Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Remembered

I missed the call of my hubby. I never realized that my phone is ringing because I'm working on my backlog. When i checked my phone, it was my honey calling. how sweet of him. I guess he will be going to sleep already. He would call to say goodnight and just a little chitchat about what happened to him in the day. I forgot i have so many stories to tell him, hehehe. Last night, he called up to ask if i still have money left. We actually bought a new notebook so he was worried that the money he sent were not enough but thank God, i still have few backs for my daily expenses. I don't want him to feel that i depend on him because in the very first place, i have my job to support me and my family is still there yet he is extra sensitive about it. He would always wanted that i am doing fine and one time i told him about some little stuff that pissed me, he was insisting on talking to that person because he doest want that i am hurt in any way. Sometimes i end up childish because he pampered me a lot. I admit i sometimes abuse his kindness especially if want something else but he knew i always remain committed on him.

Yay, cant wait the day. You know that i love you so much my honey. Thank you for embracing my imperfections and for bringing love beyond conditions. I cant promised to be the perfect girl for you but i will always try to be the best partner.mwah

Its a Great day

Yepey, its an amazing day for me. Ive grab few tasks and another bunch of tasks reserved for me. Another thing, I had a great day talking with my hubby. I wish he is here now. There would be lots of surprises coming on my way. On the lighter side, the sports activities were successfully held last night. We just ranked second but happy. Its the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that is the core thing and I'm glad there is an activity like that. The night was awesome for me though it rains. I realized our place is full of talented youngsters and only if there is the chance to developed such skills I'm sure our place will be known for it.

Anyway, i really have so many stories to tell but ill reserve it later. To all my readers, thank you for checking out my updates. I'm glad you keep an eye on my site. Have a great day everyone.