Friday, December 24, 2010

Late Christmas Shopping

My legs are so tired now, we had been at the mall for the entire day. We shop for clothes and additional groceries for the snacks tomorrow. we had a hard time choosing a dress for my mom but luckily we were able to choose one. I met my former boardmate before and we had a great time sharing each other stories. Im quite sad when she told me that her mom died recently. I was also sad because her mom was so closed to me but the good news is that she is already married and her husband is here now for a vacation. Another great story to share, we also met with my bestfriend at the mall, I was busy looking for a dress when she approached me, i was surprised to see her at my back. She was a really good friend way back in my high school years and im happy that we exchange numbers after i lost her number when my phone was robbed. I certainly feel awful because despite the hardships and crises the country is facing, still a lot of people are shopping to the fullest as if theres no tomorrow when they shop. Nevertheless, in the spirit of Christmas, i wanna greet you all..Merry Christmas guys.