Friday, April 15, 2011

A Rape Victim Cried For Help

Just this month, a friend told me about a rape incident that happened to one of our fellow in the place. It happened to a young teenage housekeeper who was raped by 3 strangers which unfortunately, up until now the identity were still unclear. This young girl is a housekeeper to one of the new resident in our barangay. One time, she was asked by the owner of the house to buy something at the market. She more or less aged 15-17 years old, if im not mistaken. She left the house at about 6 pm in the evening for that errand. Unfortunately, she havent came back until the next day which the owner were a little bit worried though she was entertaining some thoughts that maybe she just went home to her mother's place. Apparently, as narrated by this young girl. She took a ride to this pedicab and with her are three men who was at first friendly to her. Then she just noticed the driver was taking her to the wrong direction which she ends up at the Accasia tree, a place where house distance is so far away. There, she was being raped countless times by these 3 men. Her mouth was being tapped while the two men hold both her arms. She was also being hurt by her raptors until she bled. I really felt so mad about how those evil men take advantage of this young girl. She was so helpless and left her naked after they took her virginity. After the incident, she was immedietly rushed to the hospital because of constant bleeding that she was experiencing and was confined for so many days. The sad thing, until this very day I dont have any idea of the development of the case or if the police force in town is damn interested in finding her perpetrators because of the girls economical status.

I am speaking and sharing in behalf of other girls and women too whom men thought are inferior in this society. I hate the social stigma that men can just imply force to the opposite gender because of the thought that they are twice as strong as women. I hate that the society and the government in particular has no concrete bill or law to protect the rights of the women and children, and if there is, why arent we properly protected?

Looking for Quotes?

They say i am hopelessly romantic. I dont know if ill be happy if they labelled that words to me or feel the other way because they think im a little bit a type who always daydream. Well, whatever they want to think for as long as im happy and i dont do anything bad, then its no big deal. Yesterday, while we were having a break, i kept on searching for great funny quotes. I wanted to put that quotes on my Facebook because i knew my friends would surely grab or comment to it. I realize that its best to read funny stories or entertaining quotes so as to inspired you or simply just to put a smile in your face. As they say, laughter is always teh best medicine, right?

Best Quotes about Love

Love is always on the air. Its not only during Valentines Day that we feel the love and be in love because everyday if we will only learn to keep our hearts open to everyone then theres no reason why we cant feel the love. Speaking of love, Are you in love? Or probably is just getting there. Whatever may your situation be, im sure you will agree with me that this feeling is the best feeling you could ever have in your life. Everyone would agree how love can change the best and worst in you. Only this feeling can make you feel like you're in heaven or can make you so worst. Well, that is love and life is love. Anyway, i remember a quote that says when you're in love, you can think of anything than the person dearest to you, you tend to be day dreaming, you smile often and you read great quotes about love, right? Well, then i have great news for you. You're really in love.

Page Rank 3

Isnt this a great reason to celebrate? I feel so happy when i learned that my site has a Page Rank 3. At least my efforts are being paid off. I realize that its nice to work hard and be paid off because its far rewarding. I hope i could maintain my site ranking and be assured that il strive to give informative and valuable posts for you.

Facebook Banners

Are you a social media magnet? Of course, who wound't be in this generation of technology, right? Everyone loves Facebook because we all want to get updates from our friends, check their latest photos, know their status and of course talk with them. In fact, according to some recent studies, there are individuals who cant sleep without checking their Facebook accounts. Well, we all love to do some page renovations, customization and other fun things to add and upload. Recently, ive found new discovery. You can also get a personalized banner with your Facebook image status on it. Sound cool, right. Its easy to get a Facebook Banners. You can let your friends find you at the easy and stylish way. Common get that here.

Fashion Accessories

Are you fond of collecting fashionable necklace, bracelets or even beautiful accessories? Then, don't you think its time to make your own? I do have a plethora of fashionable accessories with different styles, amazing colors and sometimes i think of making my own stuff. One time, i made a stylish necklace combine with great colors and beautifully crafted Trollbeads beads. It turned out to be my masterpiece because some of my friends like it and even asked to make one for them. I realized its easy to make your own stylish accessories especially if you have the passion and a heart for fashion. Next time around, ill try to get some more beads so that ill come up with more styles. Who knows this is just a beginning of my fashion career, right guys?


Everyone wants to look stunning, right? We love to look at our best and enjoys the admiration of the people around us. But who would feel overwhelmed and flattered if the people take a glimpse of you not because of your pretty face but because of your acne. Sounds frustrating, right? Yes, acne might be normal but having it the entire year will really frustrates you especially if you are always with your guy. My friend told me that we need to be extra careful and be hygienic all the time to prevent our face from having a cystic acne. We need to wash our face as often as needed and use mild soap or facial wash to get rid of the dirt that we are exposed of everyday. Acne can be dealt easily if only we are sensitive enough to our face needs and that personal caring and hygiene is our utmost concern. Well then, we must be to enjoy other people's attention.

On Number Plates

My old friend sent me an email a while ago about his vacation. He was inviting for an escapade somewhere at Samar area. I immediately agreed because i knew the place has beautiful beaches. In fact, I've been to most of the great tourist destination there. He is planning to come by next week so we are planning things out this early. Anyway, i remember that my brother is asking me a favor to visit LTO for his number plate. He wants to follow up if his plate is already available and ready for usage. Speaking of number plate, i never thought that you could customize your plate and choose from a wide array of style. My friend choose cherished number plates and he was really amazed of the outcome of his plates. If you want to avail one, visit the site quickly.

I'm Enjoying...

I love that i am pretty blessed with few tasks to work on. Thanks to the page rank updates. I hope things will continue to pour as i need to save few bucks for a project. It was a nice surprise to see a good page rank for this humble endeavor. I mean, its nice that you have reaped the fruit of your sweaty effort of maintaining the sites despite some lazy moments that i always encounter. Anyway, weekend is up again. I am planning to do some malling tomorrow and i hope i will not be lazy of going out. I still have few pending online tasks to do that will expire soon so i need to do the posting before its kinda late. I'm happy that i was productive on this week. Ciao guys.

Weight Loss

I remember how i was so down and feel ugly when i started enjoying eating more calories and carbohydrates than my usual intake. I started changing my wardrobe because none of my previous suits fits me at all. I began to consider taking diet pills but i was so hesitant because of the possible health dangers that i may suffer. I enrolled at a gym for quite sometime and hired a gym instructor so that i can deal with my obesity. Nonetheless, all those programs didn't helped me at all. In fact, i gained even extra pounds and more. I wish i have know earlier about hcg diet . Im sure my diet problem will be address earlier. But I'm happy that everything went back to normal. Im fit and i feel so healthy.