Thursday, August 19, 2010

CAT 2011

I was ranked as the major officer - the third highest rank during our CAT training way back on my high school years, i actualy wondered why i was picked as one when i was not good at it really, like holding the riffle or even marching properly but then our corp commander was my fathers good friend that why all of us became officers on his time,isnt it funny? but of course i dont recommend that to teachers because they shoudl picked the most qualified so that he/ she can be an effective officer. Anyway, recentlly i hearef news that the CAT mandatory training for secondary students will be fuly implemented so that these students will learn first line of defense whenever the need of it arises for instance saving someone in typhoons and some emergency cases but it will also be helpful if you are caught in some crimes that you need to defend yourself, knowing the bsaic line of defense is really very helpful especially for women like me. During my time, we were just taught basic marching and even holding the riffle but now there are already avaiable formai trainings and schoolings to those who wanted to join the CAT trainings, there are even available online CAT 2011 Entrance Exam for those who wanted to have a fast application. I guess a lot of students will take thie great chance of being on CAT.

Fun Way To Earn

well its another session of purely monetary talk, and who does not want to talk about money101, as they all says " When money talks, everybody listens", well well its definitely true, anyway, a minute ago, i received an invitation about getting paid by writing articles, its not that i am good in writing or im a publicist either, its just that i loved writing articles especially about things i loved. So guys, im sharing you this new site called BUKISA

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What Can U Say?

...about people who are just so insecured of other people? i guess there are really people who are not just confident of themselves and mind other people, right? because if ou are really confident about yoursef and lved your own then basicaly theres no reason why you pay attention to other people or person for that matter but realy sometimes we get envy on what other achieves and what other has or has fulfilled, because we think we are less valuable than him, but honestly its not the material possesions nor what the other person has that really matter to us, its the thougt that he has more that really bother us at all, isnt that really personal disorder? coz i dont think its noraml to be other peoples shadow, you must be confident and be your own always. Forget the people around you and mind your own business, for the bottomline. I have nothing against this people coz anyway they dont matter at me at all, its just that, if it came to a point wherein they became paranoid and make stories of their own to destryo someones reputations, then its really a no no. I am not the type of person who fight back or would care at all asking for a punch, coz i was raised and we were molded to have proper breedings. Nonetheless, if it really came to a point where you cant help it anymore, its the point where too much is unquantifiable, then that comes an outburst of emotional unspoken words you want to give to them and tell them the five letter word b****. Do they deserve them? i know none deserves one but their attitude deserves one.

Im Back

Im back on my place now, just arrived after a 6 hours stressful travel but i am indeed happy to meet a wonderful man who were one of the prestigeous men in the region. I actually didnt knew him until he intoruduced himself, he the regional director in onr of the top agencies in the country and luckily we were in the same field, we had a long chitchats and he even accompanied me home coz he has his own car and a personal driver. I was so schocked because he is so friendly that i am so flattered to meet someone like him. Anyway, i knew its going to be a busy week again for me coz i need to work doube time coz i missed two days of my work, but i guess its just fair, two days of enjoyment with my family and now back to business.