Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Does Love Change You?

Love can make or break us. This is significantly true with the past experiences that we underwent. But as what as my friend says, the sweetest reward is when you finally wake up one day not feeling the same way, less painful yet more determined of moving forward. Everyone got the chance to experience pain and heartbreaks, some had even underwent moments where they lose their identity. But no matter how heartbreaking our stories to share, its still the core point that "we finally learn from our mistakes" that is inspiring. Learning takes time, it even takes extraordinary journey, it even much takes a dreaded soul and pail of tears to finally take us to where we are now. But the capstone of every learning is when one surpassed the challenged and pain of a love story made up of bitterness and sufferings.

In any way, love is powerful giving us lessons we ought to learn. But in every love journey that we want to take, lets always put in mind the risk it would bring to us. And finally, let us embrace a possibility of letting go of someone we love coz who knows its just a blessing in disguise paving the way to the man who will love every inch of us. Goodbye are sometimes an opening for a love that is made for us.

Stay in love guys.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Open for Guest Post

I read about guest posting and it made me feel curious about such concept. I never thought that it is popular today. I realized i wanna try for it. I want to experience a guest poster on my site and specifically talk about fashion which is the main niche of my blog. I am also open to be a guest poster to other site. How about you guys, did you try guest posting? How was the experience?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grab your Silicone Bracelet Now

Bracelets add glamour to ones personality. To people who know and has the art of fashion, they will surely agree with me that bracelets are essential accessories to one's self. Dont you observed how fashionable people mixed and match their bracelets with their dresses and clothes. Yes they did because its a way of giving a stunning persona to their audience. Indeed, the modern fashion industry is innovative and artistic in its own way. Look at the present fahionable items in the market, take a look at the recent styles and trends. Its a product of modernized fashion taste that are truely fantastic. Speaking of modern trends, have you heard of silicone bracelets? Perhaps you did, they are jewelry items that are colorful, durable and comfortable to wear. They are mostly made of rubber that has a message on every wristband to promote certain societal consciousness and environmental causes.

Silicone bracelets became the famous craze nowadays because of its stand out appearance once worn. Well, if you are interested to have one, you can order for a custom silicon wristbands at kulayful.com. The company offers customization of silicone writsbands and has a plethora of choices. They are the the top choice of people who wanted to have their own silicone bracelets. BUt heres the big deal, they offer the most affordable and quality wristband in the market and deliver your order as quick as 5 days. Isnt that a best deal? Hurry, order your now.

Saturday Blah

Yay just arrived at home after a great and tiring day. We roam around the city and shop with my sister. I was able to buy fashionable dresses and shoes. I realized im a shopaholic coz i never get contented with just one item. I wish i could stop that attitude of mine because i really want to minimize myself from investing on clothes, shoes and bags but what can i do? Whenever i see beautiful pair of shoes i would immedietly grab it. Well i guess i deserve a reward for myself, dont you think guys? Ive been working to death and you know how stressful it is to simultaneously do your online works while finishing all your regualr works. I mean there was even a time that i would go home late at night because i still have to finish everything. But today i believe i need to buy whatever pleases me because ive been workaholic these days. Im happy that i bought a great deal. Till next shopping time.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Morning Greetings

I knew I owe you guys, but i really cant have time to do my online obligations in this site. I still have pending reviews to do but don't have time to do, maybe this weekend. I was pretty busy with some product reviews of a client. In fact, i am not feeling good today because of so much stressed. Ive been making 12 - 15 reviews a day and my brain seems to drained. But i always motivates myself to finish everything because I'm building my own credibility too. Today when i checked my email, i saw an advertiser's notice, another task again for this blog. I hope i can finish all before the weekend. Tomorrow is another busy day for me, i need to go to downtown to deposit the payment of a product that I've brought. I also need to buy my globe tatoo or smart bro. Hayst, i have plenty of things to deal with. This put a hole in my pocket.hehehe.

Well, i just dropped my morning greetings guys. Ill be at your doorstep later. Have a great day.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beach Escapade

My honey pie phoned me last night about his plan of letting us do a beach escapade. He said he knew of a place in Cebu where we can stay. I contacted Misty today about my hubby's plan and told him to bring the kids and maybe her family too so that it would be super fun. I am still thinking when i can possibly schedule a trip to Cebu. In fact, my hubby is already mad at me why i cant do it this month. Hayst, i wish i am a super woman so that i can do everything he requested.

But my hubby is sick right now, in fact his voice sounds so different last night when we talked. I told him to cancel his appointment but he said he is just fine. Well, i texted him this morning as soon as i wake up to know if he is fine already, he suddenly called and said he will just rest and stay at home. At last, he followed my order..hehehhe.

There is indeed a reason why my path leads to him because i am overwhelmed by his love always. Hurting me is the last thing he can do. Unlike all the past experiences. Get well soon and i heart you honey pie.

Airport Amenities

For a place to be flocked with tourists, its important that they must have attractive sceneries and of course many tourists destinations. But over and above, the gateway of the visitors should be as stunning and as impressive as the place. I'm talking about the airport amenities. An airport should have the state of the art technology, must have a great customer satisfaction and of course should have a desirable parking areas. I remember a friend who told me about how amazing her experience at Chicago Ohare Parking. She said she was impressed how the parking place was organized and clean. She even compared it with the rest of the airport places in town and according to her Chicago airport is one of the best airport in town.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doing Reviews..Want One?

Ive been showered again with so many reviews. It was so awesome because i never expect that i can easily hit my online quota for the week. Thank You Lord for showering me with more blessings everyday. Yesterday, i was able to make pretty good reviews and now i grab few online tasks too. It was such in time because I'm saving for something important. It was actually a good timing because i am in the mood now to write. The good thing about my favorite site is that, i need not to maintain a good page rank for me to grab one, as long as you're tested to be an excellent writer/reviewer then you're in. Plus, its guaranteed that you can have reviews to do everyday. This is the convenience of online tasks. I know its going to be a tiring day for me but i need to be motivated. Have a great day guys. If you want to know more...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Remembered

I missed the call of my hubby. I never realized that my phone is ringing because I'm working on my backlog. When i checked my phone, it was my honey calling. how sweet of him. I guess he will be going to sleep already. He would call to say goodnight and just a little chitchat about what happened to him in the day. I forgot i have so many stories to tell him, hehehe. Last night, he called up to ask if i still have money left. We actually bought a new notebook so he was worried that the money he sent were not enough but thank God, i still have few backs for my daily expenses. I don't want him to feel that i depend on him because in the very first place, i have my job to support me and my family is still there yet he is extra sensitive about it. He would always wanted that i am doing fine and one time i told him about some little stuff that pissed me, he was insisting on talking to that person because he doest want that i am hurt in any way. Sometimes i end up childish because he pampered me a lot. I admit i sometimes abuse his kindness especially if want something else but he knew i always remain committed on him.

Yay, cant wait the day. You know that i love you so much my honey. Thank you for embracing my imperfections and for bringing love beyond conditions. I cant promised to be the perfect girl for you but i will always try to be the best partner.mwah

Its a Great day

Yepey, its an amazing day for me. Ive grab few tasks and another bunch of tasks reserved for me. Another thing, I had a great day talking with my hubby. I wish he is here now. There would be lots of surprises coming on my way. On the lighter side, the sports activities were successfully held last night. We just ranked second but happy. Its the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that is the core thing and I'm glad there is an activity like that. The night was awesome for me though it rains. I realized our place is full of talented youngsters and only if there is the chance to developed such skills I'm sure our place will be known for it.

Anyway, i really have so many stories to tell but ill reserve it later. To all my readers, thank you for checking out my updates. I'm glad you keep an eye on my site. Have a great day everyone.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Sharp and Flowery Fragrance

Ive tried this fragrance before and i absolutely like it. Our business partner gave me a Versace and this one (Cool Water by D.a.v.i.d.o.f.f for Women). I love the special scent of this. I actually gave it to my sister and she loves it. Its ideal for daytime wear because it gives a refreshing and a scent of pure ocean air. This perfume possess a femine scent that is irressitible. Whats your taste guys?

Sony Cybershot

The other day, my sister is busy capturing pics at home. She is using the digicam of my brother.

Taking pictures is absolutely fun, but i knew im not fanatic of it really. But if you love collecting pics, you better take a grab of getting your own digi cam. I am eyeing for this and i love its stylish color. Its 12.1 megapixel and a great value. I already inquire the price and im planning to get it by next month. Im planning to have my own cam before my sister fly to Iloilo for her review. I will be going with her to check the place too so the trip would be extra especial if ill have this gadget, right guys?

Dreams and Wishes

My friend was teasing me the other day that my hubby is a bit so possessive on me. I just laugh because i knew he is not. Yes, he phones more than once in a day because he wanted to check that i am totally fine. I mean its no longer a big deal on us because we want to feel ease knowing that both of us are safe. In fact, the other day, he forgot to call me because he was working on a backlog. Out of worries, i texted him that i dont want to talk with him. Poor honey, he hurriedly called up even if he was at the midst of shower. I didnt answer his first few calls because i was a bit of pissed but later on i texted him that im already okey, then he called up again. He was then laughing, i asked him why. He said "i was funny". It made me smile, not because i was funny at all but because we are totally comfortable with each other. We knew our flaws and we totally knew how to give way with one another.

Last night, it was about 8 pm in my time. He just talked in no time like a couple of times within the day with just anything we want to know. From my lunch, what im doing to the question and answer portion which we do usually just to have something to talk about. Anyway, i was doing my beauty regimes when he called. I was laughing thinking that we dont have conversations to tackle coz we already talked everything about all the stuff on the day. But he said, he just called up because he wanted me to check the housekeeper and the headaches we was currently dealing with. He wants me to speak with the person in charge of the house so that he would know what to fix. I promise him to do it the soonest but cant figure out when i can plan a trip to Cebu. I knew i missed the place so much, hanging out at the malls and of course the friends company. I knew i have to be there as soon as possible.

Well, i couldnt think of a nice post now so im sharing stuff that made me smile today. I just want to share my happy moments because as what they've said laughter is the best medicine. Honestly, at this very point, i cant ask no more. Im completely happy with the people sorrounding me and all the blessings that im having. I remember i watched a television show yesterday which gives me an unforgettable line from the host " Dont ever ask what you've done to have all of this blessings because you knew from the very first place that you deserve it". Im referring to none other than Boy Abunda who remarkably gave me an answer to life long dream. yes, i once stopped dreaming because i knew dreams can be just dreams instead i wished because somehow wishes do come true. True indeed.

Have a Great Day!

Just a Thought

Insecurities cannot be treated, thats a fact. Some people would surely envy other people or somehow compete directly or indirectly. However, its not quite good checking on someone else while you forgot to see your reflections in the mirror. I dont see the point too why you have to completely immitate someone else because we are unique in all forms. I even appreciate people who buy their own stuff based on their taste and grooming but totally dislike people who just buy an item because someone else does. Its a complete illusion trying to be someone else when you cant be at the very first place.

I absolutely hated people who are social climber and illusioned themself on the things they cant completely have. I have a good vibes on people who remain down to earth despite the concrete fact that they are really something else. As what my hubby told me, people are really different may it be in personality and attitude. You cant completely expect someone else to behave what you expect them to because we dont hold their brain. But hopefully, they're at their complete sense of checking themselves once more. Do i have what it takes?

Good day!

Do you go For Unique fashion Styles?

I am fond of collecting good fashion stuff. There are accessories i purchased at a cheap price and there are stuff i bought at a good price. Nonetheless, I'm happy that i have a collections of those. I have few items of bags, shoes, accessories and other stuff. I love checking out whats new at some fashion magazines while some i just collect it and wear it when its appropriate in my attire. I remember a good friend saying that she hates to see her dress with similar style with others. I do feel the same way too. I don't pick styles and accessories with same styles as others because i feel awkward wearing it. I remember an instance when i ordered a dress from a fashion reseller company. I decided to wear it in one of my work days unluckily a visitor in the office wear the same. It was one of the unfortunate incidents i deal with because we became the center of attention. How about you, do you go for an original style?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Got my Smart Book

My Apple netbook just arrived now.. It was so awesome. I never thought it was as fantastic as it was presented in the brochure. It was really a great find. I actually bought at a discounted price through online shopping. Ive been looking for a great find in town but i cant find any until i was introduced to a store in the city. I immedietly ordered and deposited my payment. Good thing the owner was very accomodating which i didnt had any problem. It was delivered on time and i encounter no hassles at all.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Had One - Finally

Thank God i managed to grab one paid review. Ive thought i couldnt grab one since it was always unavailable when i reserved it. Luckily, i was given one just aminute ago. Im sure there would be still be fishes ready for grabbing later. The bad news, we are busy tonight and i hope i could have an ample time to do it but i should. But i missed so many task this afternoon because of my connection mess. It happened when i tried to reserve it and suddenly "internet explorer cannot dsiplay blah blah". It was so disgusting because i need to hit my quota for the week. But still i always remain calm because i knew how this favorite site had showered me with so many jobs. Do i have the right to complain?

Busy Saturday

As ive said, i was pretty busy today. Luckily i was done with everything that i need to do, i went to downtown to deposit for my payment and roam around to buy for our teams needs. Did i tell you that tomorrow is like a Sports Feast in our place and i am part of it. I belong to a blue team and i am happy that ny team members are supportive and unified. We are all excited tomorrow especially on the cheering squad.

On the other hand, my notebook will be delivered by monday as we talked with the supplier today. I ordered it a Cebu and im happy that i dealt with a good man. He was very supportive and approachable. He called from time to time and update me of the status. Thank God he just sent me an hour ago my tracking number and i called up the shipment company and they told me that i can have my package the most by Monday. Im so excited because i can no longer experience hassles in updating my blog. Now im using the lappy of my brother..hehehe

Anyway, i hope you do have a great day guys..i have so many stories now but i want to reserved it in my next post.mwah

Friday, May 20, 2011

Send Secure Email

Admit it, we are always worry for spams, virus and unsecured transactions. In fact, ive knewn few people who had been a victim of internet scams and hacked accounts. With that its just deemed and proper to always have a secure transactions. While some sites asks for credit card details while others just settle with email accounts, but did you know that this kind of transactions may open for possible scams and hacking activities? That is why, we should always be axtra careful about online transactions.

Another thing, are u a business owner who does most of your transactions online like sending crucial files to clients and other potential investors. Then better be secured in your file sending activities. If you want less worries, send secure email through sharing control system. You'll get file sending with complete privacy as easy as in just three clicks away. Avail of it now.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oprah No Longer Tops

In the recent Celebrity Top List. Its Lady Gaga and not the famous host Oprah Winfrey that is at the top list for the Forbes annual celebrity list. The latter who earned $290 million last year ranks second on the recent list. What makes Lady Gage topples Oprah is her facebook and twitter followers that has indeed reached millions of subscribers. Isnt this a great news to the music-A lister?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Day

I was asked by my hubby to do something today. It was urgent so i decided just to ask for a leave today. nevertheless, i am thankful that i had a chance to do my personaly grocery too and roam around. I was planning to bring with me my nephew but i knew i had too many things todeal with. Good thing i trust my intuition because it rains when i was on my way home. Anyway guys, whats new today? Anything? It was a great day for me because we had a nice talk last night with my honey pie. We were planning for the future and all those things that we need. We are actually planning to adopt a child but we're still thinking as to when we can do that and who is the possible mother. I dont know what i did to deserve all the blessings im having now but i guess it all boils down with the simple rule in life - to do what is good and be a light to others. Have a great day guys.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fiesta Invitation

The month of May is loaded with celebrations. There you can see reunions and other sports activities in town. But actually in this country this month is know for different fiesta gathering in honor of different Patron Saints. This lies no exemption, even me guys. I was invited by a good friend to the fiesta of their fiesta so out of adventures, i immedietly say yes. Anyway, it was a fun day because there were less visitors and the place was awesome. The house is full of flowering plants and you can feel the fresh air that would surely drives you crazy. It actually gives you a different ambiance far from the crowded places and busy streets. I missed going over to such place like i used to before when i was a bit younger. The invitation was fantastic.

15th Bountiful Year of ECPlaza

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Happy 15th Bountiful Year EC Plaza.

Monday, May 16, 2011

What does my birthdate tells to my love life?

You'll Have 5 True Loves

Calm and understated, you struggle to express your love with words.

Over time, your partner learns to recognize your passion by the actions you take.

You're good at wooing someone slowly, without them even realizing it!

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 1

You are most compatible with people born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th of the month.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where to find MOney Making Sites

Interested? I knew you are because we all aim for one and that is to earn online and earn more. Who woundt want an extra bucks for s shopping spree? Anyway, you can find ways to augment your online oncome here.

Anyway, hows your sunday guys? I hope it was just fine..

No Reason

For the past few days, we've been having some petty arguments with my hubby. Few stuff that i wish i havent started. To that, i refuse to talk to him because i felt its better to keep the silence between us so that the fight would lead to nowhere. But gladly, he was persistent in settling things so out of pity to him i accepted his call. At first, i just didnt talk so much, i just let him explain and talk but when i already felt that his voice was sounds strange, i immedietly just told him what i was ranting. Funny because it was just so little that i believe just some of my childish ways. Ive thought he will get mad at me for not talking to him that day but he said sorry so it changed my mood and suddenly he just uttered the three sweetest couple words and thats it, im fine and i started to feel guilty for doing such mess. But this morning, i texted him and told him that i have no reason to look for somebody else because i am happy having him and that my life is already complete. I knew he has been in doubt lately about my fidelity but honestly i have no dreams for now that to be with him. The relationship may quite be difficult for us but everyday he always makes me feel special and loved. That to me is what matters most.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally, Got the Domain

Happy saturday guys, i knew its kinda late greeting but at least im trying to reach out, better late than never. Anyway, i have so many stories to tell. First off, my aplogy for not updating this blog, i knew u also does, right guys? I was having difficulty trying to update this blog because blogger was inaccessible last friday. I dont know why. Second, i was pretty buys this week and also today and i have also to rest because i felt my eyes is too heavy already.

But here's my good news, I just had a self hosted blog and i hope you guys will help me out there to gain a pr. Its my first self hosted blog so i am kinda excited about is. My other blog specializes in internet related "money Talks". Check it here MONEY TALKS. When you browse my site, you can take a glimpse of some money making sites that i am using, my earnings, some tips and of course all the stuff about earning online. I hope you check it out guys and please add me up and just leave me some comments. See you there.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Loaded with Online Stuff

I was pretty busy in the last few days. I have pending tasks from paying sites and i did some reviews for some clients. Its quite daunting because sometimes i end up having a drained brain feeling. But I'm not complaining, in fact i am happy that i do have online tasks to deal with. By the way, i am quite sleepy now because i am watching with the cheer dance practice of my other siblings. There is actually a sports festival coming on our way this month so everybody in the place is excited. I love how those youngsters are pretty occupied about those activities, do you have same activities too in your area?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

VLC Media Player

Technology is at its zenith. Just imagine all the innovative gadgets that we can avail of today. Who would expect that yesterdays research is at the palm of your hand? Consider the stylish Iphones, laptops and portable top of the line designs of the prestige company. Such a marvelous trend, right? Well im not yet through, because i want to add on a wmv media player. What is this player about? I knew your curious about what I'm talking about. Its a free and open source cross platform media player that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, audio VCD and other streaming portals. Well thats a new discovery, Isn't it?

How to deal with Eyebags

Oftentimes, we are ranting about how this annoying eye bags can be treated without so much headache on our part. I understand your dilemma. In fact, ive been dealing this stuff for so many years because since my teenage years i noticed a dark circle in my eyes whenever i do have sleepless nights or during our examination. My friends often teased me that maybe I'm doing something at night thats why i always ends up having a puffy eyes. But the reality is that no matter how tired your eyes are if you're not prone to it, it would not really be visible. Well, the great thing about having such beauty problem is that i am more careful and extra sensitive not to be overslept or under-sleep so that i cant deal with the same dark circles again.

Recently, ive been in a look out as to how i could best deal with this puffy eyes of mine. Luckily i found a solution and its an eye cream for bags. The good thing about this cream is that its very effective, non greasy and offers an instant relief to reduce the visibility of this eye bags. Well then, now you can reduce your usage of your sunglasses because even after a tiring night, you still have the guts to go anywhere you go without worries and hassles of a puffy eye dilemma.

Having discovered a cream to treat dark circles in the eyes gives instant relief not only to me but to most people out there especially who work is at night shift, right? Did you know that common causes of eye bags are over fatigue, stress, smoking, sinus infection and some is about hormonal imbalance. Your menstruation is also contributory to some extent. But don't worry, you dont need to quit from your work just to lessen your eye bags because there are some health tips to lesses the visibility of puffy eyes. For one, you can try eating healthy foods and avoid foods with toxins and other chemicals. Another thing, is keeping your body hydrated. Water intake is very crucial to give your body the needed nutrients and protection. Nonetheless, home care remedy like cucumber can also ease the visibility of having dark circles in your eyes. I hope these tips can help out. But don't forget your instant remedy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cityville Guide

Who are not familiar with Cityville? Most of us here knew this game, right? In fact, there are thousands of fanatic of this game. I remember a good friend who is hardcore gamer of cityville. He will start gaming right after he wakes up and right until the end of the day you'll see him playing the game. Wish i could talk to him because just recently i found a cityville guide. I knew it would be helpful to him so that he could learn tactics and game secrets the site is unfolding. Isnt this a great discovery? Check it out guys.

Search Marketing News

In one way or the other, everybody has its business in the internet. Whether you are a site owner of just an ordinary web browser. For the former, having a site to maintain in the net is such a pretty daunting task. Talking about competing with other site owners who are more skilled, more knowledgeable and pretty confident in driving more traffic to their respective sites. But hey, don't lose hope, everybody has the chance to excel in our own field and everyone has the chance for a site to bloom. What about availing of SEO Services? Its not a yesterday's news, right? But did you know that sites who availed of such really has an effective turned out. Meaning their site was really optimized in the search engine. More and more people found their site quickly and gave them their needed traffic. Don't be fooled by some search engine marketers because their flowery promises are typical acts of the their jobs. Try an SEO service that really works and proven and tested to be effective. Try inboundmarketing.com

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pacquio's Victory

Its another great day for Filipinos. Our Pound for Pound king once again defeated Sugan Shane Mosley by unanimous decision. It was also a tough fight because Manny did had hard time throwing punches against his opponent nontheless he proved to the whole world that he is hard to defeat and end up winning the game smoothly. We're thankful that we were able to watch the game live at home and we had so many spectators that made such viewing experience extra fun. After the fight i end up taking a nap because my eyes are so heavy that i wanted to rest terribly. No wonder ive been so stressed for few days and im thankful ive been reenergized. Tomorrow is Monday again, back to work but i knew the day starts well, right guys?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to all Mom's out there especially to my nanay. As they say, we can never repay the sacrifices that they made for us. At least, this special day i can express how much i love my mom. Although, i am never expressive to her but deep inside she knows how much she mean to us. Ill be forever grateful unto you nanay. I love you

Invoice Discounting Company

The adverse effect of economical recession gives so much bankcruptcy effects to some businesses. Although some had managed to save their investmenst but others had no choice but to close down than to continue the lossing effect. In any case, there can be options to seek into if a business is at risk for bankcruptcy. There are the so called invoice discounting companies that help businesses recover by availing of invoice discounting. The latter is a form of short term borrowing to improve the cash flow of the company. This can be done by debt factoring. It works by an arrangement of borrowing some money against its sales invoices. It borrows a percentage of the value of its sales ledger from a lending company and they used the unpaid sales invoices as collateral for the borrowing. This kind of financing option is widely used today and it offers reasonable and sounds benefits.

Personal Loans for Bad Credit

The economy today is its downfall. Economical crises and recession are troubling most of the countries today. The result more and more people are lossing their jobs and at the end resort to loans and other lending institutions. It isnt that bad at all because its a typical scenario to face financial difficulties. But if you are worried for a bad credit standing then its another story. Yes, i knew how you're saddened of how you have misunderstood the consequence of neglecting your obligations to your past outstanding loans. But dont worry. Everything has a solution like today you're lucky how i am going to share with you a good news i just recently found out. Because ive realized that there are financial institutions that would offer Personal Loans for Bad Credit. Isnt that a good news?

You can just browse for the services you want to avail from them and in just a little while you can see the result if you qualify for your loans. Services like Loans for Bad Credit are just few of their main specialty. Take advantage of their offering.

Signature Bags

The field of fashion has indeed evolved. From those contemporary and conservative styles to enticing and never been seen designs by our prime designers. Their fashions sense became too liberated yet classy and elegant. They say that fashion is very subjective, it means that you can revive your own wardrobes and get new mix and match of your dresses and accessories. What is appealing to you means fashion regardless if it doesnt passed to someone's standards. Nonetheless, it is not only our styles in the clothing apparell that hit the heart of the fashion minded individuals. In fact, the modern day world gave highlights to shoes, accessories, sunglasses and even to bags. Yes, you heard it right. Everybody goes crazy about bags especially if its a signature bag. Who wouldnt love to grab a Hermes birkin? Such kind of bags are the most coveted fashion accessories of todays, right ladies?

Indeed, signature bags are enticing to the eyes because having such means something else. Hermes handbags are one of those elite bags that women are dying to have. Its not only the brand that made them grab the latest edition but also the quality, the style and the top of the line materials that manufacturers are using making your bag lasts for lifetime.

Anyway, did you ever wondered why Hermes is such a hit and most sought after brand? Well its not only because famous Hollywood actresses have this kind of bag. Its much more than that. Hermes bags are actually made from exquisite materials and mind you, it takes 48 hours to just make a piece of Hermes bag. It isnt that easy, right?

Its no wonder that a birkin bag costs pretty good because you are buying a good worth of every penny you invest in you bag collections.


Saturday Thoughts

Mind you i am still working on my online tasks. I need to. Yesterday i finished almost 10 reviews and it made my mind so drained. I felt i can no longer think of the right words but i am always motivating myself, who woundt want this blessings, right? Anyway, i am just thankful a hundredfold that i can still grab tasks and i was given such online works which not only i loved most but gave me the chance to polish my skills.

On the other hand, i was supposed to visit a friends house because its their fiesta today but i opt not because of the weather. Its raining so hard and i guess we will have hard time looking for a vehicle to their place. Instead, i just decided to finish all my pending tasks so that i will not have backlog. So pardon me guys if yours truly seems so busy these days, please be assured that ill be at your doorsteps in just a while.

Friday, May 6, 2011

What a Wonderful day!

I have few reasons to celebrate. First, i am blessed with few tasks before weekend comes, second its the end of working days so i am excited for a good rest tomorrow though i knew i still have to visit a friend who invited me for a fiesta. But what i feel amazed about are the tasks that i was able to reserve while some are just give to me. I'm thankful because i was praying hard that i could have extra tasks this month because I'm saving for my grandmothers anniversary next month. Well, it means i will be busy tomorrow to work on my few online tasks. How about you guys, how was catching for fish these days?

Chronic Weakness

Are you tired or exhausted perhaps? Well its a normal scenario especially if you belong to a working class. I remember when i was still on the previous position, i was too exhausted to the point that i even had migraine everyday. The nature of my work was a big factor coz i need to supervise things in a 24/7 period. Until a time came that i really think so hard if i can last with this kind of set-up then i said to myself, i need to find a job where i can be happy and will make me healthy because my compensation would be so useless if at the end of the day, ill always finds myself in the hospital. If i haven't decided earlier i would probably dealing with chronic weakness because i always have the feeling of listlessness. I'm thankful that i have finally found a home where my work is such so rewarding and my health is never compromised.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post-Viral Fatigue

Health is wealth. That is indeed so true because a person cannot do his work or his daily activities if is unhealthy. That is why its always recommended to take you daily dose of vitamins, have a healthy diet and of course indulge yourself in physical activities. In my case, i make sure that i always have a daily intake of multivitamins so that i can be assured that my body will have aid in viruses and illness but despite of it there are still times that my body losses it energy and i end up over fatigue or stressed. Speaking of fatigue, did you know about post viral fatigue ? Well you take some time to research about this syndrome because you never know that you're dealing with or your parents does. You should also be sensitive enough in dealing with your extreme tiredness because it might be something else already.

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Perfect Reason

Sometimes no matter how busy we are, there would always be a moment where you feel so alone and there your emotional ups and downs will kill you, right? I have also my fair share of my daily grinds and lowdown moments like you do too. But its pretty normal, cause when we looked back it means we have totally moved on.

Sometime in my life's cabinet, there was a time where i completely fall for someone whom i thought was the one person i will be with forever, that was way before i met my hubby. Its also my fault because i jump in to a new relationship right after i broke up with my first boyfriend which i think at that time was my consoling buddy. I realized too late that i made a wrong move especially when i was already dealing with stuff i haven't deal at the past like third party issues, infidelity and commitment stuff. My first bf in all honesty didn't gave me so much headache unlike him which i completely deal a drastic love affair. I could remember how i cried several times, had my heart broken multiple times and how i deal with non-negotiable terms negotiable. I am speaking of accepting a third party for the sake of your relationship. Thats how bad it all fell. I mean the extreme part was when a colleague beg to leave the guy because he knew i was completely crazy dealing with his terms when it was beyond unacceptable. He was pointing out that it was stupidity keeping him when he cant even respect me. The bottom line was I'm afraid to let him go because I'm scared to be alone, to deal with being single. But then i realized that i shouldn't be afraid being single, i should have been scared living a hell life with him.

Three years had passed and now i am completely healed, had moved on and has finally put the tiny little heart pieces into a whole package. This time around, i am enjoying my wonderful years with someone i cant believe ill fall with, but i did. In fact, falling so hard. But if theres one lesson that experienced has given me, its the very core thing of loving oneself. I admit its very redundant as we all hear it left and right, but its simplest form is very crucial. We cant love others if we cant love ourself more and the most important thing, Never love someone completely. If possible leave a little one percent love for yourself so that when a day comes that he will dropped you, you still have a little one percent left to move on and carry your emotional bag.

In the end, regrets happen for a reason but if you've asked me if i had a trauma on love, yes i did but i still have hope for a happy ending, for every sunrise is my prayer for a great lovestory.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Am I Into?

Its been a long day for me but thankful that at last in few minutes ill be on my way home. On the lighter note, we had a long phone talk with my hubby. He told me about what happened to his housekeeper and to her child. He was also explaining why he was so busy these days then we talked about my niece. Those petty things out that we love sorting out just to have something to talk about. But i knew before i went to sleep he cant resist but call up and talk again what happened to me the entire day.

Well thats how long distance relationship works. Sometimes its too tiring trying to bridge the gap but for as long you don't let walls goes behind you both, then theres no reason why the flame wont be burning.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Missing Him

We were not able to talk with my hubby yesterday because he was busy and i was pretty occupied too. I went home so late because i picked up my grocery. I was waiting for his call because ive thought he was just doing something, it was too late i realized that he was at work already and was on meeting. I didnt received any text from him so i get worried, i texted him if he was just fine, i didn't received any reply so i fell asleep. In the middle of the night, i received a call from him. I dont know if i was dreaming but i knew i spoke to him last night. He just called up to apologize that he wasn't able to call and that he just want to assured me that he was perfectly fine. I knew it was pretty little to share but to me it was something else because he was sensitive enough of my feelings.

I'm missing my hubby especially these days. I often asked what did i do to deserve you.

Vacation Partner

They say that summertime is the best time for escapades and vacations. I do agree with that, in fact we are also planning for some escapades this coming month. The thoughts alone gives me a headache because of so many things to plan. We need to search for affordable resorts, vans and other stuff that needs to be reserved before we depart. Anyway, i just want to share something which i knew will be helpful for travelers. Ive seen a great partner for Medellin vacations. I'm talking about medellin apartment . You wont believe it but they're a good option once you are going for a month or even a week vacation. These are great alternatives instead of renting a room in a hotel. It will surely gives you a big savings and offers comfortability and convenience.

Child Care

I always have a soft heart for children because i felt they need the guidance and tender loving care of adult people. This explains why i spent some time with my nephews and nieces whenever i have a time. If you can observed too, i always have space for issues concerning child abuse or any issues pertaining to child exploitations. I believe childcare is not an easy task. It isn't just a simple thing too because it needs a person capable of loving, has deep understanding, has long patience and of course has a heart for children. Speaking of childcare, you don'd need to worry if you are looking for a child facility center conducive to children environment. These days there are great centers at the heart of your place.

Modern Dining Tables

I always look around for stuff and appliances that will bring beauty to our home. I was searching for paintings, nice moldings and of course nice appliances. Nevertheless, its always the prices that hinders me in picking one. Good thing online shopping is of trend now which makes me less hassles and availing of easy mode of payment. Did you know too that even Dining Room Tables are available for shopping at the net? Yes dear, thats totally a great news for us. Ive seen a plethora of stylish and elegant dining tables that is perfect for any home. Well, its time to pick for contemporary and modern designs of tables for our home.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden's Death

I dont know how you reacted when you first read this morning the death of Osama Bin Laden? Did you rejoice knowing the top figitive of CIA was finally put to rest? or where you saddened because he wasnt put in proper forum to clear up his name and the issues attached to his name? I admit i was one of the millions of people in this worold who were saddened by the terrorists attack at the Twin Tower. I was mad at the people and the terrorists behind the act and condems their immoral and unlawful act of terrorism. From that day on, i became interested in the life of Osama Bin Laden. I wanted to know his background so as to know his core reasons behind his actions towards America.

Nevertheless, i am not saying that all those allegations were true, primarily because Osama had no chance to defend himself. But as im reading the wiki of the September 11 attack i began to ask myself, Does Osama deserves a due process?

What do you think?

Back to Work

Happy to be back. Im finally here at work and im just happy that i finally had recovered from the feet issue. Anyway, hows your Monday guys? I hope you're doing all fine. I just cant help myself from updating this blog, at least i let my readers knew that i am here and ill blog hop soon.