Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting the Best High Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts are a great way to look cute on a budget. It's not hard to look your best, and you know that all that time you spend on trying to get there isn't really needed. You don't need to wake up two hours earlier in the morning just to work on your face or your hair. A woman is beautiful just by being a woman. There is a certain charisma that cannot be replaced and is not needed to be aided by makeup or accessories. Clothing can help bring out a woman's beauty and should always be chosen carefully. Right now, high waisted shorts are very in season and so are high waisted jean shorts for the penny-saver at heart from a place called Sway Chic (they have adorable cropped tops as well). Since everyone is looking for a cute summer dress right now, lots of stores (both in malls and online retailers) are having sales or throwing discounts everywhere.

 photo shorts7main_zps3dd06ee9.jpg
Learn to truly look your best by choosing and purchasing well fitting and pretty clothes. A lot of work goes into making clothes and beautiful dresses, so they should all be worn with pride and considered treasures. As long as it is not too short, a dress will always be a classy fashion decision. If you are a newcomer to the dress world, there are a few different things to keep in mind. Color can be quite important, especially depending on where you are headed out to. If you are wearing a dress to somewhere formal, I would not suggest opting for the orange or green dress. Vibrant colors can be off-putting and distracting in formal settings. You really can't ever go wrong wearing a black or white dress, no matter where you are headed. They are always a great mixture of classy and sexy and can be just as alluring as a red dress. You should also contemplate which type of dress will fit you most. If you have a really great figure, show it off! But remember, there is a fine line between sexy and trashy!

BDO Installments Now Available at Lazada

I shopped at Lazada twice already and so far i've got a nice experience. From dealing with their customer representatives and arriving my items on time. In fact, i got to appreciate this online hub as they will call you first before they will process your order. The marketing head herself is also very accommodating plus they offer lots of freebies and discounts.

The good news, if you are a BDO cardholder then you can avail of your card to the fullest as Lazada now accepts BDO installments.With a minimum purchase of Php3,000.00 then you can proceed to check out. Here's some details:

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