Monday, July 21, 2008

My Non - Negotiable

Yesterday i was browsing over a magazine, and a certain article really caught my attention, its all about searching for one truel love, its the article of Bo Sanches on his magazine "Kerygma".
Bo was trying to tell to his readers about certain things to consider in looking for your other half, since it has always been a fact that settling for good is not just like an ordinary decision making. It entails a lot of prayers, sacrifices and adjustments, so before we say "I do". lets all have reflections first on what are the things that are non- negotiable, i mean things you are looking for in a man, a husbad material, for that matter:
In my case heres my list of what i want my man to be:
1. He must be a good listener.
- I am a person who is really so emotional, i oftentimes cry even for nonsense things (stupid), i am the sensitive type of person, that is why, i am looking for someone who could gives me a shoulder to lean on, on my difficult time.
2. He must be a family - oriented man.
- I always love my family and will always will, that is why if ever ill setlle for good, ill choose
for someone who will also loves my family as if his own, bonds with them, and who could
laugh with us, as we dinned together.
3. He must be gentleman, sweet but strong enough to make me grounded.
- I dont have problem being submissive, he just have to be worth it.
4. He must have sense of humor
- It always feels great that despite your hectic schedule, you will bond with someone who will
gives you a fresh smile, laughter has always been the best medicine,and for that matter,
being with someone who could just gives you a a smile despite some depressions gives the
feeling of comfort, and that made all the difference.
Fo all gals, out there, hope i have inspired you and gives you some thougths to ponder...
See yah...