Thursday, September 30, 2010

Filipina Dating Site

Mylot Earnings

I just post my first earning at mylot last August and im happy that i was able to make $17.15 in my account and much grateful that i made higher than that for september. At first it was quite hard to attiain he minimum but consecuitively i learned the strategy and finally made it so easy. How about you guys? Are u a member already of mylot? Common join now.

The Best THing About a Woman

Women are incomparable to men although we have some personification of characteristics that makes each one distintive but still i could say that there are things in woman that are non tradable and still the best that ever happened to someone's life. First from the list is the abilityof a woman to have a child and to become a mother as well. Motherhood is something not woth of any barter, in fact even the most prestige woman in their own field claims that i still and will still be the best career in life. Second i could say is being a wife because none can supersecedes the feeling of being the one person who could be a nurse, a carpenter sometimes, a nanny mos of the time and a teacher all the time because a woman at all times shares experience and mostly the one who inculcates mind. But lastly, this is the best about a woman that i found out that i would claim the best among it, its the trait of the persona. Coz a woman can be stupid sometimes, can be fooled easily, can be insane when it terms of love but most of the time when a woman says "shes done" - its over, and once she says it, theres no turning back.We may be emotionally inferior most of the time but based on a personal experience, once we decided to realy put a mark, then thats it. Whatever it takes - it will simply be a road or moving forward, not head turnin and just one sight and its a view to a pasture full of hope and positive views, whatever it takes. Thats all women are, thats what we are and that is me in particular.

My Love Profile

You Are Intuitive

Your positive traits:

You're incredibly thoughtful and able to give your partner what they need most.

You are totally logical. You can deal with problems without involving your emotions.

A good work ethic. You'll do whatever it takes (within reason) to make your relationship work.

Your negative traits:

Sometimes you are so focused on your goals that you let your relationships suffer

You tend to be a perfectionist - and expect perfection from your mate as well

You are picky. So picky that you rather be single than with someone who has a few minor faults.

Your ideal partner:

Values success in life as much as you do

Fits a checklist of qualities you've been looking for since childhood

Like you, is more practical and realistic than romantic

Your dating style:

Active. You're a bit hyper, so you'd prefer a date that involved rollerblading in the park or hiking.

Your seduction style:

You may seem a bit shy, but once you open up to someone - you're totally uninhibited

You like to set the scene first - candles, music, nice sheets

A bit obsessed with cleanliness, you may want to shower first with your love

Tips for the future:

Soften up a little. Vulnerability is sexy - and feels great over time.

Lower your standards a little. Look past a messy desk or someone being five minutes late.

Praise your partner more. You make expect them to be successful, but complements are still appreciated.

Best color to attract mate: Navy blue

Best day for a date: Wednesday

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unexpected Call

I just received an unexpected call from my bestfriend, he was indeed so sweet from the start i guess. He just called up to greet me a happy birthday coz he wasnt able to greet me on my birthday. He is really the one person i wouldnt trade in for anything, we were friends way back from our college years and until this time we are so close, far better than what we were before. he used to court me few years back but im afraid our friendship will be ruined if we will jump to another level but that did not destroy our friendship either, we used to shop together, dine out together and all those things we normally do, he became my hubby and a shoulder too during those times. How i missed him really.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


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Happy Tuesday

Finally i had time to update my blog, had been busy for few days that i wasnt able to go online anyway i missed visiting other blogs and i missed posting meme too. Finally i am back alive and kicking. How are u doing guys? i wish everything is all fine. Thank u too for all my visitors who constantly finds time to visit my blog, in just a while ill be at your doorsteps. Mwah

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Busy

Sorry guys if i wasnt able to visit you this time even last weekend, i was just super busy and in fact i wasnt able to log in yesterday/ Hopefuly i could do it tomorrow.Just arrived from church and took a nap, well its sunday and time to rest and sleep. I had a great food today, fresh sea foods, yummy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking For a Webhosting

For several months that i am using my blog, i can honestly say that its really better to have your own domain blog because it can boast your page rank than if youre just in a gree webhost like blogspot. I have look around to find a great webhosting company that could offer a great service until i find klix host. They are into webhost servicing and offered a cheap and affordable rate with free one month service. I actually order already for only $3.99 for three months subsciption and i am entitled for their promo of one month free subsciption. Isnt it great?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amazing Site; I was Paid Instantly

I just sign up to this site called PaidToClick.Co and after just a cliked with the ads i was paid immediately, this is really amazing. Hers the proof to that, sign in now

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The Senate Inquiry on jeteng probe has already started. ARchibishop Cruz faced the Blue Ribbon Committee as the whistle blower on the alleged issue of some politicians behind these game. In the midst of the inquiry, Senator Estrada told the hearing committee of his stand on the issue, saying that its better to legalize jueteng than stoping it.Because of the widespread operations of this game and rampant addictions of our fellow constituentes,some believes that thsi may bring additional revenue to the country if this will legalize but given the hypothetical theory of such bulk add on on our revenuew plus an economic stability, Is it good to hear from our international audience that the Philippines becomes progressive because of jueteng? If you are given such compliment, will you take it positively or the other way around. Thats the things. However, there are pors and cons attached to the battle of making this game legit, the after effect may be good to the country especially in this midst of crises and will surely be a great help to a financially crippled government and its not only the government that will benefit this decision, even our ordinary tao who rely on this game for their means of survival, more and more people will be given jobs and can avail of the social benefits. Some are even saying that why does casinos has legit opertions when in fact its also a game like jueteng and why this latter is always the main subject for moral standars when there are lots of illegit games in the country. To cap these, i believe is about time that we should come up with the right resolution to this problem, weigh those arguments and come up with the right decision that will be both beneficial to the government and to the society in general.

The Rain and Me

Its raining outside and i love how my roof sounds when the rain drops on it, i love teh cold breeze that the rain brings, everybody seems to be quite, i even hear snorring, they really love sleeping when the rain comes. My curtain is like a woman dancing, i bet she is enjoying too the wind and the cold breeze. I wish to sleep though i just woke up,, i wanted to stay more in bed and hug my blanket but i dont want to close my eyes coz when i do so i think too of the memories behind the rain, when someone sleeps beside you. When those time you always pray for rain because when the rain comes, you feel his arms around your body, feeling secured and feeling loved. Rain is a natural blessing from God to shower our forests and the dry land. We need rain so that we can balanced this hot atmosphere but to some we need rain so that the land may evolve as stronger like most of us need, a rain to mold us to be a better and stronger individual. I just hear few more drops and it means that it has finally showered all those gloomy clouds that ive seen an hour ago, those few drops means an end of the showering rain. The memories we had then may vapor as fast as time flies but as long as the rain comes, it will always be a reminder of the love made in the rain.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sex Trafficking

I am not either an activist in my college years nor i belong into a womans organizations which helps women who were victims of any maltreatment. I dont belong to any of those but since i have this portal to air out what i fell and how i felt on those certain issues so i better use this for a good cause. I have heard lots and lots of women in the news and even here in the net who were victims of sex trafficking abroad particuarly in the Middle East. Sadly these figures we have in our data are not the correct numbers to be exact cause mostly there are still lots of domestic helpers who were victim of such but just remained mum until now cause they believe that nothing will happen to their case, they believe so because even our government has a weak protection for woman like me. Our government has no specific laws that would guarantee protection to women especially if it is just an isolated case. Have you ever experienced talking to a woman who is a victim of rape? or even abused from evil men? Have you ever heard their cried for justice and Have you ever heared their stories of being used and abused by several men and treated like an animal, much worst like an animal and when they decided to complain to our help desk, they were just taken forgranted because they dont have the money to finance for such expensive legal battle. Its really a shame to be in a government wher womens protection is quite not that clear.Worst thing is about the case of our domestic helpers particularly those that are working in the Middle East where they are being raped and become sex slaves. These Filipinas risk their lives going there just to give a greener pasteur to their family but unluckily they end up being brutally traded sexually. I really condemn these widespread cases of Filipinas but what i dont understand is why our immigration cannot do something about these. I hope somehow our government - these goverment can protect the rights of women and fight for our fellow filipinas who were exploited and traded sexually beyond borders.

A Great STart

I find this day really great for me because of a lot of things, im thankful because i was able to wake up and God gave me another day to enjoy life, second i am blessed because HE always makes me feel that HE is always there for me. Well i missed my familyy now, really.Did i share with you that i was lost last Saturdayy, i actuallyy went out for a grocery and i was kind of trouble as to what im going to ride in and to my dismay i ride the wrong route which made me walk up to downtown proper nonetheless is was a bit a new experience to share.Happy MOnday everyone

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bedroom Furnitures

Its always a vanity for most women to beautify ones home and even to make the most of our own rooms like choosing our own color for our respective bedrooms and putting girly stuff that will match our taste and reflect our personality. Mostly i can see beautiful bedrooms from my friends dressed in an all pink colored stuff from curtains to thier pillows and tiles, in fact my bestfriend put a glittering star in her room that really glitters during at night. Its really awesome and it makes your room like a room for the royal blood nevertheless making some renovations in your own rooms need not to be that extravagant cause even just as simple as general cleaning or room painting may bring a different color and ambiance to your dull place, what more of putting some pretty stuff and having a great and fantastic Furniture for your own room. Choosing a modern bedroom furniture is trully a headachee due to a variety of choices and modern trends. You will find so many great beddings and furnitures today that are even affordable yet is durable but its still recommended to trust the product choice of many.Chpoosing and online retailer is quite tough too but Spacify might be a great help to your need. They offer great value for your money for your bedroom funitures sets and you can have variety of choices. Now vanity runs in the blood especially now that its easy to beatify our own comfort zones.

Got Paid at ONBUX

I already make a list as to where PPC sites are legit and where i should focus so that i can manage my time properly. As of this time, i am maintaing two sites and i manage to click them everyday so that i could earn at least 5 dollar from them everyday. Just last thursday i checked my onbux site if it really pays to its members and hurray i got my first payment there, its just $2 but still im happy that i can maintain two legit PTC sites as my sideline earnings. In my neobux i can cash out there $10 dollars and happy having such kind of sites, clicking while getting paid.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MOral Obligation - A Woman Spirit

With the present news on television about babies being abondoned by their mothers is really so terrible, how much more seeing a footage of a died fetus being thrown into the river or even just in the trash bag, its really so hilarious.Just this week, a certain newly born baby was abandoned by is mother at Gulf Air and luckily a man was able to notice this baby so he was turn over to DSWD. But now more and more people are interested to adopt these child and be given extra care when her own mother cannot even give to him, even just little love. Nonethelessm, we have no right at all to judge the woman because we dont know what exactly happened at her working place, all we just knew was the crime of abandonement which axed our heart. I guess everyone of us were touched by these certain situations especially if it involved helpless babies when they cant even fight at all for all those unfortunate circumstances. I always believe and will still believe that a baby is a blessing coz not all woman has the chance to become a mother but not all parents can be called a mother. It takes a lot of sacrifice to become the later and it takes a lot more enduring and sometimes unbearable pain to become a so called mother. Coz a mother has a special heart that only mothers can ever have.

However heres the challenge to all women, when you face an untoward incident in your life that made you pregnant, for instance being raped by your emploer or being abused in a situation where you dont have control with and suddenly the cons is waking up with a child in your womb? Will you still continue giving life to your child or would you choose to underwent abortion because you felt you cannot give life to a child you dont long for. If you will choose thje former, its like staying in hell for the rest of your life, coz whenever you see the shild, as if you can remember every details of the crime in his eyes and if you choose the later its as if a part of you dies coz the baby is a part of you, every blood that runs in his body is your blood too and when you choose to kill him, it is like you decided to kill a part of you. With this tug of war between what you want to do and what you should do is a life changing decision, they may never knew what a woman is going through, it may just be easy for them to judge us or to misjudge us coz they' re not on our shoe but may this be a wake up call to every woman, to all woman that we have our respective moral obligations, its not just an obligation set by our religion but its more of deep commitment to become morally liable always in anything and everything we do in our everyday lives. Lets all be reminded that as a woman, is a great blessing coz into our hands lies greater responsiblity morally and spiritually.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Birthday Bash @ Waterfront Cebu

There was really no planned yesterday as to where im going to celebrate my birthday since im planning to just have it this weekend, i went to mass late in the afternoon and no planned at all however my friends asked me to hang out around before were going to go to work at around 11 pm, then we planned to go to Waterfront an availed of their eat all you can, well the celebration took place. We had a dinner with some close friends and my brother at Waterfront Hotel and we had an eat all you can dinner and what surprises me was that i was serenaded by those waitress with a birthday cake plus a candle, it was so sweet. I was really so full last night coz the buffet was great, there you find a variety of menus plus great deserts, i just ate potato salad coz it was really fantastic. My birthday ends by a call as we went to our respective workplace and back to business again, Well i am already 25 and it has all made the difference.Mwah

Thursday, September 16, 2010

July 17 and the Man Behind It

Wondering whats with the date? its the day the man most memorable to me was born, its the day the world welcomes him and up to this day, its still my favorite date.It may sounds odd but really in our life there are dates and especial occasions we treasured the most. I guess ive told him already that whatever may happen i will always treasure him and on my especial day i really really missed him. I guess if i had one wish today that will just be made true, it would be to be with him and be with be with his arms once more.I may have said it a lot of times but really he is the only man i have loved with, sincerely. I wish really he is just fine and happy. They say it takes just a minute to know someone, an hour maybe to get to know him better but it takes a lifetime to forget him. To the man behind, i love you so much.


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Its My BIrthday

Yes guys, its my 25th birthday today and i am very happy because of lots of things that God provided me, grateful for all the blessings and for the guidance that he is always giving me through out my 25 years of existence. I also thank my family for being there for me always - in good times and bad times and for always being my support system no matter what. I am just really grateful that this life of mine is centered with my faith to God and always almost i am always provided with good spirits to guide me to the right road.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Time for an update i guess, though im a bit sleepy but i need to do some updates here, its a sunny Wednesday here not unlike yesterday that its really raining so hard. Its already my Birthday tomorrow and im turning 25, ohh what an age,hehehhe. But still no plans for tomorrow cos im planning to have my celebration on Saturday, tomorrow is a busy day for everybody of us and some of my closest friends are still not here, im planning to make a fruit salad cos Im already craving for it, but i don't like to use the canned cocktails, when we attended the party at my aunts place, they have a delicious fruit salad and its made of real fruits, there's bananas and all those stuff, its really so yummy, anyway i don't have to prepare for many coz its just a simple celebration for a few people. I am actually planning to go home to my place but i regret that i cannot do it now cos im still waiting for a very important thing here and im thinking that maybe if i go home and the call came i would have hard time trying to go back here so instead ill reserve it for October or if not maybe the soonest possible time as long as i have an available time.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Online Dating Service

Its a fact that technology has brought a crucial change to our life, it did only gives us a more comfortable way fo living but much much more than that. It allows us to do online shopping, pay our bills and now even to find the right partner is also possible. It is because there are already dating sites in the net that offers free service to all singles out there. You can just from variety of these dating sites coz there are those site that are only exclusive for teens and some sites are just for asians while lately i was able to browse a site for seniors. Finding an older man to love is really such a great option because they offer genuine love and you will really be pampered and taken care of like what you wanted to be. If you wanted to register on this site or want to be a member instead, then its time for you to log on to meet seniors dating service and experience an extraordinary love by the seniors. Browse for their profiles to know more about them and message them up and for sure once it will blossom, its going to be a great relationship. Experience love.

Anniversary Giveaway Contest

I missed joining blog contests not unlike few months ago that i have more spare time that i did joined lots of contests online. Speaking of contest, i wanna share with you about the anniversary contest of Enjoy Life To The Fullest she is giving away some exciting prices especially for us girls and some fashionable bloggers. Joining is so easy and fun.very basic and its not that complicated.

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Few Days More... go before my special day,yes you guess it right and i am turning 25 this coming September 16. Seems like time flies so fast, who wouldn't forget the child who just want playtime all those years and now seems like Im ready for another chapter of my life, am i? well time will tell. I still don't have plan yet for my birthday or if there is any it would be schedules on Saturday since my birthday falls on a weekdays and we know what weekdays means, work days..hhehe. But really, i couldn't believe i am turning 25 already cause i cant feel my age yet, because for me 25 means an old woman with lots of wrinkles (weird) - just kidding. But, happy birthday to me, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to me.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Great Saturday

Yepeey, its such a great day for me, i wanna shout and scream. I love my life. Thank You Lord for always making me happy, for making my life great and for the chance of meeting new people who makes and breaks me. It will be few days more to go before my birthday but seems its Christmas for me, i received lots and lots of blessing here. I never asked and i don't want to say i like or i want this to happen but seems God engineered my life as if im his masterpiece, he even architect it in a way where people would say, you're so great, and i am because of HIM. HE is always full of surprises, really. I don't know how to thank you for all these things you've given to me and for all those graces you shared in my life. But one thing i knew, i patiently wait for the right timing, i never asked, i never complained, when i was at those bumps, i accepted it faithfully, i believe its your will and i believe it should be done. Now i felt being rewarded, THANK YOU GOD for being so good to me since then. I Love You So Much.

Looking For LOve

In the advent of new technology, its much easier for singles to look for a partner even just at their social media sites. In fact ive known a lot of people who have long distance relationship and just meet through online dating sites. There are of course pros and cons of this type of relationship considering the distance but it depends on both of you to manage such emptiness. Nonetheless, we should not always trust these dating sites that we see online because some may not be legit and may just use your name of photos for their gain, its always important to do a background check and register in a site which is legit and has a good reputation. Its always risky to register in any dating sites because its your name and your personal identity that is always at risk. Im sure you want to look for the best site here by which you can use as a tool to look for your soul mate or maybe the right person, no problem asian personals is an answer in your prayers - a site where you can find potential partners or maybe your husband or ideal girl. It exclusively for Asian and where you can interact Asian people. Its also an advantage since you will interact with the same race and so its most likely you will have a bigger advantage and chance to meet the right one. Who know this is the site for you and the site where your partner is.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alertpay; Proud to have One

I decided to have another account apart from paypal and now i have my alrtpay account coz some money making sites doesnt pay to paypal but no option than at alertpay, i am amazed that its so much easier here to be verified. I love to have my alertpay account, common have one.

To The One Person - I Call Mine

.... you have made me the person i am today
.... you never fails to understands me despite and inspite of.
..... you always makes me smile even if i carry the whole world
.....more than anything else you have loved me with no conditions
for who i am and for who im not
I may have wondered once why the world if full of broken hearts
I was once a member of and i almost quit..
BUt you came at the very moment i needed someone to fill in the emptiness
Your coming into my life might just be an ordinary day for you
But for me its the day i find a soulmate ive been longing for
It may not be always a relationship full of joys and happiness
It may not always be a road where everyone dreams of
Or the road to a happy ending
Coz my happy ending is having you in my life
I wanted to think that its forever, coz forever isnt just a word
but a destination
I said once " Someday someone will gonna love me like i always wanted to be love"
And that someday is today and the day i have met you.
.....if i wanted so much to be with the wrong person
how great it will be when the right one comes along,

Happy Birthday Mama Mary

September 8 marks the birthday of our beloved mama Mary according to our Christian faith. Today we celebrates her special day but above all its a commemoration of her sacredness and i believe its about her being a great woman. Really, mama Mary became my personal saint as a woman and as a lady who strives for happiness all the time. I always pray for her guidance cos as a woman too we all want to be guided by her divine intervention, in all things that i do i always pray for her so that i may be going to the right road. To you Mama Mary - Happy Birthday.

What Happens

I am just a bit pissed, i just made some updates a minute ago then when i clicked the publish button, it hanged to my dismay it was not saved to draft. Anyway, i just arrived here from Mabolo and its quite hot, i am still looking for a good food to eat. i might consider eating just a bread or anything that i might crave.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Never Been To Me

The song says" Ive been to paradise but ive never been to me". I may have touched a lot of heart, i may have caused a smile to someone else heart but ive never make my heart smile even for a single day coz sometimes we may have portray a happy face to everyone but its only us who knews what we felt and how we felt inside. It may be good sometimes to cry if you think you cant make it anymore, or if you felt its so much heavy burden that to the extent youre hurtin too much. I am the type of person who easily cry because it my own way of alleviating my emotionla state, i felt relieved when i cry and i felt so okey when i do so. Its just that now i am in pain and i just dont wnat to disclose why i am hurtin but one thing is sure, it is so painful.Up until last night my eyebags are so much visible that i dnt want to go out because i felt it would attract their attention. I just couldnt help but to burst out all that im feeling, all the hurt, all the pain and all the things i couldnt say, those unspoken thoughs thats hurtin me coz i believe its better to keep it with myself and leaving me hurtin than to speak those words and leave someone else a scar that cant be erased by time. That's me, if i can handle it all by myself, i will keep it within me so that the pain will be just within me and no one will be hurt coz i love them. But why is it always me thats hurt? when im all along have been true and have been keeping my promise to be good in the eyes of law and in the eyes of God.

You know last night, when i felt all alone in the room, i have this doubt if God really loves me coz if HE cares for me why does He allows such things to happen to me. But i erased the thought and i just prayed and i asked for an angel to hug wth lats night, truelly i didnt remember how i was able to have a good sleep and this morning i just woke up with my pillow in between my arms as if the pillow becomes a comforter last night. I knew theres a good reason behind this and a purpose for me to learn more and be strong in this journey. I knew how HE would like to take all the worries and fears that i had but as much as he wants to.,He wants me to experience such so that i will be molded as a strong woman, a woman HE wants me to become all along.I may now know what lies behind those tests but one thing is sure I can surpass them all - because I have GOD with me, in me and for me.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Improvement

Its nice to go home an spend time with the breath of the fresh air from your home, watering the plants and doing some little things to add beauty to your home, this simple things really make your day since there's no place really like home. in terms of Home Design Ideas you can find variety of ways where you can decorate your home or transform it to something more refreshing in the eyes, i would surely love that idea. right?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Had a Wonderful Time

We were invited by our aunt to take our dinner in their house tonight and i saw a lot of some friends and close family friends there. It was a fine and great night for all of us and they really have anm awesome house, my aunt is an og-gyne by profession and she the head of the Maternity Hospital in Cebu while her husband owns an aeronotics school in town, they have their own private plane and they have 5 luxurious vehicles, but what i love about their house is that it is so simple yet elegant and they have a great garden, thsi is where the dinner took place. Well time for me to sleep now, bye.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mountain Gear

I am not the type of person who loves to do some adventures in life like hunting, fishing or mountain hiking but somehow i have tried hiking during our youth conference when i was still at my high school year. It was a bit fun but so tiring and dangerous too. I saw how those dangerous species run after the other like the snakes and other wild animals. But really some people are adventurous they like to try to be in the forest or do a bit island hopping, it is really so nice but im sorry im just not the type of person who likes that kind of thing. But speaking of mountain climbing, did you know that if you will try doing some climbing with a group, you should be prepared and equipped with the right gadgets for your safety and for the security of the group.There are just appropriate clothes to use when doing so, so as the shoes and other accesories. If you are planning to do so browse for the right clothes and gadgets, then you should try visiting this site
La Sportiva .They are the site youve been looking for - for your climbing suites and other things you need for your adventure.


I am still sleepy but i cant sleep, i heard lots of noise outside. Well, maybe the children from the neighborhood played outside, i love those children from my neighbors, a bit naughty yet theyre so sweet. Anyway, i better eat halo-halo, you like guys?

Business Cards

Part of marketing strategy for any business is to push through with some sales activities, you migh consider having taste if youre into food services, while you can offer free service if youre into parlor or any kind of service nonetheless these tell us that its very important to estabish rapport to your customers coz they are the one who gives you sales every month. I remember there was a food establishment before at downtown where we usually dine out whenever me and my friends wold like to have dinner together unfortunately after a year of operation we just noticed that it does not exist anymore because as they say it was not as profitable as the rest of the food outlets there, they may offer delicious and yummy foods but they lack marketing strategies. They might consider doing some restaurant business cards for their customers. Im sure its going to be effective, right?.Nowadays that competition is everywhere they should have done somethin else so that they can attract more customers.


When i was still younger we used to play different boardgames, i am not actually used to playing with the rest of the kids in town because i dont know how to play their games, my parents bought us different board games like cheese, domino and the like coz they wanted us to stay at home most of the time, of course i have my dolls and all those barbies but i enjoyed playing those games with my brothers and friends, and now i browse for these kind of games and luckily ive found a site where i can play my favorite games and its rules,like me im sure you wanna know what this site is, oh yeah, its . It a site where you can search for your favorite board games, its rules and anything you wanna know. Common see the site now, its great.


A great morning guys, just woke up here, whats new guys? well i just drink my hot chocolate and now im into blog hopping. a just arrived from work a few hours but cant sleep well because it too hot so i decided to open the television set and watch the ANC, its the DOJ hearing on the hostage crises, ive seen several high ranking officials there, well, have to go outside, ill buy some good food.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Love and all its Complexities

A happy ending may connotes a different meaning to someone else and to some it may mean being in the arms of the one person you love, to you may mean being wed and marry your first crush - to me may mean just having enough reason to smile as i wake up everyday. Sounds silly right? yes i am silly, last night i heard my friend who was just a door away from my room, i can hear her crying and she went out for a talk, she is working in a call center here in Cebu. Amidst those tears falling she shared to me her grief and bitternes, her mom got mad because she found out that she is still seeing her ex bf, i asked her why her mom has that feelings, does your bf did something to you before that your mom does not like? she was hesitant at first, but then she told me how her ex bf ruined her life before, when she leaved her broken and shattered, i just stare at her and asked my damn self why this person still wants to be back to hell? isnt she silly like me? going back to the person who have hurt you? but then though i am mad at that moment, part of it was understanding and compassion, ive done that - been there and done that, that cliche thing. But im proud to say - i have move on and move forward. I knew how she feels and i knew how its so hard to keep the feeling in yourself no matter how bad and painful it is already, i knew how she feels when its still better to stay in bed despite the sun rising and to the comfort of your pillow, you burst out those tears youve ben hiding from your family. But i always told her that it doesnt always follow that what may be the best for me, maybe the best for you too. Its only her who can decided on her own, depending on the circumstances and depending on your emotional state. I choose to stay away from the one person i loved because i felt that was the right thing to do, i felt i am saving the respect and self identity for myself. I am doing the move for me. But still its your choice of happiness that will count in the end. As the movie quotes : He's not just into you"
Im thankful that i have alleviate her tears at that time that we've talked, at least, she said, i felt relief.. The moment her feet walked towards the door, i knew its the start of a real tug of war - between what she felt and what her mom wants her to do. I just wish a happy ending to her and happy ending may mean being able to wake up to the sad reality that he is just not meant to be, having the courage to accept the fate, learn from it and be completly over. I may have won the battle of mending a sad love story but still another battle awaits me, coz life does not end the way we used to think, Love is a war, love is a battle and Love is growing up.

Being Artistic - Office Dilemma 101

I know how it feels when your table turned into mess because of chaotic papers messed at your table, in fact u cannot remember where you put some important documents and that made your head really bad,I used to have the same dilemma before and no matter how i make my shelves organized, you cant help those stuff truning into mess because youre work entails you to put these papers left and right however having the right shelves will make you more organized and clean your table like you wanted it to be.I found one great shelve wich will surely be a help to office personnel, this is the Steel stand alone or desk type shelving by Safco Products which can be wall mounted and has single or double tier, it is made up of steel so you can pile your hard bound document and made them visible right when you need it the most. At least, you now have the idea as to how you make your working environment clean and organized.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halloween Fancy Dress

Today marks the start of ber month, meaning Christmas Season is already fast approaching but before that some party goers are looking forward first to Halloween Custome Party where they can showcase their different custome dress and those fancyy dress theyy alll saved for. Im sure its not onlyy them who are excited but the rest of us too especially that this is the time where we could facilitate and attend parties that are uniquelyy organized, being excited to be in a white ladyy inspired costumes while looking forward to the face befind dracula's mask. Isnt is exciting?, well it is really and i can offer a help where you can search and buy your sexyy fany dresses that will make you the star of the night,im sure its not easy to choose a Fancy Dress Costumes, coz not all will make you a star, so at last now yyou have the best shop where you can pick your fancy dress.

Cebuanos Demand an Apology

I just read it in the paper a while ago, cebuanos particularly the league of the vice mayou file a resolution proclaiming ex Ms Univers Gloria Dias as persona ingrata, this is due to his allegations that cebuanos can hardly speak in english on one of her interview. Allegedly, Ms. Diaz talked in a public interview stating her views about the cebuanos, of course it really so unfair for them. In fact in major media avenue here, this is the talk of the town and they all call to banned whatever projects or movied Ms. Diaz will be part of, this is simply a wake up call to the artist and even to people who doesnt think first of what theyy say, but according to sources, Ms. Gloia Diaz will never apologize to the cebuanos regarding this issue.