having the confidence to face people.

Hows Your Day?

This is the normal post i almost read everyday but still want to post this coz ive nothing to talk about, i am feeling great today because of a lots of things. nevertheless how can i missed my blogger friends here, who became my family too, anyway. i guess i missed blog hopping for few days coz i am busy with a lot of things from offline errands and other online tasks i need to finish, well lets just say im saving a lot....hehehhe. but thankful for all the blessings that came my way.Well, thats all for now, have a great day, guys!