Monday, July 28, 2008

Common Signs of Secret Betrayal...

According to statistics, 22% of men and 13% of women cheat, even those who claimed to have a happy marriage has underwent betrayal. However, forgiving and forgetting has always been an option, reuniting for the sake of yoru children, or for the long years you have been together, is not always a good reason to start again, accoding to psychology, it should always be the love to your significant other, that will drives you to work out and patch up things.
Anyhow, try to consider these things:

*Here are some common signs that may indicate secret betrayal:

1. He/she works late a lot.
2. He/she suddenly takes trips you aren't invited to go on.
3. He/she spends too much time with hobbies that don't include you.
4. You get mysterious phone calls with hang-ups.
5. You find bills for unexplained hotel stays or gift-type items.
6. Intimacy in your relationship dramatically decreases.
7. He/she grows more distant or agitated than usual

From: Ms Diana Kirshner, Ph.D
Author of: Love in 90 days