Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Stats - Simply Amazing

Have you ever checked your blog stats now, i dont know if it already exists before but its just now that i noticed this "stats button" at my blogger dashboard nevertheless i am amazed by this tool, its the easiest way to know how many people viewed your sites and from what country are your viewers and what posts are the most viewed> Check your stats now, heres mine

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Untol Pinoy Story - Will Shock you

This email was sent to me a year ago if im not mistaken, and it really shocked me as well, just want to share this with you:

>>It Could Happen Only in the Movies<<<<<<


These two women move in different circles but they seem to lead
>>parallel lives.
>>Barbara C. Gonzales is the great-granddaughter of national hero, Dr. Jose
>>Rizal. Her great-grandmother is Dr. Jose Rizal's elder sister, Maria, a
>>liberated woman who was separated from her husband Daniel. Barbara is more
>>popularly known by her nickname, Tweetums. She once appeared in a Del Monte
>>tomato sauce TV commercial featuring three generations of women in the
>>kitchen. Yes, that was Tweetums with her daughter, Panjee, and Tweetum's
>>mother whom they fondly called Mamu. Tweetums
>>was married to Ramon Tapales, a successful businessman.
>>Their daughter, Panjee Tapales ( a.k.a. singer Panjee Gonzales), was
>>co-host of ABS-CBN's daily morning show, Alas Singko Y Media (now Magandang
>>Umaga Pilipinas) and its defunct Sunday morning game show with Roderick
>>Paulate and Eric Quizon. Panjee soon became the second wife of ABS-CBN
>>chairman, Gabby Lopez. (But that's another story.) Tweetums writes about
>>art and culture in her column for the Philippine Star.
>>She has published a couple of books consisting of collections of her essays
>>from her newspaper column. She remains a highly-respected media
>>personality, being the president of a major advertising company.
>>Socorro Alicia R. Quirino is the granddaughter of former president
>>Elpidio Quirino. More popularly known by her nickname, Cory, she
>>hosts a lifestyle show on TV. Her kidnapping ordeal a few years ago was
>>made into a movie entitled, The Cory Quirino Kidnap, which was directed by
>>massacre king Carlo J. Caparas. Cory was married to Roman Cruz, Jr. who was
>>the president of Philippine Airlines and head of Government Service
>>Insurance System (GSIS). Cory writes a regular column on fitness and health
>>for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. She also published a series of health,
>>beauty and inspirational books. She remains a highly visible media
>>personality with her radio and TV programs.
>>While Tweetums and Cory were both successful in their respective careers,
>>their personal lives were not as rosy. Tweetums Gonzales and her husband,
>>Ramon Tapales, eventually decided to lead separate lives. Likewise, Cory
>>Quirino and her husband, Roman Cruz, Jr., soon parted ways.
>>Indeed, Tweetums and Cory seem to lead parallel lives.
>>Then, in a strange twist of fate, the unthinkable happened. . While
>>geometry teaches us that parallel lines can never intersect, the parallel
>>lives of Tweetums and Cory did intersect.
>>Tweetums Gonzales got married to Cory's former husband, Roman Cruz, Jr.
>>Meanwhile, Cory Quirino got married to Tweetum's former husband, Ramon
>>Just like in the movies.
>>And you know the rest of their story.

Monday, August 30, 2010


In the advent of new technology, distance is no longer an issue, in fact long distance love affair became so possible because internet is the main avenue to bridge the gap betweem two people. In the matter of business, technogy becomes a key tool to know the updates and the status of their respective busineses. For instance, an owner does teleconferencing to his staff once he needs it and once the matter is very urgent, to that it became so convenient to him to know the updates from different department by talking to them as if they can talk to them face to face.But choosing the best teleconferencing call service is main consideration of any company seeing to it that it has affordable yet quality service. MeetupCall is the company id like to recommend to, as to why, there absolutely a lot fo reason why you will end uo with them. First, it offers the lowest cost of 4.3p per minute,second it has ten international dial-in numbers and a lot lot more, that will save you 60% more from other provider. This is the provider especially designed for you.

Choosing the Right Furniture

It is simply a passion beutifying once home, and as what they all says "there is no place like home" so as much as possible you make sure that you have a comfortable and nice place to live in. Something nice does not mean having the expensive living sets or having the most modern furnitures but more importantly giving your place a bit of something fresh. Like for instance if your home is something antique and has the ambiance like one of those standing in the oldest subdivision, why dont you give a lift to your place and put something unique style in renovating. getting those tips from the interior designer and instead of putting those old crafts in the old style, why not make it modern by painting some refreshing colors. And it will give a more sophisticated ambiance if you will put rustic furniture in your house coz these will add a certain level of old yet elegant style to your place. I remember my aunt who reminds me not to buy these modern furniture instead i should choose the rattan style coz as what she says these is the most trendy nowadys and provides quality and durability in the passage of time. I guess im considering her advice now, coz this kind of furnitures are the one that will last in and out of style.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dinner Invitation

I ve told you once that i met this man on my way back to cebu and since im travelling alone, this man just talked with me on the fast craft then i guess since he was nice, i also talked to him nicely, then he offered me a ride to my apartment. He is one of the high ranking officials in the city and i guess we have common friends so he was abit friendly to me, he asked for my number because i knew the person he was meeting that day, which was a coincidence really. Then he strated calling me, in fact when i did had a lose bowel movement, he was the one who advised me what med to take coz he was afraid ill get dehydrated. Then, heres the thing, i was on my way back home after office and he called up to know where i was, then i told him, im just done with work and on my way home suddenly i was amazed to know that he was there too, since we were located on the 7th floor so he just waited at the groud floor and had no choice but to be with him on some coffee shop, im not comfortable really coz i knew he is familiar with the elite in the town and i might be judged and misjudged.But just an hour ago, he called up asking me for a dinner, im like hesitant to answer his calls but im just being nice, i didnt go out because i have to go to mass and he asked on tuesday, had no choice again and eventually said yes. I might get in trouble with this man, hehehe.But i admire him for being so nice and simple. But dinner invitation is not bad at all, right?

Sunday Update

Its been a long while since i talked some updates here, well i guess i just forgot to do so, i just arrived from church and im just done too with my dinner. i ate leachon and sardines, i missed eating fresh sardines, my friend gave me a homemade sardines made from fresh fish just bottled and no chemical or preservatives added. Its so delicious really, another thing that made up my day, i have a new room mate and he is so good looking, really. I wondered why the next room of me has lights already, then this man came out and introduced himself. He is just so charming i guess, but i love the fact that the compund is already full of bachelors, like it.hehehe

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Are you a Sulitizen?

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Personality Development

A person is being molded and shaped based on his internal and external environment. Internal are based on her genetic personality,traits inherited from parents or immediete families and the later part are contributed by the environmenet he belongs with. For instance if he grows up to an environment where people has a good brought up then most likely he will end up to be a good citizen nonetheless its never a guarantee of him to be a good person or having a good personality, its all the total package that will tell of what he will become. An individuals personality according to wikepedia is aggragated by the decisions we made througout our lives, those tests and hard earned lessons we surpassed will either made us or broke us depending on how we accept and value these trials into our lives, however there are professionals who are experts on thsi field that will help us in having a much better personality, i have encountered one which is the Sedona Method Review which will help you mold into a better person and will be helpful in grwong everyday as a matured and responsible individual.

Geo Marketing

Internet marketing is not only used by internet savvy people but nowadays it already evolved as it became the primary avenue of business firms to target some customers for their new products and newly launched stuff.For that, internet marketing has the so called Geo Targeting which is one way of determining the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering different content based on his location particularly his or her state, region, country and even IP address, this is based on the information given by the user on the software provided by the firm.If we may observed, if we browse for a certain products and register on the site, we are asked for some personal information including our address and even our phone numbers, this is to give us the target products they have in the site and provide us with their geo targeted ads.
Targeting a specified market is indeed very important.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Earn at least $200 per project

Freelance Jobs

Its such a great way to arn money online, aside from the popular odesk, this site offers a great compensation to projects, all you just do is bid and once accepted. its a big molah. Isnt it great.

Senate Hearing

I was watching the senate hearing about the hostage taking incident that happened last monday, it was chaired by Sen. Gringo Honasan and most of the senators were present there. The invited guests were Maj. Magtibay, Vice Mayor Moreno and other police officers. It was like an investigation of what really happened and who really headed the group. I was surprised to know that Maj, Magtibay acknowledge that it was somehow their fault why it turned up to such tragic event, in fact he was question by Sen. Estrada as to why they have tear gas and threw it without even noticing that their police officers have no mask to protect them, isnt it stupid? Well, Police Magtibay told the body that the officers - the SWAT in particular forgot to bring their mask, that was very very stupid. Anyway, i guess Maj. Magtibay was already transferred to NCRPO department. Its really a shame on our police authority, i hope this will gave learning to the police authority.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lose Bowel

I am having lose bowel now, i dont know why it happened, maybe it the food i ate last night, but i ate at the restaurant so its impossible. My stomach is really aching, bad thing, im all alone.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Bloody Encounter

The headlines of todays newspaper revolves around the hostage drama that happened last night. In fact i slept around 3 am last night just watching for updates of the crises. I knew it was really so sad that it end up that way but i guess its not time to point fingers but to learn from what had happend. I wrote about my sentiments on the said drama because i felt i need to air out what i saw that was a lapses on our policemen. The Hostage Drama that we all watched lats night gave the public the picture of our police authority and unfolds the real cops in our country. I felt so ashamed from the international community given the assault procedures they have undertaken from the said set-up. In fact one of the anchor in BBC news commented that the cops has been very lacks considering the different situation that they could give s hot to the suspect but they havent tried it, in the midst of negotiations, we can even see Capt. Mendoza waiving hands to the policemen, well this is all a hard earned lesson, i hope that with the taxes we are paying, with the tax i am contributing, proper trainings will be made to our cops so that they can address properly said scenarios and not be the source of bullying over this scenarios.

Wordlinx Faces Crises

I am a member of wordlinx and aside from being a credible company.,it is also known as one of the longest running PTC site in the net, in fact it has good track records in terms of payment and it has a good avenue in communicating ist members like having a forum and administrators really didi so well in taking care of its members, lately i received an email from them of an update of the company which i guess is so sad in our part. At least theyve been so honest and transparent. I admire their courage for thsi. Details of the email can be read below:

August Update

Those of you that follow developments here at WordLinx will have noticed we have implemented very few of the proposed improvements we scheduled earlier this year. Amongst other things, we were hoping to add a ten level downline system and forum. We believe that companies should be transparent, explaining anything that affects or could affect their customers, so this post is to bring you all up to date.
Unfortunately, a few weeks ago we were hit hard by a combination of two unrelated things; DDOS attacks and a massive amount of fraudulent orders. The orders were caught after the credits had been added to accounts and visitors had been delivered. This means our members were paid before the rightful owner was refunded and we suffered a loss. Instead of removing fraudulent credits from your accounts, we allowed you to keep them and ‘took the hit’ ourselves.
The system is now stable again and we’ve added several new security features to prevent this happening in future. However, we only have a finite amount of funds, and money spent on security is money that can’t be spent on new features. They’re still planned but depending on our income, they may be pushed back several months.
Many of you will have noticed fewer adverts recently. Although WordLinx relies on real advertisers for 90% of orders, we have been unable to run many of our own regular adverts due to cash restrictions created by the above. We apologise and ask for all members to give us time to recover and understand that we are doing everything we can to get things back on track. A good example of this was Friday’s Double Day, where we doubled any advertising order, encouraging both current and new advertisers to spend. We’ll be running another Double Day in the coming weeks.
WordLinx has been online for many years (coming up to our 7th birthday!) and we’ll be here for many more, so please be patient while we work though this situation.Our team is currently investing a great deal of time and money in a new project, MoreShare.com. This is a good thing for WordLinx users, as once that site is up and running it will provide additional revenue for further WordLinx developments. You can follow our progress with MoreShare here. We hope to launch the new site very soon.

Venus Raj ranked 4th Runner Up

I just finished watching the coronation night of Ms. Universe 2010 live, ABS actualli aired it out 2 hours late from the live streaming, i watched the live coverage via star world at sky cable. At first i am really impressed of how Venus made it that far, she was really stunning amidst beautiful candidates that sorrounded her. Her exotic beauty has really made the crowd so wild, in fact i can honestly say that she was the corwds favorite. I am already hopeful and i expected that she will be crowned as the new Ms. Univers but her answer in the final question and answer stage made her as the last pick. I maybe understand her feelings that time, she was probably so nervous so she wasnt able to think well, coz as far as ive observed her answer was very elementary. Not that i am so well in communication or a great conversationalists. of course taken consideration the stage freight and the crowd, it will surely made you mental block, however i must stand with the fact that then were properly trained and that part of the training was answering and thinking fast for that said stage. But i must say she did a great job, congrats to Ms. Venus Raj.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Instant Paypal

Have you heard or tried to register to a site that promised you to be given a sign up bonus, i guess you will all say "YES" but have you tried registering then your sign up bonus was deposited instantly? Youll be amazed right, that what happened to me, i just registered then the following day i got notification from papal that this certain man, deposited me certain amount. Isn't it great?

Heres the site click here

Ms Universe Bet

I am so excited for tomorrow coronation night and im crossing my finger that Ms. Philippines Venus Raj can make it to the top 3. I heard shes a crowd favorite and im sure with all the things she dealt with, she will be motivated to strive harder, nonetheless i can proudly say that she deserves it, she deserves to be shortlisted because she has teh beauty, brain and the potential to become the Ms. Universe 2010. I will surely watch tomorrow's live telecast.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Place Like Home

I went home last weekend to celebrate our fiesta with the rest of the guys, it was also a time to bond with my family and fortunately my uncle decided to go home and celebrate the fiesta with us, so he invited his friends to go home too, they were like 5 friends that stayed with us for 4 days. It was so much fun really. we arrived like late at night on the friday the 13th and we asked my brother to help us with all teh things we brought home coz we couldnt carry them all, we decided to buy all the stuff needed for cooking the menu here in cebu coz we have less time to buy all those stuff so the result we pay more the hundreds for the excess baggage, but it was just fine at all. Good thing my titas from my mom side came over to our place to help, they prepared especiall "moron" made of pure chocolates, it was really delicious. Baby Sam- my nephew also stay at home for the rest of the weekend. It was really so much fun for us especially that we have lots of visitors, it was enjoyable, memorable and really once in a lifetime moment. Until now, as i talked with my sister few hours ago, she told me they make fruit salad now coz we still have excess ingredients for the dessert coz we havent made them all coz we are all busy, so she said theyre still enjoying post fiesta celebration, well its only my sister and my brother who is left at home so no wonder theyre also gaining that much, but hopefully we will meet again and bond still when i go home on my birthday and i promised to treat them for an overnight stay. well, theres no place like home.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

THis Guy Is In Love With Me Pare

well, i just had an avid suitor now, and i guess im flaunting my self because this guy is really so gentleman hope this is not just his way of displaying his best side and hiding what needs to be hide, but sad to say im not open for relationship this time coz aside from the fact that i am exclusively for someone and not anymore available but its just so very womanly that u become so flattered whenever this person became so interested with u. But i still love the man who owns my heart now and never will i trade him with anyone, as what he said " just love and sacrifice" as he we are far away as of this time, but he is processing his papers so that we can settle down the soonest.

BB Pilipinas International 2009 Died

A very fresh news from the televisions while im watching just today, our BB pilipinas International 2009 died or road accident.Melody Gersbach died on the spot when her car collieded head -on with a passenger bus, her driver and her coutier also died from that accident,just an hour ago the BB Pilipinas commision had sent their condolonces to the family.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

CAT 2011

I was ranked as the major officer - the third highest rank during our CAT training way back on my high school years, i actualy wondered why i was picked as one when i was not good at it really, like holding the riffle or even marching properly but then our corp commander was my fathers good friend that why all of us became officers on his time,isnt it funny? but of course i dont recommend that to teachers because they shoudl picked the most qualified so that he/ she can be an effective officer. Anyway, recentlly i hearef news that the CAT mandatory training for secondary students will be fuly implemented so that these students will learn first line of defense whenever the need of it arises for instance saving someone in typhoons and some emergency cases but it will also be helpful if you are caught in some crimes that you need to defend yourself, knowing the bsaic line of defense is really very helpful especially for women like me. During my time, we were just taught basic marching and even holding the riffle but now there are already avaiable formai trainings and schoolings to those who wanted to join the CAT trainings, there are even available online CAT 2011 Entrance Exam for those who wanted to have a fast application. I guess a lot of students will take thie great chance of being on CAT.

Fun Way To Earn

well its another session of purely monetary talk, and who does not want to talk about money101, as they all says " When money talks, everybody listens", well well its definitely true, anyway, a minute ago, i received an invitation about getting paid by writing articles, its not that i am good in writing or im a publicist either, its just that i loved writing articles especially about things i loved. So guys, im sharing you this new site called BUKISA

Its an exciting wa to earn money online just by publishing articles and get paid instantly through paypal.

What Can U Say?

...about people who are just so insecured of other people? i guess there are really people who are not just confident of themselves and mind other people, right? because if ou are really confident about yoursef and lved your own then basicaly theres no reason why you pay attention to other people or person for that matter but realy sometimes we get envy on what other achieves and what other has or has fulfilled, because we think we are less valuable than him, but honestly its not the material possesions nor what the other person has that really matter to us, its the thougt that he has more that really bother us at all, isnt that really personal disorder? coz i dont think its noraml to be other peoples shadow, you must be confident and be your own always. Forget the people around you and mind your own business, for the bottomline. I have nothing against this people coz anyway they dont matter at me at all, its just that, if it came to a point wherein they became paranoid and make stories of their own to destryo someones reputations, then its really a no no. I am not the type of person who fight back or would care at all asking for a punch, coz i was raised and we were molded to have proper breedings. Nonetheless, if it really came to a point where you cant help it anymore, its the point where too much is unquantifiable, then that comes an outburst of emotional unspoken words you want to give to them and tell them the five letter word b****. Do they deserve them? i know none deserves one but their attitude deserves one.

Im Back

Im back on my place now, just arrived after a 6 hours stressful travel but i am indeed happy to meet a wonderful man who were one of the prestigeous men in the region. I actually didnt knew him until he intoruduced himself, he the regional director in onr of the top agencies in the country and luckily we were in the same field, we had a long chitchats and he even accompanied me home coz he has his own car and a personal driver. I was so schocked because he is so friendly that i am so flattered to meet someone like him. Anyway, i knew its going to be a busy week again for me coz i need to work doube time coz i missed two days of my work, but i guess its just fair, two days of enjoyment with my family and now back to business.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fiesta celebration

Last sunday i was able to go home to my place because of fiesta celebration in honor of Our Lady of Assumtion. It was kinda great coz our relatives form other places came over. My uncle also visited us together with his friends. I enjoyed a lot especially that i am with my parents, i slept in my room and had the chance to talk with my nephews and cousins. so far we just had few visitors, not unlike last fiesta celebration that we had plenty of visitors. I missed talking to a friend and some closest friends, my former office mates were also there and shared good times together.Tomorrow i will fly back to cebu again, i will surely missed my family.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food for Thought

Im trying to figure out what to write in here, i have lots of things that bothers me now. But i opt not to air it out here. I knew this is quite personal but maybe at the right time and when i am already ready to share, i will. I have lots of emotional crises now, been thinking a lot lately, of things that had happened and things that will happen. Quite my mind is busy travelling and thinking of things, i knew i shoudnt think of. I wish i could talk a lot now or share a lot like what i usually did before, everyday i share to my readers what i went through even the most personal things. I want to become so real and transparent as possible, i wish i can be right now. I have lots of heartbreaking stories that i wish to share but i guess i should kept a little privacy of my life. There are lessons in life hard earned and to that you can say that no matter how teary you faced those, still you graduated with flying colors. Lessons that sometimes you think u cant surpassed but luckily you had. With all the break throughs that we had faced, i dont think there still difficult in this life, like in my case, for every tiny heartbeats that pumps, no matter how it is broken it still manage to pump, and for that i dont think i will be even weak in all struggles here. I have evolved as a strong woman for every disappoints that i did encounter, for every heartbreakling expereince that i managed to do it alone, for every single drop of tears that i kept in my heart and i cried in the middle of the night, who will not evolve stronger on that? But i knew everyone of us has it own cross and reality check some has even much heavy burden than me, lucky me that still i can manage to smile as the sun rises every morning. Coz some didnt want to face the world after the terrible experience. Thats it, im fine.
Life just has lots of roller coaster experience, one great lesson - to never give up in tests and like in every real school tests, you jus need to prepare yourselve but if u cant just take it as experience coz the second time around youll know the lessons behind it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mobility Dealer

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Life is full of uncertainty, we all agree on that, we are all certain that as years are added into our age, our body also deteriorates, we became prone to illness and this is also the time where ceran heridiatry illnesses came into the picture that's why we are always careful when are still young and we really need to take good care of our body especially our health condition. nevertheless, the passage of time indicates that certainly we will come into a point wherein we will be labelled as "the old ones" meaning we lose the younger and more strong muscles that we have then before, we tend to be weaker and our joints seems so be not that strong anymore compared to how firm they were when we were still young. If we take a look at our grandmom, we tend to really be supportive with them cince we are the one string enough, we often see them with wheel chairs while some drives in a specialized mobile especially designed for them. talking about specialized mobile, did you know that there are already available vehicles especially designed for disabled or for the oldies and NMEDA takes care of that. What is NMEDA? - its an association of mobility dealers. Its promotes safe driving and equipment for disabled people. NMEDA has accredited dealers where you can purchase equipment and wheelchairs and you should take extra careful about adapetd wheelchair vehicles sold over the net for your safety, coz it has only acrredited dealers by which one is QAP dealers. The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. It is based on the principle that in order to satisfy customers consistently, companies must have a systematic and documented approach to quality.

If youre interested to browse over the latest wheelchairs from them or specialized mobile for your elders then why dont you visit their site here or visit the nearest accredited qualified dealer from them.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Victorias Secret Eau de Toilette Spray / SALE FOR ONLY 1,850 php

Hi guys, i would like you to see this items of mine, Victorias Secret - Strawberries and Champaigne / Coconut Passion for only 1,850 php. My friend sent me a lot of perfumes and body spray and since i cant use them all i am selling this to a very low low price, just imagine the small bottle of this costs 850 pesos while this e120ml or 4fl oz - i am selling at a very affordable price.
- shipment will be via dhl or air21 depends on the availablity
- payment can be thru paypal, direct deposit or any money exchange outlets
- please add 40 pesos for the delivery fee.
- the stocks is only limited so early buyer can take the product.

Got MY First Payment

Got my first payment form neobux, i decided to cash it out and i made it instantly, its just $5.80 but its still wonderful, hope to have more payments form neobux. What are u waiting guys, sign up and have an amazing way to earn

Friday, August 6, 2010


The poor girl is having a headache for the over lots of tasks that need to be done, i need to organize and list my things to do list so that i can do them all at the same day. Plus i have an odesk task that needs to be done the soonest. My head is aching for these online task. But im okey, i just need a fresh air i guess. This is the life of an independent woman, need to work hard, hopefully months from now ill be used with this and will probably established myself. well, good luck to me.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I just love the fact that aside from writing reviews, my ptc sites seems a good source or molah nowadays, lately i am really amazed by onbux, coz aside from it has great offers and an amazing site like neobux, it also has more and more ads to view each day unlike others that u will just be given four ads to click. Today i clicked 7 ads at onbux so its really pretty good, i have 3 referrals there but if u want to join, just click the link and im happy to help u.

A Cold and Rainy Day

NO wonder were already in the midst of the year, the weather is already unpredictable, if before we were complaining about how hot it is always now its about how rain comes everyday.Seems the climate change has done the worst thing in this planet. Its always raining everyday and the result more and more people are getting sick. Fever and flu became very natural and worst some disease like dengue became so prevalent in some areas. Though its nice to be in bed during rainy season but what really scared us is the flood, because i knew some drainage were not yet fixed and some are even not working so i guess we just need to pray that this will not be worst like a super typhoon coz i know flood will be on our way.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Help MY Cause

By Nature i am a people person, i also have a soft heart to people i knew less fortunate than ours. To make it short, i will be celebrating my birthday next month and i just want to make it extra special. Special in the sense that i want to do something for other people than more of myself. I knew i am not that well-off nor i have lots of extra bucks but what really matters in the end is that i made a difference in a single day in my small endeavor. Lately while we walk down at the city proper, our hearts was touched by this street children who were digging the trash at the garbage bags, and i wanted to make a different celebration this time, i said maybe a little sandwich on my birthday will really put a different smile in their face.Instead of planning a treat for my friends, i will just celebrate it with them. To those who would like to share something for these little angels. Help my cause and make my birthday a meaningful one.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toungue Twisters

Toungue twisters became part of learning process not only at the pre-school but even during our college times when our professor makes fun of our language session. Anyway, agents likes us were also trained to talk in any forms of toungue, twisted or the normal one but this toungue twisters are not only done to make fun of us but to test how fluent we are and how good we are in prononciation. This also helps us in exercising our jaws for us to speak well of the word.

Senti Evening

Well im in a sentimental mood right now, im currently listening to Jose Marie Chan's song "Change of Heart". Its so beutiful, the lyrics are so so amazing. Its like it speaks on your heart. Its for the people who are medning a broken heart. Its for the people who are in pain, who were betrayed, who loved but is not loved, to people who continue still to love no matter how painful is it to continue loving. I really find those people amazing, having the heart of just pure love and unselfish act. I wish i could hug all of you guys, whoever you are - who are in pain now.I wish i could tell u too that life is just a roller coaster, sometimes we will feel as if were in heave and sometimes we feel the other way. But life is also about trials and about lessons in life. And whatever we are - you are currently thinking of - just bear in mind that tomorrow is another day. Life will be okey and problems doesnt mean the end of the world. For as long as you believe in your faith, you believe in GOD, life will be wonderful.

Pre-Birthday Giveaway Contest

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Apologize for the Inconvenience

I guess an owe an apology to my readers, i knew all these times theyve been complaining about my shout mix box, because whenever they leave a message they cant see what theyre written,i just knew the problem today when i tried to wrote something in the message box. true i cant read what im writing, so i immedietly do some editing in my settings, im glad its fix now. So to all my visitors, apologize for the inconvenience it has brough you for many months. I wish i have known the problem earlier.

Life is So Great

I use to have lots of questions in my life since i was a little kid, i use to ask my mom was the clouds are blue, why thre was rain and why we cry? but now i may not know the answers of all my queries but at least i knew the logic of them all. Just like why those people we loved leave us? Are there concrete reasons why we deserve to be in pain when we have loved them with all our heart? Well i did not bother at all to find the answers to all those question but at this very moment i knew the logic why it all happened. Yes he leaves because it is meant to happen, God does not want him to be in my life coz he will only brought miseries.It happened because i deserve someone better, someone who is willing to love me unconditionally, someone who will stick with me for richer or for poorer, someone who will be with me when im sick, someone ho can give me a shoulder when i needed it and someone who can uplift my spirit at the very moment i needed him. Yes, that's the lgic, its simple yet its complicated but no matter how difficult it is to understand, i still want you to tagged it, and of course recommend to like it but i would love to share it.wink*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Apple Macbook Pro - SALE*SALE*SALE


Processor; Intel Core i5-540M (2.53GHz)
Core structure; Nehalem
Processor type; Core i5
Processor frequency; 2530MHz
CPU internal cache; L3 3M
Motherboard chipset; Intel HM55
System bus; 2.5 GT / S
Product positioning; home, portable, high-end
Storage Devices
Memory capacity; 4GB
Memory Type; DDR3
Maximum support memory; maximum support 8GB
Hard disk type; SATA hard drive
Hard disk parameters; 5400
Hard disk capacity; 500GB
Drive type; DVD burner
Drive description; support SuperMulti double-layer burning
Screen size; 15.4 in.
Display type; WXGA +
Display description; widescreen, LED backlight, 16:10 ratio
Resolution; 1440 × 900
Audio Video
Card type; set was + independence was, dual video card switch
Graphics chip; NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
Memory capacity; 256M
Memory interface; 128bit
Memory type; DDR3
The number of stream processors; 48
Graphics performance; support DirectX 10.1
Audio system; built-in audio chip
Speaker; built-in speakers, stereo speakers with subwoofer, all to the microphone
Wireless communication; 802.11n wireless LAN, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
NIC; built-in 10-100-1000M card
Input device; touchpad (multi-point touch)
USB; 2, USB2.0
Reader; built-in, SD
Other interfaces; DVI interfaces, VGA interfaces, RJ45, voice input, voice output hole, DC power jack, DisplayPort, FireWire 800
Featured Equipment
Built-in camera; built-in camera
Weight; about 2.54Kg
Specifications; 364 × 249 × 24.1mm
Exterior shell; precision aluminum alloy body shell molding
Power Specifications
Power adapter; 85W power adapter
Operating system; MAC OS X
Optional accessories; lithium battery, power adapter, software CD, manual
ON SALE PRICE: $ 1,475


Its so sad that my team BMEG was not able to make it to the finals, San MIguel won the game today. Its also sad that James Yap seems to be not in the mood for the game, he missed a lot of shoot outs and it really shows that he is carrying a heavy burden. Its not secret to the public about the separation of the couple and i knew this man is facing an ordeal. Plus the fact that theyre both public figures so it really worsen the situation. I juts hope James can return to the game with its energy and with its million moves in the court.