Saturday, January 8, 2011

Link Exchange

My other blog " MOney Talks" is now open for link exchange. I wanted to ask for support of my friends and visitors to visit my other blog. I also have Journey from the Past which is a personal blog which is also open for link exchange. Please add me and buzz me to add your blog respectively. Thanks in advance.

Public Service

Oftentimes the word public service is quite overused not only by politician but by people who wishes their seat too. As a public administration graduate, i have been taught of the concept of public service and as i encounter several circumstance of the political arena. I find it too difficult to match the concept of this thing to the real world. The mismatch of understanding came from different experiences that i have personally enocunter. To name some, i have known few people who just wanted the elective post for personal gain. Nevertheless, who among those people dont have personal agenda, they all have but at least some had few stuff to share and have done or will do something to alleviate the conditions of their respective constituents. But what is worst, is to came across with people who doesnt work at all but just used the position for augment in their financial stability. In fact, many have meet both end because of such post. I knew we cannot blame those people to give the service we are all aiming for because of the prevalent vote buying that is happening during elections. But still, i wanted to challenge those people in the post to give service to their contituents rather than to be served. To give rather to receive and to show real leadership rather than be cowards. Be the best example to the people and be a good follower coz once and for all, leaders are good followers. I hate to admit that sometimes people elected those that cannot even follow what the law requires and abides by its rules. Public office is a public trust. If i cant trust the servant much more can i trust the position.