Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Lucky Necklace

I dont believe in luck before but after i was notified by sis that i won her contest, it made me believe that indeed some are meant to be..hehehe, anyway i received the necklace last friday and i really felt so surprised because aside from the beautiful hematite necklace, it has a personal touch from housemom, the box was wrapped in a great golden lace and plus a sweet not on it. I personally loved the necklace coz its a touch of a more elegant charms. I actually have worn it already last week and my office mate told me that it was a great craft. The bids used by housemom was not ordinary even the pendant was really great and heavy which means that its not the usual type. Guys, if you want to order housemom crafts, simply visit her site coz im sure she has variety of great and fashionable items stored for u. Visit her site now.