Friday, April 8, 2011

Business Ventures

My hubby just called up to scold me but i am never bitter on him. As he said sometimes i need to be reminded often so that i would be matured enough to be responsible. He told me few days ago to see a doctor for my urinary infection but i just took his advice for granted. This morning i texted him that i had a mild fever last night, he immediately called up and interrogates me for an hour. Nonetheless, i am happy of the fact that someone across the globe is concerned about me. Isn't it a happy feeling, right guys?

Anyway, just a while ago we were talking about possible business ventures that he might undertake in the country. I couldn't think of a good business nowadays because i don't have an idea what is in trend aside from the latest fashion accessories. But if ever we will venture in the field of business someday, Im sure we will need logo design ideas for our products. At least i have an idea how to stand out because of this marketing strategy.