Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Update

Let me give you some quick update guys. I will be hosting a small birthday celebration tonight and i have few friends coming over to the house. Well, i have so many surprises to share about my birthday yesterday. I received a boquet of balloon arrangement from someone so dear to me with a card in it. I was surprised when i went home after buying some stuff, i found it in my room as pretty and fantastic as the sender. To the sender, you are very dear to me and i will always be here for you. My birthday celebration today is courtesy of my hubby. I will be uploading later some nice photos of it including my birtday cake and i really love it so much. On some other ends, my brother arrived early this morning together with some friends. Its actually his staff and some of his men who just visited our place for some adventure. They just left a while ago for some touring stuff.

As with my online tasks, i have so many things to do and finished too. My boss gave me 25 articles to finish within this week and im afraid i will have limited time to do so. Apart from that, i have pending 50 assorted articles from a regular client.I dont think i can manage to finish all of these when i still have work to do and blogs to updates. Hayst, i wish i could complain but i cant really reject these clients coz ive been working with them in a couple of months. They're pay is as good as you think of plus they send the payment instantly. Right now, i am printing out some research stuff for the said articles and i badly need to finish five of it before monday. While the rest of the ordered articles have no specific deadlines and i am just waiting for my client to email me her instructions. Its quite a headache and when i think of it already, im really becoming hopeless coz i know it requires much time than i thought of. However, when i think of monetary compensation that i will receive from working this stuff in just a matter of weeks then its enough for me to shop from upper garments to pricey footweer. Well, its enough motivation, right guys?